29 Mar 15, 16:33
carolyn: great tuts. purchase link does not work.
9 Jun 13, 02:11
Album Downloads: sup lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
20 May 13, 18:25
Free Product Samples: heyy, nice blog! wanna trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
29 May 12, 03:44
PSZ: Jom Like Page nie :-)
23 Apr 12, 16:58
Penney Nile: Love your tutorials, Shawna.... hoping that there will be some new ones soon!
18 Apr 12, 06:01
Nania: Voswagen Murah, jom Tengok
30 Jan 11, 14:53
Shawna: try this method http://www.digiretus.com/tippek/cikkiro.php?SORSZAM=101
30 Jan 11, 14:53
Shawna: Also, it's been so long since i've used psp, i've forgotten how to do most stuff in there. For colour burned edges. You can use a large brush and your darken tool to colour burn them. Or....
30 Jan 11, 14:47
Shawna: Devb: I will fix the balloon shapes and reup them for you. And, I don't get to check my blogs as much as I'd like to :( If you need to get in contact with me, it's better to email though.
28 Jan 11, 15:22
devb: so much and thank you
28 Jan 11, 15:22
dev: What a shame that ppl have to come to your site and abuse it by posting their advertisements....I enjoy your tuts and appreciate your tuts. You are the only graphics artist that I know of that shares
23 Jan 11, 15:52
Deb: Guess she doesn't reply to questions anymore :cry:
22 Jan 11, 01:27
Deb: Is it possible to do the "Colour Burn Your Edges" in PSP? Thanks :|
22 Jan 11, 00:08
Deb: When I clicked to download the balloon shapes it took me to a page that is found? The styles download worked tho.
5 Aug 10, 17:57
Marthahernandez989: I love your tutorials, i have learned so much!!! and i want to learn more with you!! inclusive english language! thanks so much :biggrin:
16 May 10, 08:43
Mat: Thanx so much for sharing the Photoshop tuts. very helpful.
1 Mar 10, 00:06
Kim: wow these tuts are amazing. I started a blog myself and its the first time. Can always use some advise and friends over ther.
30 Jan 10, 09:28
Daisy: Oh, can't wait to see the messages back up! <3
1 Jan 10, 16:15
Shawna: Just a note to let everyone know that I've found the password to my stupid photobucket account and will start reuploading the pictures back in....
1 Jan 10, 16:15
Shawna: but there are over 550 of them combined on my tut sites, so this will take a little while to complete, so thanks for your patience everyone :)
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