27 Jan 09, 13:22
kojo: you flatter me arlene. we are all on a journey, still early days in that journey for me
11 Dec 08, 13:22
arlene: sigh... :cry: dont even know what to post on my blog :nervous: your so lucky with such talent wish iim good in poetry too :confused:
19 Mar 08, 12:45
kingsley: i would like to have some of your poets in my emailbox.
23 Feb 08, 22:02
monsta: will do. one of the things i find that helps with writer's block is listening to music and writing down random words from lyrics
23 Feb 08, 21:54
velvet: hi.. interesting blog.. maybe you wanna add poemhunter.com to your list of poetry links. im a poet too but currently having a writers block. :-(