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16 Dec 09, 18:42
sandra p - ocde: hey, wanna miss you merry xmas and a great new year. miss you much!
13 Nov 09, 02:45
Gatto999: Ciao from Italy :)
20 Jul 09, 15:27
Juanita: wanted to say happy birthday i know it's early but i wanted to be the first to say it bless you.
17 Jul 09, 06:18
Stephanie: Hey! How are you doing? Thinking about you lately.
16 Jul 09, 13:43
Juanita: :glad:
16 Jul 09, 13:20
Juanita: Hey how are you today i woke this mornin thinking about just wanted you ti know that. i'm still in Ga haven't been to cali i plan on coming in oct.
14 Jul 09, 11:55
Juanita: Miss you alot no matter how things turned out in my heart you will always be my sister
9 Mar 09, 20:43
sandra: glad to know you are doing better. thinking about you lately.
6 Feb 09, 12:09
John: This is your cosin! BABY GOT BACKKK LOL LOVE YA K ILL B OVER THERE SOON! 1 love
4 Feb 09, 17:39
Beverly Morris: Kawana You might know who I am, but I go to King's Chapel Church I'm always asking about you. The last time I saw you was at the Ramanda Inn in Clemson @ June's Party. I saw Ericka @ Church & she tol
30 Jan 09, 20:36
DownSouth: That's right Kawana, YES WE CAN do all things! Love ya ;0)
30 Oct 08, 18:51
amber and mary: hey kawana...hope your doing well...take care :cool: and god bless
9 Oct 08, 20:24
DownSouth: Do ya thang girl! Now that's the Kawana I know. . Love ya girl, see you soon!
8 Oct 08, 05:26
dej: hey hon.it's been a minute.glad to see ur still at it.
23 Sep 08, 05:58
rawdawgbuffalo: hey u u ok
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