20 Apr 08, 07:10
FT: You have to wait it out, it's a long season give him some time to figure it out.
16 Apr 08, 14:28
tigger: whats up with Verlander...should I trade for him?
4 Apr 08, 16:26
FT: Only trade pence if he's on your bench
4 Apr 08, 09:35
Matt: Pence will be in the top 20 by the end of the season, I would keep him
3 Apr 08, 09:25
sox: Should I trade Hunter Pence and Mike Mussina for Brandon Webb
25 Mar 08, 14:51
Buhner: Sleepers... I have a lot. Send me an email on our contact page
19 Mar 08, 18:39
FanThreads: go check out www.MLBFrontOffice.com Congrats on the new look of the site
18 Mar 08, 20:13
Whipple: Draft on the 23rd... anyone have a great sleeper I should look at?
10 Mar 08, 17:09
tuttle: Pujols is said to be playing until July, then they will decide if he has surgery or keeps playing. If your in a Keeper League and he gets to you late 2nd round I would grab him
8 Mar 08, 17:08
twit: with albert hurt is he still worth a pick
4 Mar 08, 12:08
buhner: gwiz - Thats what they say. looks like he has a good shot at getting the starting position at 3B. He could be a great late round steal...Pick him after the 15th
4 Mar 08, 08:23
gwiz: evan Longoria? is he the new braun?
3 Mar 08, 09:53
OSU fanatic: albert is good for at least 35 and 95 if he can stay healthy. he doesnt have much of a supporting cast with rolen and edmonds gone. cards are gonna suck this year.
27 Feb 08, 20:32
Tom: What's the deal with Pujols, is he worth the gamble? I keep hearing different things
25 Feb 08, 12:51
OSU fanatic: tuttle, twins dont rebuild they reload!!!! they will suprise most this year just as detroit did a year ago.
24 Feb 08, 18:19
Buhner: MAV, Pitching is deep this year, Matsui won't have the everyday job and Pierre is only good for SB. TAKE BRAUN, he should have a great year, better than 07 & in a keeper league will only get better
24 Feb 08, 16:51
Mav: I have offer on table. I think I am jumping on it. I get Braun in keeper. He best turn out to be real thing. Reports say yes. I give up Zambrano with Matsui and PIerre... or Zambrano with Hafner. I pr
20 Feb 08, 19:20
Buhner: Rob, It's hard to guess. Just get the best guy thats still standing, maybe a Rollins or Soriano. Just keep in mind a league is won with the picks in round 3-8. Top 2 rounds you really can't go wrong.
20 Feb 08, 06:15
rob s: I just found out I have the 12th pick in my 12 team league, any idea as to who should still be around?
15 Feb 08, 06:31
Tuttle: BuckBrawlers: That is a nice steal, Prince should be going middle/late first round if you ask me
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