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2 Apr 19, 19:59
Ray: Great Can’t stand him!
2 Apr 19, 20:02
Ray: At least we don’t have a Man U fan doing the VAR like in the cup game
2 Apr 19, 20:07
Sid: Now's the time for Traore!
2 Apr 19, 20:08
Ray: Oh yes and hopefully a red for Shaw
2 Apr 19, 20:39
Ray: Wow!!
2 Apr 19, 20:43
Sid: A couple of signings in the summer and we are top 4 contenders!
2 Apr 19, 20:45
Ray: Oh yes just love these sequences we break Man U hadn’t lost when scoring first and Spurs undefeated for 7 years against a promoted team lol
2 Apr 19, 20:48
Ray: And what about Dendoncker. What a revelation he’s been and what engine.
2 Apr 19, 20:57
Sid: Lets hope we sign him in the summer!
2 Apr 19, 23:49
Ironwolf2: Brilliant game tonight. We wuz simply magnificent! Made them look second rate!
3 Apr 19, 12:42
Ray: McTominay: United deserved to beat Wolves. No way son. After his unnecessary goal celebration in Nuno’s face he provided the motivation necessary to take those arrogant tossers apart
3 Apr 19, 21:04
Sid: Wolves posted a video of Jimenez on their Twitter page tonight with a number 9 on his back and 04/04/19 flashing on the screen. Methinks they will announce his signing tomorrow. https://mobile.twitter.com/wolves?lang=en
4 Apr 19, 12:39
Sid: https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/first-team/20190404-jim%C3%A9nez-becomes-permanent-wolves-player/
6 Apr 19, 14:21
RogerA: Guys if you are going to Wembley tomorrow stay safe and let's hope for a win !
6 Apr 19, 14:24
RogerA: Best wishes to every fan who can't make but no doubt will be there in spirit
6 Apr 19, 14:24
RogerA: Wolves Ay We
6 Apr 19, 14:31
Sid: :biggrin:
6 Apr 19, 20:09
Ironwolf2: If we can get past Watford then City are toast!
7 Apr 19, 08:20
paul cooks left foot: COME ON ME BABIES. TODAY IS OUR DAY
7 Apr 19, 08:26
Sid: Lets hope PCLF, but I don't think it will be a push over as both teams are very closely matched!
7 Apr 19, 08:27
Ray: Here we go then. All set. Feeling very proud and very nervous. If we can do it City are for the taking. COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 Apr 19, 16:24
Sid: Jimenez our new Bully!!!
7 Apr 19, 16:34
Sid: Jota can only get better, the futures old gold.
7 Apr 19, 16:58
Sid: If we want to win this we need to put Traore on now!
7 Apr 19, 17:38
Sid: Although it pains me to say so, Watford deserved it!
7 Apr 19, 18:38
Wakes: Seems to me we need some defenders
8 Apr 19, 09:55
Ironwolf2: Agreed Sid. Painful but true. They beat us, we lost, let's move on. Paradoxically the better we get the more defeats like this we are likely to suffer as we become more and more contenders at the top tables!
8 Apr 19, 11:06
Ray: Over the 90 minutes Wolves certainly deserved it but a very soft penalty knocked the stuffing out of us and we were for the taking in extra time and not helped by Nuno's substitutions.
8 Apr 19, 14:19
Wakes: I feel just like I did in 1947 heartbroken
8 Apr 19, 16:06
Ray: Hi Wakes Ive just posted a program to you, courtesy of Roger.
8 Apr 19, 16:11
Ray: watched that penalty again and not convinced. Phil Dowd has obviously backed up his mate Oliver but Dendonckers foot wouldn't have pole-axed Deeney. Then he's got the cheek to call Jimenez a loser just because he celebrated in a Mexican mask. COME ON CITY
8 Apr 19, 19:39
Wakes: Thanks Ray n Roger, two fine gents
9 Apr 19, 21:15
Wakes: My first Wembley prog since 1980 Thanks again chaps
10 Apr 19, 15:02
Ironwolf2: Rumours Summer deals: 5 in (no idea who but major spends), 3 out (Cav, Costa and Traore) and that the only player with a prima donna mentality in the whole squad is Patricio.
10 Apr 19, 16:25
Ray: Doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for that, hope you’re saving for next seasons s/t.
13 Apr 19, 14:50
Ironwolf2: At least no bookings for kisses!
13 Apr 19, 15:04
Ray: Good feed thanks Iron
13 Apr 19, 15:53
Ray: Huffed and puffed. Dominated large parts but no cutting edge. Cup hangover.
13 Apr 19, 15:55
Ironwolf2: Played some good passing football but insufficient in front of their goal.
13 Apr 19, 16:09
Sid: I agreed with Traore coming on but not in place of Doherty, would have taken Jota off. It's going to be difficult now to finish in 7th think top 10 our best bet!
13 Apr 19, 16:34
Ray: As You say Sid not for Doherty. Think Traore played lLong on side for their third.
13 Apr 19, 16:39
RogerA: 3silly goals wasted a game.
13 Apr 19, 16:39
RogerA: Did you watch it on NBC ?
13 Apr 19, 16:41
Ray: Phil Thompson Sky “Southampton just about deserved it” Stats: Possession 70%/30% Wolves. Attempts 17/13 Wolves. On target 6/2 Soton Corners 9/4 Wolves. Passing acc 80%/64% Wolves.
13 Apr 19, 17:00
RogerA: Where did the 5 in 3 out come from ?
13 Apr 19, 17:01
RogerA: Wonder how many U23s will step up?
13 Apr 19, 18:09
Ironwolf2: Nuno agrees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH9bxiNqnBc&fbclid=IwAR2Lj-tqNFT4YkWl6PxTr_g27SdTwP68WE_kpN4Rkdy_exWf_7z6le3CZTw&app=desktop
13 Apr 19, 18:13
Ironwolf2: '5 in 3 out' <- someone on FBK Wolves group/page claiming inside knowledge
13 Apr 19, 18:14
Ironwolf2: so entirely trustworthy :cool:
13 Apr 19, 19:20
Ray: watched the post match news conference you posted Iron. Concerned the way Nuno was obviously annoyed and left abruptly.
13 Apr 19, 19:52
Ironwolf2: Yes he was clearly exasperated.
13 Apr 19, 21:16
Wakes: I had my first game of bowls this season I lost Bean a great day Pig sick
14 Apr 19, 10:56
Wakes: I say again,we need some defenders.
14 Apr 19, 11:57
Ray: No Wakes we need players to remain “switched on”. Easily preventable goals, especially the killer third with Traore standing on the goal line seemingly totally unaware he was playing Long on side. Enough is enough.
14 Apr 19, 15:12
Ironwolf2: Traore stats on assists and goals are atrocious. Sadly his positive but unproductive disruptive play is insufficient at this level. I like the guy and in Mali he shares his name with the great Sultan of Segu, a major sub-Saharan African kingdom close to Timbuktu. That's great but the football ain't up to scratch!
14 Apr 19, 15:42
Wakes: Thats why we need more defenders Ray some of ours aint good enough
14 Apr 19, 17:07
Ray: Wolves have conceded 42 goals in the league this season which is only bettered by five teams. Not so good in the last couple of games but that’s a team issue not just defenders. Think Coady and Boly especially have been outstanding and Bennett not far behind. Increase squad yes but not just defenders.
15 Apr 19, 08:09
RogerA: We need strengthening down the middle of the team as a whole, the spine of the team
15 Apr 19, 11:20
paul cooks left foot: At the end of the day we have had a good season whatever happens now. I agree we need extra players in the squad who can make a difference when they are put in the team. I think we certainly need extra quality up front if jiminez and jota are not at the top of there game we could not put in costa,traore or cavaleiro as a replacement and think they will provide goals. I would have preferred us keeping bright enokhabare in the squad as he does something different although he too is not prolific. we could also do with a couple of additions in midfield to give neves and moutinho the odd game out of the line up when there form slumps. I keep hearing of our good academy players but none seem anywhere near the 1st team squad as yet. these things can be addressed at the end of the season. for now we have had a good 1st season back in the premier league. IN NUNO WE TRUST
15 Apr 19, 13:40
Ray: I also believe that if he is going to stay Rúben Neves must be deployed further forward next season. He doesn’t seem happy in his deeper roll and has much more to offer as an attacking midfielder
15 Apr 19, 19:03
RogerA: Yes Paul a great season all round, one blemish but hey that's life
15 Apr 19, 19:05
RogerA: The 3 you mentioned Paul are but players at best so my 'spine' players have to be as good or even better than the squad members they are competing with.
15 Apr 19, 19:10
Wakes: I wish I had kept my trap shut
15 Apr 19, 21:01
Ray: Lol it’s really boring when we agree all the time. Keep it up Wakes
16 Apr 19, 11:03
RogerA: Wakes, just get on with it ! 😜
16 Apr 19, 11:03
RogerA: Keep em coming mate
16 Apr 19, 11:06
RogerA: Look I know you are a boring old fart who plays bowls, but that must be what inspires you on hear to unleash your rebellious self on here. To break free as it were 😜
16 Apr 19, 12:14
Ray: Think you’ve summed him up well Roger
16 Apr 19, 12:15
Ray: :biggrin: :biggrin:
16 Apr 19, 15:33
RogerA: I lived in Wakefield for a few years, Ray, so I know all about these Horbury types, can't take your eyes off them for a second or your prize veg would be gone
17 Apr 19, 19:35
Wakes: I only see parts of games so i sould not pass comments I watched Wolves up until1960 and in my mind they are still the top team and It blows my mind that fans of other clubs don;t remember them I have 3 grandsons Liverpool Man U andArsenal The ratbags 2 grandaughters both support Wolves but havn;t much idea what they are about, they do it for me, bless them
17 Apr 19, 20:47
Ray: Why only up until 1960 ?
17 Apr 19, 21:19
Wakes: Ray Icame out of the RAF and married a girl from Wakefield I saw Wolves at Leeds a few times but that was it although I have always been a true fan
18 Apr 19, 09:26
Ray: Thanks for that Wakes. I understand many loyal fans turned their backs on the club in September 1964 when John Ireland decided he was more important than Stan Cullis.
21 Apr 19, 08:39
Ray: Played some good stuff yesterday but once again no cutting edge. MGW started brightly but soon faded.Jimmi and Jota still seem to be suffering from the Wembley hangover. Most positive thing yesterday was the introduction of Vinagre. Should have happened earlier and he must start vs the Arsenal surely?
21 Apr 19, 08:43
Ray: Message for Wakes: Haven’t bought progs this season cos they put the price up to £3.50 but yesterday an exception with a great spread on 58/59 season with a couple of programmes reproduced. Will post Tuesday.
22 Apr 19, 09:18
Ray: https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2019/04/22/league-championship-60th-anniversary-stan-cullis-made-wolves-great/
22 Apr 19, 09:19
Ray: Some great Bank Holiday nostalgia especially for Wakes
22 Apr 19, 09:23
Ray: https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2019/04/22/wplves-60th-anniversary-special-the-champions-of-england-19589/
22 Apr 19, 09:24
Ray: Some great pictures in above
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