9 Dec 11, 15:08
ammirul: bagaimana anda boleh berjaya LULUS dengan cemerlang dalam temuduga KPLI
31 Oct 11, 14:31
Snow Storm: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
21 Oct 11, 15:20
Maria My Name: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
23 Sep 11, 20:18
Maria Ozawa: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
18 Sep 11, 14:09
Sexy Lady: hohoho glad i am here. i wish you can visit mine too
28 Jun 11, 17:37
Sweetie: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
6 Dec 10, 21:19
5 Dec 10, 21:38
jinjia: hi yokeming. Of course I appreciate your existence!
26 Nov 10, 01:31
ym: ehh the one with his picture on the dp lor
22 Nov 10, 15:53
girl: dere's lots of leon lee.. dunno which one is him.. any clue? tks..;)
21 Nov 10, 21:13
ym: ehh try searching leon lee on facebook shld be able to find
21 Nov 10, 15:11
girl: hi. im leon lee ming loong's pri sch fren. im organising a class gathering. do u hav his contact? preferably on fb pls tks a lot!!
3 Nov 10, 00:11
ym: yup now it isnt :D
2 Nov 10, 12:00
jl`: hiee, your blog's dead too :D
4 Sep 10, 15:18
ym: yuppp haha lets all jiayou for syf :D
4 Sep 10, 10:30
Emily: Hi yokey! (: smile la. When was my smile fake hmmm! Anyway yes! Contras and basses are not noobs! Haha cheer up!
2 Sep 10, 21:08
ym: LOL okay HI
2 Sep 10, 20:59
qt: hey ym! i'll give u big grin when i see u in school :D
29 Jul 10, 20:26
ym: LOL whatttttt
29 Jul 10, 18:43
Angela: LOL.
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