13 Jul 10, 11:47
shirley: hey frens!! we've new launches coming up soon! stay tune to check it out...
11 Sep 09, 10:38
shirley: hey mich! can i jus pass to u? if i mail to u, u'd have to pay $1 postage fees..
7 Aug 09, 17:14
m1ch: hey shirley!! nice site you have here.. :)
2 Apr 09, 13:01
lydia: shirley your octopus really looks like an octopus!!!! hahaha
1 Oct 08, 11:59
shirley: hey clarine babe. thanks dear! we're also thinking of moving to LJ. thanks so much dear :)
13 Jul 08, 00:57
clarine: hey babe. i went ahead and posted some of your stuff on LJ. hope you don't mind. its just too good to not share with the world :D
4 Jul 08, 23:29
shirley: WOW. Thanks for all the support friends! We'd keep this up! Loving it! Mucks!
30 Jun 08, 23:41
clarine: hey dear! its super nice! can i buy adam and eve from you?! you guys should seriously open a livejournal account and sell it there.. i could help :D
22 May 08, 15:05
reginaxie: hi just to say i bought one pair of earrings and i am a satisfied customer :P
20 May 08, 13:40
sarah: shirley u go girl... had no idea u had so much gg on haha great job
15 May 08, 08:30
kelly: yay...finally I see more new stuff...I like some of them though...*hint hint*.
3 Apr 08, 21:49
mysterious boy: wah... good stuff!
15 Mar 08, 21:27
sarah: kelly wat you doing?? haha
7 Mar 08, 21:47
kelly: testing testing...haha...
29 Feb 08, 13:23
shirley: yoz pp :D
20 Feb 08, 23:16
sarah: woohoo!! we are good to go!!! all comments wanted!!
19 Feb 08, 16:34
lydia: hey girls feel free to leave your comments here! :)