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19 Feb 17, 12:23
Gaia: I don't know who you are.
19 Feb 17, 01:20
#ThanksOmega: it peaked in 2010 and was downhill ever since q_q
19 Feb 17, 01:20
#ThanksOmega: The place will live on in my heart, but the people who used to make it great are gone.
19 Feb 17, 01:19
#ThanksOmega: It's pretty much dead.
18 Feb 17, 23:03
Gaia: Element
18 Feb 17, 23:03
Gaia: Elements
18 Feb 17, 22:54
Gaia: So long as I live and breath, this site will not die.
18 Feb 17, 22:54
Gaia: Don't ever think it's dead.
18 Feb 17, 22:54
Gaia: It's not dead.
16 Feb 17, 13:07
ThanksOmega: RIP. 2007-2016. It was a good run. Thanks for the memories, y'all. #Ded
3 Feb 17, 22:36
ThanksOmega: #FreeRyuu
3 Feb 17, 22:35
ThanksOmega: #MakeSFRPGreatAgain
20 Jan 17, 19:38
Sir Lags-A-Lot: "Even yoga can be a deadly combat technique." Ryu, are you actually referencing Smash?
19 Jan 17, 13:21
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I forgot I even had it.
19 Jan 17, 13:02
Sir Lags-A-Lot: *facepalms* Nevermind, I know why I'm stuck now. *unequips Featherweight*
19 Jan 17, 11:44
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Guys, help, I'm stuck in the Scrapyard in Megaman ZXA.
18 Jan 17, 21:37
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Did anyone else know that it's possible to have a villager with that exact face in AC: New Leaf?
18 Jan 17, 21:19
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): griffith did nothing wrong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
16 Jan 17, 19:59
Sir Lags-A-Lot: First two tries, Pyron blew up the Dragon Turtle. Third try, I take out Pyron and a mook blows it up instead.
16 Jan 17, 19:57
Sir Lags-A-Lot: And I can't seem to clear Ch26 on PXZ2.
16 Jan 17, 16:53
Gaia: Status Effects
15 Jan 17, 18:46
Albatross: hello?
11 Jan 17, 12:28
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I found a forum hosting a giveaway for Sun and Moon. I got a list of available Pokemon right here if anyone's interested: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nQ1WrRPrYFc8hDK5jPSqe3b4eUEQ8nUNC27iCKqv2jI/edit
11 Jan 17, 12:12
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Anyone want any 5 IV Pokemon?
10 Jan 17, 15:35
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Well, that throw was unexpected. Go Segata.
9 Jan 17, 13:36
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I know she'll win regardless of what the MC does as he only has his first badge, and one Pokemon left to her 3 remaining Pokemon.
9 Jan 17, 13:32
Sir Lags-A-Lot: So far what I've got is Wheather Ball.
9 Jan 17, 13:32
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I'm writing a chapter in a Pokemon Fic where the MCs are battling someone came to Johto from Alola after clearing Sophocles' trial. Any suggestions for the Roserade's moves, who belongs to the Alola trainer?
9 Jan 17, 12:28
Thisguyiscalledsteve: So the Red Ash anime is alive
9 Jan 17, 12:24
Thisguyiscalledsteve: I miss the chatbox
9 Jan 17, 10:49
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...You know, the bright side with me being unable to use discord is that everyone else also has a place where they can Smash without me and talk about it without me in the same chat.
7 Jan 17, 16:10
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Vashyron: *sighs* Enemies over there, enemies over here, allies who want to murder each other. Good times.
4 Jan 17, 18:42
Sir Lags-A-Lot: *loads Zelda File on Animal Crossing New Leaf and buys a Fortune Cookie* "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"
31 Dec 16, 15:14
Sir Lags-A-Lot: From what I read on wikipedia, it seems right up my alley.
31 Dec 16, 15:10
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I might just end up checking out .hack because of this game though.
31 Dec 16, 15:08
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Especially if you don't play the first one. Spoiler alert: I haven't.
31 Dec 16, 14:09
Gaia: Project X Zone 2 is . . . weird
30 Dec 16, 16:17
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
29 Dec 16, 19:49
Thisguyiscalledsteve: wow what do u hate anime?
29 Dec 16, 18:20
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Seriously, I just finished Chapter 13, and I'm still missing 8 characters from the Prologue and at least one from the intro.
29 Dec 16, 18:19
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I only have 2 problemss with Project X Zone 2. 1: No English VA 2: Too many characters
20 Dec 16, 21:41
Sir Lags-A-Lot: You know, so I can get the SOS to freaking stop.
20 Dec 16, 21:41
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Next time I'm looking for a Pokemon, I'll have to remember to bring something that has a move for Paralysis or Sleep.
20 Dec 16, 21:39
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Now I find myself tempted to nickname a Kartana Kortana.
20 Dec 16, 21:35
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I find myself abusing SOS battles just to grind until I find a female. It eventually worked of course. Still took forever.
20 Dec 16, 21:25
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I swear, Salandit is just as bad as Combee in terms of evolution.
17 Dec 16, 16:05
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I'm on 75M as Zelda against a Lv9 Luigi CPU, and for the most part I'm just going after the hat, parasol, and purse that do next to nothing while the Hazards keep killing Weegee.
17 Dec 16, 16:03
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...I love how I can beat a Level 9 CPU in Smash just by being silly.
14 Dec 16, 15:41
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Omega helped/is helping out, and so did Encore
14 Dec 16, 09:21
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Huh. You might try asking Omega or Sniper.They might know how to get a hold of him. If they don't show up in this chat, try the Discord.
13 Dec 16, 17:26
Vincent McDonald: Hey guys I'm looking for an individual that was a part of some dungeons and dragon games that somehow seemed to have disappeared without any word. The person was named 'Mike' and a few of us are trying our best to track him down. I've managed to pin down this page 'http://starforcerp.com/profile/3237393/' and it seems to line up. Can anyone here help me by any chance? Thank you
10 Dec 16, 09:30
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Does anyone know where I can find the Move Relearner in Sun and Moon?
9 Dec 16, 16:28
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Best response.
2 Dec 16, 17:20
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I just caught a female Turtonator and named her Bowletta.
2 Dec 16, 16:23
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Guess I'll be looking for Moxie Krookodile and/or Motor Drive Electivire.
2 Dec 16, 16:22
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Thought I'd better check before I spam DIscharge in Double and Multi at the Battle Tree.
2 Dec 16, 16:21
Gaia: Discharge hits everyone in combat during a Double and everyone if in the center of a Triple
2 Dec 16, 16:21
Gaia: Yes it does
2 Dec 16, 16:09
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Nope
2 Dec 16, 16:03
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Discharge hits allies in Double and Multi, right?
2 Dec 16, 16:01
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Yeah
2 Dec 16, 15:59
Sir Lags-A-Lot: When you think about it, Beast Boost is basically Moxie.
2 Dec 16, 15:59
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Or at least, anyone without Ground Types.
2 Dec 16, 15:57
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I'm starting to feel sorry for my next batch of oppenents at the Battle Royale facility.
2 Dec 16, 15:56
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Meanwhile, this Xurkitree manages to have higher SpA than Necrozma at a lower level.
2 Dec 16, 15:52
Sir Lags-A-Lot: The only reason I tried to run from the Rattata was because I was afraid that I would be overleveled if I battled too often and wouldn't be able to get my third Pokemon later. If I didn't, I might've lasted a little longer.
2 Dec 16, 15:49
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Fought a trainer, and she took out my Pikipek. Still had my Poppilo though
2 Dec 16, 15:48
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Well, almost.
2 Dec 16, 15:48
Thisguyiscalledsteve: Oh shit, I ran into the same problem you did.
28 Nov 16, 19:00
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I thought I was in Poni Plains. :P
28 Nov 16, 18:52
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Wait, no, that's Poni Coast. Ignore me.
28 Nov 16, 18:51
Sir Lags-A-Lot: ...Oh hey, a Cell that Serebii didn't have. No wonder I'm still missing one now.
28 Nov 16, 18:42
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I've been just about everywhere and can't find them. The last cell I found was on accident.
28 Nov 16, 18:34
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I'm just missing two that I can't seem to find.
28 Nov 16, 18:33
Sir Lags-A-Lot: I cleared the game normally, and now I'm looking for Zygarde Cells.
28 Nov 16, 18:31
Sir Lags-A-Lot: Yeah, a Rattata took out my Litten, and a Trainer I had to battle at the school killed my Pikipek before I could get my next Pokemon.
27 Nov 16, 20:57
DarkNavi.exe: I was wondering what happened.
27 Nov 16, 20:57
DarkNavi.exe: At last, the site has returned!
27 Nov 16, 14:25
Thisguyiscalledsteve: I'm doing a Pokemon Moon one, and it's been going alright so far
27 Nov 16, 14:25
Thisguyiscalledsteve: You failed your Nuzlocke?
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