3 Sep 09, 20:35
Seng: You're welcome, Kimberly. I'm glad it helped you and your daughter.
2 Sep 09, 01:22
Kimberly: Thank you very much for your blog. My 15 yr old daughter just started having panic attacks. She is also ADHD (takes FocalinXR for that) Your blog has been very helpful!
5 Aug 09, 17:05
Seng: Hey Mabo, just post your question here, I be able to help you.
4 Aug 09, 23:38
mabo: i would like an advice seng how can i get in touch with you
4 Aug 09, 23:37
mabo: hi, i am new to this so i dont really know how it works
21 Jul 09, 21:05
Seng: Thanks Nick!
20 Jul 09, 09:14
nick: Nicely Done, Seng. Really Good job with this blog. Keep up the good work! ;-)
28 May 09, 10:28
L-Gail: hello?
18 Apr 09, 13:24
Seng: also, think about it.. sometimes when we are in public, we are busy with our lives and thinking about our matters.. we wouldn't look around for people to badmouth, don't we? =)
18 Apr 09, 13:23
Seng: As a matter of fact, I used to fear that people would badmouth me when I'm in public. I realize the only "cure" is to improve your self-esteem and change your belief.
18 Apr 09, 13:21
Seng: Hey R714, many people have that fear that people are badmouthing at their back too.
16 Apr 09, 09:54
R714: Anyone have taht probelm? thx
16 Apr 09, 09:54
R714: Does anyone in here have Panic Attacks in class? Sometimes when i'm in class, I start to think about what people are thinking about me. I keep thinking that my classmates are criticing me and stuff.
20 Mar 09, 20:39
Seng: Yo Steven!
20 Mar 09, 06:37
steven: yo seng!
10 Mar 09, 13:45
Seng: Dear Readers, I might be considering to write an e-book for Panic Attack. It will contain all my research info, tips and techniques. But I have not confirm yet whether I be doing this.
12 Jan 09, 17:22
Seng: Also, I've created a comparison and unbiased reviews between Linden Method and the the Panic Away program. Refer to Menu to navigate to that site. I wish you all the best of luck :)
12 Jan 09, 17:20
Seng: Dear Readers, I will be very busy so I won't research as much as before (but that doesn't mean I've stopped researching).
29 Dec 08, 22:55
Seng: You're welcome, Mizzy Yana =) Congratualations and have a happy new year =D
29 Dec 08, 14:36
MiZzY Yana: And Happy New year!I think we can't totally cure panic attacks right,it's just how we live with it and I'm expert already like when it's gonna start and how to run to calm down.TQ,Seng.May God bless u
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