7 Sep 17, 08:32
Korchinks: Queuing for Battle net this morning lol :)
29 Aug 17, 20:52
Manamal: Weekly chest got buffed chance to TF get ready to get you 950s tomorrow
23 Aug 17, 18:33
Manamal: 7.3.0 Confirmed for 29.8.2017
21 Jun 17, 14:14
Thawte: New raid tonight guys let's get PUMPED!
14 Jun 17, 01:14
Manamal: HOT NEWS --- CRAFTED GEAR ---can be up graded to 900 not 885 as per patch notes
13 Jun 17, 09:34
Manamal: Remember not to hand in Emessery quests since monday and hand them all in on wednesday after patch for chance of new legos at 940
9 Jun 17, 14:42
Manamal: PAYDAY2 is free on steam till they have given away 5 million copies (normally around £25)
30 Apr 17, 19:05
Thawte: Will be on later just not sure when or how useful. Thanks! :P
30 Apr 17, 19:04
Thawte: Oh dear, bank holiday tomorrow, I find myself unable to guarantee signup later - please can somebody unsign me?
30 Mar 17, 18:36
Thawte: Dankie!
30 Mar 17, 17:47
tan: done!
30 Mar 17, 17:15
Thawte: Taking a chance, please can somebody sign me for tonight's raid? Can't do from mobile, at a work event but hope to be home in time. Thanks!
17 Feb 17, 16:03
manamal: if anyone playing HotS wants to team up add my Bnet AMZeus#2561
15 Feb 17, 19:10
Thawte: K power's back, see you in a bit
15 Feb 17, 18:45
Thawte: Pure African joy right here. So boring!
15 Feb 17, 18:44
Thawte: So... power has tripped, looks like the whole neighborhood it's dark for miles here. Sorry Cengo for disappearing like that! Guys if I'm not on by raid start please unsign me for tonight.
11 Jan 17, 06:23
Vorst: Players are no longer able to use Artifact Power items while an Artifact that has all 54 points completed is equipped.
8 Jan 17, 02:28
Vorst: http://www.wow-easy.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=123&t=18393&p=120804#p120804
8 Jan 17, 02:28
Vorst: For everyone wondering why I made the choices I made during Wedneday's raid, you can read my thoughts in the following topic:
3 Jan 17, 22:55
Keandres: Ask an officer then to reset
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