24 Dec 08, 06:22 AM
Lou: Merry xmas to you and yours x
4 Dec 08, 12:22 PM
Lyn: popping in to say hi great blog
29 Nov 08, 11:12 PM
scrappiesbyad: thanks natty and caitlyn
28 Nov 08, 06:53 PM
•Caitlin•: Just stopping by to let you know you've got an award on my blog to pick up!! :) ♥ xx
26 Nov 08, 02:14 AM
Natty: Hi hun, just popping in to say hi ! xx
24 Nov 08, 07:28 PM
scrappiesbyad: god ive been busy lately, been xmas shopping thanksgivving. and then been reading twilight saga lvoed the movie
20 Nov 08, 09:53 PM
scrappiesbyad: ty hun
20 Nov 08, 12:01 AM
Arkie: love your layout it is so cute thanks so much http://pspsweeties.com/index.php?action=forum
18 Nov 08, 07:29 PM
Teresa: hey hun leaving you my new blog link.also have a new blinkie if you want it.
13 Nov 08, 08:34 PM
scrappiesbyad: ty hun
13 Nov 08, 08:14 PM
Caitlin: Stopping by to leave some :heart: I love the layout! It's adorable! xx
13 Nov 08, 08:09 PM
scrappiesbyad: with xmas tags i made
13 Nov 08, 08:09 PM
scrappiesbyad: i made tourney apges for free for myleague members...
12 Nov 08, 05:50 PM
scrappiesbyad: does anyone want to tell me where to find free bow and ribbon scripts, I need more like the long pretty ones
12 Nov 08, 03:52 PM
scrappiesbyad: ok most of my images are back up
12 Nov 08, 03:46 PM
scrappiesbyad: Ive already been hacked 2 times from the same person
12 Nov 08, 03:46 PM
scrappiesbyad: Thanks kimberly i did change my pw this morninng...sooo i still have the images, on my computer, just gotta reupload them. foolish people!
12 Nov 08, 10:32 AM
Kimberly.3D: Thanks hunny for the award. You rock.
12 Nov 08, 10:22 AM
Natty: Well thats just rude !! Time for a new p/w hun... Let me know when you've got a new one xx
12 Nov 08, 10:18 AM
12 Nov 08, 10:16 AM
scrappiesbyad: :(
12 Nov 08, 10:16 AM
scrappiesbyad: deleted everything
12 Nov 08, 10:16 AM
scrappiesbyad: i just signed onto my photobucket and someone I MEAN BUFFY DESIGNS hacked it
12 Nov 08, 07:11 AM
Natty: Waaahhh... where'd all your blinkies go????? LOL
12 Nov 08, 12:11 AM
Kelly: nope..not gonna happen..
11 Nov 08, 05:17 PM
SCRAPPIESBYAD: ooo bad bad bad, are u still friends with ehr?
11 Nov 08, 04:35 PM
Kelly: She shares PTU kits, Tubes numerous things that violates the designers TOU.
11 Nov 08, 02:53 PM
SCRAPPIESBYAD: i try my best
11 Nov 08, 02:53 PM
SCRAPPIESBYAD: ty TrHe and angels
11 Nov 08, 02:53 PM
SCRAPPIESBYAD: what about erika, i dont get it? she shares them ? lol
11 Nov 08, 12:35 PM
AngelsDesginz: Wtg on ur FTU kit. Your doing wonderful hun! Keep it up
11 Nov 08, 12:33 PM
TrHe: wow awesome Job andrew
11 Nov 08, 11:45 AM
erika is a pirate: please don't delete this post andrew http://erikashareskits.blogspot.com/
11 Nov 08, 02:26 AM
Natty: Thanks for the award hun.. muchly appreciated xx I'll add it to my blog as soon as i can think of 8 people to pass it on to lol xx
10 Nov 08, 11:42 PM
monica: thankyou so much for the award hun and changed your blinkie lol *hugs* xxx
10 Nov 08, 08:30 PM
10 Nov 08, 07:24 PM
Jo: thanks very much for the award hunnie xx
10 Nov 08, 03:47 PM
SCRAPPIESBYAD: ty sooo much bluebird
10 Nov 08, 07:47 AM
Bluebird: I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to come collect it.
9 Nov 08, 09:50 PM
scrappiesbyad: ty kirstry now i gotta find yur blog link, unless u give it to me lol
8 Nov 08, 06:00 PM
Kirsty: Hi, thankyou so much for popping by my blog, I have added your blinkie to mine :D hugs Kirsty x
8 Nov 08, 02:02 PM
scrappiesbyad: Lol thanks lol. It usually works all the time, but today for some reason for me it isnt :(
8 Nov 08, 01:56 AM
Natty: wow.. your radio on here has finally worked and the music is awesome !! Gues your page will be staying open all day today LOL
8 Nov 08, 01:40 AM
Natty: No worries.. next email i get is spammed! LOL Havea a great day sweety xx
8 Nov 08, 01:26 AM
scrappiesbyad: Its no big deal, ive had it happen before hun lol. Ok and for fave, yeah he does send constant emails and it will get to the point when he threatens u so just ignore him. Report him as spam
8 Nov 08, 01:15 AM
Natty: Thanks for the comliments on my layouts, i've never made them before so i hope they work ok. And as for Fave..well he's sending me emails now saying i should learn constuctive criticism...and a whole lot more i wont go into. I'll just ignore him from now on. Once again i apologise if i caused an arguement in here , i never ment to lol
7 Nov 08, 05:07 PM
scrappiesbyad: Fave, stop it! Geez! Natty i dont know either, fave you already know im done with ya, ui dont even talk to u anymore. Im banning u now. and Natty Dont worry about it i will delete the stuff and ban him, hate this crap from him. THANKS DARLA!
7 Nov 08, 09:39 AM
darla: i love it hunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
6 Nov 08, 10:01 PM
scrappiesbyad: Kissed I will right now hun
6 Nov 08, 10:01 PM
scrappiesbyad: Thanks Natty. I just ignore them. LOL Have a good day and thanks for the comment
6 Nov 08, 09:14 PM
Natty: Hi Andrew, dont worry about the negative comment by "Fave" some people just have nothing better to do! Sad really....oh well.. I love the new layout & can see the red text fine! Keep up the great work!
6 Nov 08, 06:52 PM
scrappiesbyad: Please dont leave negative comments on here, Im not saying im not the only #1 there alot great sites that are #1. And Im sorry if you cant read the red, I can see it perfectly fine.
6 Nov 08, 06:15 PM
Fave: #1 place? I doubt it, noone is #1 for anything... I like the new layout tho, but why put the same layout for download.. anyway I cant even read the red :(
5 Nov 08, 10:56 PM
scrappiesbyad: New layout up ;) YAY!! Comment
4 Nov 08, 09:22 PM
scrappiesbyad: xoxo darla
4 Nov 08, 09:22 PM
scrappiesbyad: ty kaylek, love ur blog too.
4 Nov 08, 05:59 PM
darla: leaving ya lubs xoxo
4 Nov 08, 05:09 PM
kaylek: hey was blog hopping and found you :) love ur blog btw xxx
4 Nov 08, 02:55 PM
Dawn: Hi hun thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog looks awesome hun! I am not sure about the flowers in the header on my blog as Tammy http://tammysscraps.blogspot.com/ made it for me!! Have a great day hun! Hugs :)
3 Nov 08, 05:07 PM
scrappiesbyad: yw hun
3 Nov 08, 03:30 PM
•Caitlin•: Fankoo for the award, hun! I'm sorry it took so long to pick it up :nuts: You put a smile on my face when I saw it ♥ xx
2 Nov 08, 04:16 PM
Beaches: O Wow! Thank you for the awesome award and stopping by my blog hunny! Muahh! I will link you up! xoxox
2 Nov 08, 02:23 PM
scrappiesbyad: come get em
2 Nov 08, 02:23 PM
scrappiesbyad: new freebies up
1 Nov 08, 08:40 PM
scrappiesbyad: yvw all
1 Nov 08, 06:26 AM
Laura xox: Thank you so much for my award!!! Very much appreciated!! Will get you linked hun xx
1 Nov 08, 02:20 AM
KissedByPix: Thanks for the goodies AD :heart:
31 Oct 08, 05:45 PM
Trese: Thank you sweety for my award
31 Oct 08, 05:01 PM
darla: ty 4 the awars hun hugsss
31 Oct 08, 04:07 PM
Teresa: got you linked up hun ;)
31 Oct 08, 04:03 PM
Teresa: Oh sweetie... i forgot all about adding you:( i'm so sorry.. gonna go add you now:)
31 Oct 08, 03:38 PM
Jo: Thanks very much for my award hun xx
31 Oct 08, 03:20 PM
scrappiesbyad: thanks lori yours is cool to
30 Oct 08, 09:10 PM
Lori: Love your blog.. come check out mine sometime ;)
30 Oct 08, 03:30 PM
Scrappiesbyad: If u visit my blog and us ee ur name under award go ahaead and take it!! enjoy
29 Oct 08, 09:16 PM
Kimberly.3D: Hi Ahdrew. I have an award for you. Come by and get it. Scroll down to find the right one. Thanks for inspiring me.
29 Oct 08, 06:27 PM
Marion: Hiya, stopping by to say hi and thank you for the award! :)
29 Oct 08, 05:45 AM
Lisa: Hiya! Just stopping by to say thankyou very very much for the award! big hugs! and you have great scraps!
28 Oct 08, 10:40 PM
Scrappiesbyad: Your very welcome bel. Carla thanks sooo much i appreciate it! Youw welcome caitlyn and none, i dont have a problem
28 Oct 08, 09:17 PM
none: none of ur links are working
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