27 Aug 09, 21:29
Mun Lok: sara: haha dun worry i am nt tat far ahead anyway..maybe u can go and take sum course to learn
27 Aug 09, 15:55
sara: i am e only one that doesnt kw how to read then! :nervous:
15 Aug 09, 00:41
Mun Lok: sarara: i learnt it like last sem.....quite basic one ..alot more words i duno hw to read...
14 Aug 09, 10:12
sarara: since when u learning chinese?
28 Jul 09, 23:24
theng: hey MUN LOOK!!re-link me..http://tiffany-huitheng.blogspot.com
23 Jul 09, 04:15
Mun Lok: menny: hw come i duno one?haha nw oni leave a msg ar?? abit slow rite?
22 Jul 09, 15:14
Menny: lolz...so long ledi
21 Jul 09, 23:08
Mun Lok: Menny: i duno u have my blog.....nw i knw...
20 Jul 09, 20:38
Menny: hey, my new blog. God bless
10 Jul 09, 02:31
Mun Lok: JM: since when i study??haha nvr even touch book
9 Jul 09, 19:46
JM: haha holiday where got mood study 1 ^^
5 Jul 09, 22:26
Mun Lok: lynn shane: haha no?so humble bah...ooo i guess u relli sked of tat guy..
3 Jul 09, 09:25
lynn shane: HAHA. not famous lah haicho.. but i really don like tht fella baca my blog. hurmpf. hehe.
21 Jun 09, 20:40
JM: my turn my turn kacau strongman's blog !
9 Jun 09, 21:54
Mun Lok: lynn shane: stalker ar??i guess u quite famous in ur class lol..
9 Jun 09, 10:57
lynn shane: hahhahh. noh lah. cos got a classmate reading my blog thats y i wana block it luur. ahah.
2 Jun 09, 15:33
Mun Lok: lynn shane: kena kacau until must block ur blog??haha
2 Jun 09, 15:33
Mun Lok: lynn shane: lol so tat i can access ur blocked blog??haha its moon_walker243@yahoo.co.uk ..
2 Jun 09, 09:09
lynn shane: Mun Looooooook!!! aahahaha! :D gimme email! :D
29 May 09, 10:36
Mun Lok: dumb&dumber: lol i jz lazy ni mar..haha its up to ur imagination on hw to interpret it...
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