21 Jan 10, 11:01
Kerr: THE FIRST VIDEO TUTORIAL IS UP!!! Be sure and click TUTORIALS up top and check out how to make realistic drop shadows!
9 Jan 10, 19:16
Kerr: BIG NEWS COMING SOON!!! I will be adding some nifty ITEMS to the blog! Stay tuned while I work on them .....
19 Dec 09, 21:06
Mel: Girl friend, you rock! I stumbeled onto your blog by accident. But now that i found you, i'm never leaving. Bwaahaahaa! Thanks for the lovely freebies. Drop me a line sometime. I would love to give yo
19 Dec 09, 17:06
Anne: Your Black Ice is absolutely gorgeous - thank you for sharing this!
11 Dec 09, 21:20
Lea: Thank you so much!
7 Dec 09, 13:08
DianeScraps: Love them - thanks so much!
7 Dec 09, 00:15
Dee: Thanks so much! These are lovely.
6 Dec 09, 15:12
GlitterQueen: Thank you, these are great!
6 Dec 09, 11:25
Kerr: Thanks everyone. I get so excited when I see all your comments. I hope you enjoy them. There is alot more to come.
6 Dec 09, 08:16
Wendy: I love the Crazy Change set, it is wonderful Kerr! I am so glad that I bought it. :biggrin:
6 Dec 09, 04:27
Tina: thank you for your beautiful Freebies! :heart:
6 Dec 09, 00:34
Sally: Thanks for today's - great and different!
5 Dec 09, 20:52
melinda: thankyou forsharing
5 Dec 09, 18:32
net: thankyou for sharing these great gifts with us:)
5 Dec 09, 02:15
Kweta: thank you for the cute freebie
4 Dec 09, 16:27
3 Dec 09, 17:04
Kerr: oh and get ready for tihs....they will be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!!! for a limited time only. I am using paypal shopping cart so it should be simple I just hope your digi download is instant
3 Dec 09, 17:03
Kerr: Between kids, dinner, and other things I am going to attempt to start adding things in the store menu. You will be able to purchase all my digi items from over the past 3 years!
3 Dec 09, 10:44
Kerr: Hey hey....new freeebies!!!
1 Dec 09, 20:23
Kerr: Hey check out the new recipes posted under cooking. Fun and with step by step photos! Enjoy
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