20 Oct 09, 23:11
Sam xD: Hai.
8 Oct 09, 04:58
yt: hi
15 Feb 09, 00:55
Sam xD: Sighs :(
9 Dec 08, 18:45
Stitch: Sorry it had to be this way :(
9 Dec 08, 16:16
PartlyMonkeys - Sad Mode: Aww! I thought this might've been a good site :-( Hope to see you all around:(
2 Dec 08, 21:14
Sam xD: well see everyone later somewhere else on the net. bye:(
24 Nov 08, 17:42
PartlyMonkeys: Hey everyone! Sorry for the loss of log-in. I totally forgot about this site! LOL! Sorry to worry you Sam :-)
24 Nov 08, 13:24
Sam xD: Hey? Is PartlyMonkeys gone somewhere because his last login was a week ago:(
23 Nov 08, 22:36
Themagicwithin: I love this site. Looks FUN.
20 Nov 08, 21:45
MLKnCookies: I believe we are waiting for more active members to start another big event.
20 Nov 08, 18:15
Sam xD: Hey. is there gonna be any thanksgiving theamed quest, site background ect for thanksgiving stitch?
17 Nov 08, 19:35
Sam xD: Happy B-Day Stitch! I noticed the 17th was your B-Day on the calender
1 Nov 08, 22:32
PartlyMonkeys: I didn't see that... oh well. It's easier without using your VMK name cause you can make it whatever
1 Nov 08, 21:23
MLKnCookies: Umm, what? I'm confused. But anyway, I was looking through my vmk pictures (again) and I really miss vmk.. :(
1 Nov 08, 18:26
Stitch: No it in the rules it said that if you didnt have a VMK character you could do something else.
1 Nov 08, 16:40
PartlyMonkeys: So.. you lose I think.. it was VMK characters inky I think.
1 Nov 08, 15:07
Sam xD: I never played VMK really, and it was to late when i went to signup a few months ago :(
1 Nov 08, 14:31
PartlyMonkeys: Grats Sam. I liked cookies.. was your VMK character actually named Something? If not, you don't win.
1 Nov 08, 13:17
Sam xD: yay! I win lol. First arcade champ now this lol
19 Oct 08, 17:04
PartlyMonkeys: By the way, I wasn't at Disney World. I was at **CENSORED**. Sorry, can't tell. Now, before you can do anything.. BAN! Jk.
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