21 Sep 09, 13:43
claire: yay an update!! :biggrin:
16 Aug 09, 16:36
Gammie: Shelby....need you to up date!!
1 Jun 09, 19:35
Claire: YIPPEE! you updated! Now keep it up!
12 May 09, 08:09
Kris: It is time to update woman!!!
13 Apr 09, 15:09
Paige: sooo stinkin cute!! i miss you guys!!
10 Apr 09, 05:47
Kris: hahaha oh how i love you!!! give her a kiss for me...and i feel famous now! :)
9 Apr 09, 20:26
leeanne: i got a blog check it out http://theavalons2.blogspot.com
8 Apr 09, 20:12
Kris: well well B and I are not up yet on the blog...upsetting! haha. hope you got the pics and i can NOT wait until you two come back to see me and Jesse and Bethany and Tim...they love yall!!!
13 Mar 09, 15:51
Leeanne: Bella and Adam look soooo cute! Who made her that dress? Precious! Lets hang soon!
24 Feb 09, 16:36
lauren: Love the new pics and update! She is such a cutie! (I told you I'd see they were up!) Hope you s
23 Feb 09, 20:55
claire: the atl pics are to cute!!! love em!
18 Feb 09, 21:04
Jan Jan: Hi there Sweet Shelby and Beautiful Bella! I sure miss you both. I have called "Can You Duet" to sign up Nanu and Bella - that video is precious. Love to you both
31 Jan 09, 16:18
Paige and Taylor: love the new video!! I'm so glad Bella likes the theme song.. there are like 10 songs, but I don't know how to make it skip around!! we miss you both and will be thinking of you on the 5th!!
1 Jan 09, 21:50
Robin Ball: Hey Shelby! Thanks for your sweet comment! We had a wonderful Christmas! I love checking out your site and watching Bella grow! She is just precious! We'll have to get together in the near future!
14 Dec 08, 23:03
claire: Hey! Go check out my page...I added Bellas birthday shout out!
10 Nov 08, 09:59
Callie: Your daughter is just so cute!
6 Nov 08, 19:58
Paige: i love the pics.. bella is growing up so fast.. and is so beautiful. please come see us soon. we have to get these girls together!!!
20 Oct 08, 22:37
Erika Allison: Wow! I am so glad you are getting better! I hated to hear that you had surgery! I love the video of Bella drinking out of the big girl cup! I was impressed! Love ya! Erika
14 Oct 08, 10:57
claire: Hey have you and B been to a pumpkin patch yet? We could so do that! And take REALLY cute pics! Just a thought! Lovin the new background!
12 Oct 08, 20:26
Nanu: we love you both!
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