31 May 13, 19:46
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28 May 12, 05:38
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29 Dec 11, 06:13
Kelly: Nice blog. visit here to support u
26 Dec 11, 11:47
Robson: Nice Blog
26 Oct 11, 03:02
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25 Oct 11, 21:53
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30 Sep 11, 08:45
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20 Aug 11, 09:17
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3 Feb 11, 23:19
RedLips: A big smile for you
30 Jun 09, 11:23
shizzle: to xbox, it is called vantage right? wasnt that their point in the first place?
28 Jun 09, 21:06
xbox360: Ersh you sure like to complain!
27 Jun 09, 03:00
Mikko T.: amen to that......
26 Jun 09, 20:36
ErSH: tis a sad day. RIP MJ
12 Jun 09, 15:30
ErSH: did it come out on n4g? Didnt see the review there but we submitted it to them. thought it didnt make the cut. hehe
8 Jun 09, 23:03
noob: god what kind to be magazine is this?
5 Jun 09, 17:08
Nathan Hale: oh did I say ign? I meant n4g xD
4 Jun 09, 11:48
ErSH: Nathan Hale: nah it wasnt, why? did they write similar stuff?
3 Jun 09, 20:49
1 Jun 09, 12:05
Nathan Hale: was your review for Infamous posted on ign?
25 May 09, 20:07
ErSH: thanks for the comments! we'll try to do the best we can bout those. If you guys have any other suggestions, let us know! thanks!
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