25 Mar 10, 08:02
lola: are been someone her ?
25 Mar 10, 08:01
lola: hi
3 Dec 09, 01:38
Jennifer: Wonderful blog! :) I love the colors.
21 Aug 08, 01:09
Kristen Elisabeth: Nepenthe, the pm is sent. Let me know what you think!
21 Aug 08, 01:04
Kristen Elisabeth: Thanks Tammy! I really like your blog, too. I'm going to go ahread and link you. Thanks so much for linking me and for praying for my mom!
20 Aug 08, 13:35
Nepenthe: Oohh! I'm still deciding whether or not I want to try and find the paint or pharoh p/p - I've seen a few around lately. Send me PM on the board, with all the info - and i"ll get back to you asap. :D
20 Aug 08, 09:33
Tammy M: Kristen Elisabeth!!!! Love your site! I love when other Temptettes have blogs! I am going to link mine to yours...And your mother is in my thoughts and prayers...please keep us all updated.
20 Aug 08, 07:23
Kristen Elisabeth: Thanks Nepenthe. I saw on your blog you are looking for Chartru paint. I have one if you're interested.
20 Aug 08, 02:18
Nepenthe: I'm loving this newest look, it's actually inspired me for tomorrow. :)
19 Aug 08, 22:50
Kristen Elisabeth: Thanks Ria! It doesn't get any better than MAC!
19 Aug 08, 22:33
Ria: i love mac too haha
19 Aug 08, 22:30
Ria: i like your page :)
19 Aug 08, 00:41
Kristen Elisabeth: Thanks Tina! I'll link your page too.
15 Aug 08, 20:26
Tina: Hi Kristen!! Love the make-up page. Don't mind if I link your site to my page. take care<33 (;
13 Aug 08, 21:40
Kristen Elisabeth: Thanks for visiting Sadie! See you on the forums soon!
13 Aug 08, 21:40
Kristen Elisabeth: Hey Jaclyn! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your thoughts and prayers.
13 Aug 08, 09:10
Sexy Sadie: Nice to visit your blog. Stay cool!
12 Aug 08, 21:40
jaclynrose: hi Kristen! thanks for stopping by my blog. I will keep you and your family and your mom in my prayers. I hope she makes it out of this.
9 Aug 08, 16:24
Kristen Elisabeth: Hey guys! You can post any questions, comments, requests, etc. here!