6 Dec 13, 10:07
Janice: LOVE,LOVE your S.SPACE! So wish you were in Virginia.
10 May 13, 15:20
June: I LOVE the sewing machine!!!! The bags are so shabby and l will have to make some too. :)
1 May 13, 18:32
Becky: Your new room is AMAZING!!! You totally deserve it and I'm sure some more awesome projects will come out of it!! Congrats!!! :-)
13 Apr 13, 08:08
June: Amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!
22 Oct 12, 10:29
Dwayne: Marty, it's awesome. You're fabulous.
16 Oct 12, 18:10
June: I LOVE it! I can't wait to see it in "person!" I just added your blog to my favorites. Thanks for inspiring us all!
16 Oct 12, 17:09
Barbara: Marty, you are BRILLIANT! I love your style so much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.
16 Oct 12, 16:50
Sylvia: FABULOUS! So creative. Love, love, love this album.
26 Apr 12, 15:54
Barbara: OMG! It's fabulous! Thank you for sharing your talents.
26 Apr 12, 15:44
Becky: Stunning! But I didn't imagine anything but stunning from you! I have to say that my personal favorite was the pearl accents on page 7 views. They are so dainty and perfect. You did great. :-)
8 Apr 12, 15:57
Barbara: Wow! You're on a roll, womsn! I'm so jealous. Let's see some more of your magnificent art.
30 Mar 12, 13:55
Barbara: Wow!! Marty, where do you get all the enrgy? It's just fabulous. I still think you should teach others.
30 Mar 12, 11:08
Dwayne: Marty, you never cease to amaze! Your craft room is a wonder; how can one person be so creative. Missing you.
30 Mar 12, 10:44
June: Marty, I am home sick today and you do not know how much looking at your latest creations brightened my day! Love it all!
30 Mar 12, 10:42
Shannon: p.s. It is great that your hubby is willing to help.
30 Mar 12, 10:41
Shannon: Love it! Your ideas make me want to go clean and rearrange my room.
30 Mar 12, 08:19
Becky: you are on a roll!!!!
30 Mar 12, 08:19
Becky: Looks like you really have it going on now lady!!
28 Mar 12, 16:35
Becky: Love it! It came out even better than I imagined it would.
9 Mar 12, 16:58
Barbara: Woman, you have outdone yourself this time. I absolutely adore this album. It's exquisite! Want to sell it? I want to buy it.Thank you for adding such beautyto my life.
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