06/29/13 22:24
abg superman: pc utk orang xde budget :)
06/12/13 00:27
Album Downloads: yo lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
06/09/13 22:36
miss tiarra: u headache? read here :)
05/22/13 21:41
Free Product Testing: hey, nice blog! wanna exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
05/11/13 21:04
abang gadget: mari singgah abg jual powerbank murah2 ni :)
09/06/12 12:44
amirah: xde keje ke ha?
05/27/12 13:38
nazrul: singgah sini :) minum kopi jap :)
05/27/12 11:59
putra: putra datang sini jangan lupa singgah blog putra plak :D
02/14/12 19:37
eryn: Best wishes for u:)follow me:)
02/14/11 02:15
TheBlogginIdea: Hi.. here is another craze blogwalker
11/26/08 23:20
STREET MUSIK: Urban-Indé-Musik
08/15/08 02:54
GAME: dont waste your time downloading the "leak" of LAX, it has a trojan in it and it's not the retail. you should have known better.
05/28/08 23:26
jessie: hey tina u never told me u had a blog. but dont forget to check out escobarstudio.com and let me know when u going out again.
03/29/08 22:56
tineRz: thank youu, lol na those 6 videos are it
03/29/08 09:54
Jay-z Fan: That are really great videos that you have post on youtube, do you have more from that! :-)
03/29/08 07:51
Charli (Roc With Me): Sorry LoL I was in a hurry
03/28/08 08:03
tineRz: *throws diamond up* hahahahhaa
03/28/08 08:03
tineRz: ts 4 am afterrr the concert and i don't plan on sleeping... ITS THE ROC
03/27/08 08:25
BiG DaDDy: i can't wait , its 4:00am on the morning of the concert and i don't plan on sleeping... ITS THE ROC
03/24/08 01:02
tineRz: yesssssssss ..soooo close!!!!
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