9 Sep 10, 20:47
Beth: Hi! Love seeing the picts, looks like you guys are doing great :)
28 Jan 10, 16:41
mom: Johnny's better I hear. love you
28 Jan 10, 16:41
mom: I laughed til I cried. I can picture that kitty!
25 Aug 09, 09:43
Dick Perry: What a diferance. Looks wonderful
17 Jun 09, 05:43
A. Michelle: Enjoyed your blog, Michelle. It's fun keeping up with your boys, especially since I got to know them a little better while all of you were in N.C.
6 Feb 09, 14:46
Jules: Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouraging words about E. He is doing well on new meds now!
22 Dec 08, 23:17
Lisa: Love your blog and all the great pics! Hey, isn't that Close To My Heart paper on the background of your title? NICE! :)
28 Nov 08, 08:38
Gretch: Love all the fall pictures! T-man is the master of goofy faces, and look at J-man with the sharp stuff and power tools. When did your kids get so old -- 'cause I'm sure we're not any older... :)
9 Nov 08, 21:28
Hi Family: Horse riding, tree planting, countertop viewing, it all sounds like fun to me. Good luck with Football. LOL Grammie.
27 Oct 08, 13:25
Gretch: Looking forward to catching up with you. Glad you guys had a good time!
8 Oct 08, 16:01
heather: where have you been?? i miss your blogs!!
3 Sep 08, 08:41
Chelle: Dear Yugi, I don't know what you are talking about. Perhaps you have the wrong blog?
2 Sep 08, 01:12
yugi: because that is my project. can you give me plzzzzz
2 Sep 08, 01:11
yugi: did you have a chapter 2 of ink production from alugbati
26 Aug 08, 07:41
Mom: Good job J. Looks like a tought sport. Been enjoying the blog. Thanks. Love you
15 Aug 08, 11:53
Candice: Just thinking of all you guys, TKD and Diving and Swimming. We miss it all!
3 Aug 08, 23:52
Gretch: Wow -- way to go J-man and T-man! And nice pictures, Chelle.
3 Aug 08, 20:35
mitch: good pictures