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11 Apr 11, 18:15
curious person: well, whoever see's this: i would like to make a prophile on this website... if thats ok with you. please pleasepleasepleaseplease email me about this. my email is bzieb@live.com
11 Apr 11, 18:14
curious person: hullo?
11 Apr 11, 18:14
curious person: hullo?
1 Apr 11, 20:23
mohamed: salut
1 Apr 11, 20:22
mohamed: salut tous le monde
23 Apr 09, 21:01
XxLeFantomexX: hello!
9 Mar 09, 19:56
RedDeath: I've been away for a LONG time but... i'm back!
23 Feb 09, 19:42
Phantom Glider: no one is one here any more!! waaaaaaah! :cry:
18 Dec 08, 21:35
Laura: hi :)
14 Nov 08, 23:00
Phantomkitty: :cyclops: hai again!
10 Nov 08, 16:05
Phantomkitty: :heart: nyah ! this site is AWESOME!
2 Oct 08, 13:52
hey: dssds
22 Aug 08, 22:09
Lukrecja: well, hello there!
19 Apr 08, 20:10
RedDeath: I'm the admin...Did you guys register? If so, welcome to the boards! :
6 Apr 08, 15:45
Emmy: I am a n00b here. :) Just thot I'd say that...
6 Apr 08, 15:45
Emmy: Hello peoples!
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