20 Jul 18, 10:15
Kiera: Been a long time since I've been here. Hope you're taking care of yourself darlin <3
27 Jun 18, 04:44
Ashley: Hello :D I love your page (especially buffy and angel fanfiction).. please, where are the fics from warriors and lovers page?
6 May 17, 09:50
Elligab: Dont close.. Please
6 May 17, 09:49
Elligab: Please don't close.. Scribes of angel is go!.. I cry..
3 Mar 17, 17:32
maddie: warriors and lovers site :( where are the fics!?
2 Dec 16, 07:20
reese: hey Im new to your site and ive fallen in love i was wondering if you were going to finish maid to love seri
23 Nov 16, 04:37
tina: I have a new domain! Clicky my name and update the links! Also, yay you updated!!!
15 Nov 16, 13:07
Britt: Just stopped by to say HEY :D Miss you, girlie!
19 Oct 16, 23:44
steph: wow you changed your layout gorgeous!!!
17 Oct 16, 03:22
Kay: Craving new b/a fanfics... anyone knows where I can find any? Sad to see warriors and lovers site go. Zo had some good fanfics 😯
14 Aug 16, 13:14
ukdevilz: P.S. would be cool if you brought back site of the month? after your hatius of course :P
14 Aug 16, 13:11
ukdevilz: Hey! Love your website! It's old skool! would you like to link exchange?
2 Jul 16, 20:47
Innie: Is therr anywhere else that is hosting the fanfic from warriors and lovers or is it possible to have them emailed to me? They were too good to not be found!! :'(
26 Jun 16, 14:45
janas: PS: warriors and lovers has expired, I'm so sad. I will miss them the Zo's fanfics :(
26 Jun 16, 14:25
janas: Hi, Bre. I love the Olicity layout and I love the soft colors you used, but they are also so warm :heart:
24 Jun 16, 21:39
Britt: I LOVE this layout! So pretty!!
24 Jun 16, 21:38
Britt: Hey honey. I hated to close it down but I just don't have the time.
20 Jun 16, 11:31
Lyri: Urg, your new layout is so pretty!! I adore everything!!
8 May 16, 05:20
Tee: Great website.
2 May 16, 19:44
Pim: Hi Bre! Long time no hear. Hope youre doing okay.
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