25 May 09, 21:19
mr.pointless: just read your comic straight through. it is one of the best i have found in a long time. if you realyy want to make it end ,make it end good, please?
5 May 09, 06:48
Lis: Wahhh?!! Quitting?! Really? Well as much as I'd hate to hear that, it's your choice. I'm only ok with this as long as we're still able to see other comics by you. ^_~ Sorry a little slow reading this.
25 Nov 08, 13:16
Reiga: What you're quitting? :cry:
13 Nov 08, 09:32
Yan: Just started reading, but so far loving every second! Great way to spend my time at work!
30 Oct 08, 15:05
Reiga: Can't wait to
30 Oct 08, 01:11
Mad_Man: This is a great comic! i'm looking forward to more
28 Oct 08, 11:26
beer: enjoying it so far! only on 55
18 Oct 08, 15:32
cypheon: its been over a month and nothin new? :(
17 Oct 08, 00:59
elliotd: @ Net, thanx for reading, i didn't know anyone still care to see more terrar, thanx for leaving me a comment and leting me know u want more
14 Oct 08, 15:21
Net: Update please. You can't just leave it there! so... please, update.
29 Aug 08, 15:04
warnie: Thanks for the update!
23 Jul 08, 08:17
Greg: Wuh-oh!
16 Jul 08, 21:05
warnie: Update please!!!!!!!
14 May 08, 09:49
Greg: Looks great! Glad you're crankin' more of these out. The coloring is awesome!
10 May 08, 18:23
Lis: Nice! Blue and shiny! hehe Keep up the great work! Dying to see why she thinks he's special. XD
10 May 08, 11:50
elliot: more updates coming your way
19 Apr 08, 07:46
Nick: I say a schedule, I check alot for an update and find there's none...Wish it didnt take so long
10 Apr 08, 14:38
doppel: well sure, if you can handle schedule-thingys. if not, there's no pressure to.
2 Apr 08, 19:57
SParklePrincess: Okay, ignore me. Update when you want to. BUt this comic is too fun to be lonely!
2 Apr 08, 19:56
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