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20 Nov 17, 21:28
The Gaffer: Iron, Roger and Ray thanks for your very kind donations, much appreciated.
21 Nov 17, 16:27
RogerA: Thanks Sid I got it right this time mate ! :-)
22 Nov 17, 19:38
Ray: Don't see any E&S coverage this evening on line. usually starts a good hour before kick off. Just wondering if Roger gave Tim Spears the wrong day !
22 Nov 17, 21:38
Ironwolf: Excellent performance. Leeds strong and dirty! Score slightly flattering. Onwards and upwards!
22 Nov 17, 21:40
Sid: Nice one Ray :biggrin: Onwards and upwards Iron!
22 Nov 17, 23:14
RogerA: Excuse me I told Britney it was tomorrow !
22 Nov 17, 23:15
RogerA: Was convinced this would be a really tough match .... wrong !
22 Nov 17, 23:16
RogerA: We played some of the best football of the season especially the 20 minutes after we went 1.0 up. Superb stuff
22 Nov 17, 23:19
Ray: Thanks Roger sounds like well worth the trip on a cold and windy November night. really looking forward to Saturday. Will email you
22 Nov 17, 23:19
RogerA: Met an old pal of mine who has a few contacts and he said as and when we get to the Prem, Fosun will splash the cash to breath taking proportions to attempt to ensure we become a for e to be reckoned with. So fingers crossed for this season
22 Nov 17, 23:38
Ironwolf: Fosun have taken what is for them a small punt on Wolves and as prospects improve we can expect them to up their input accordingly. So Premiership status will be well supported. To make Wolves a real money-spinner - and Fosun is a business concern pure and simple - they will be looking at the kind of world-wide revenues that the top clubs can bring in. That means one thing. A Chinese player! Watch this space.
23 Nov 17, 00:20
Ironwolf: 28,914 attendance. Not bad for a wet windy Wednesday night!
23 Nov 17, 08:27
RogerA: Interesting concept iron.
23 Nov 17, 08:28
RogerA: By the way that is the first time we have won za Wednesday night home match since 2011
23 Nov 17, 13:58
Wakes: I remember about 12 months ago complaning that we had lost to Barnsley, Huddersfield and Leeds and thatmy yorkie friends were giving me some stick, He who laughs last
23 Nov 17, 22:46
Ironwolf: Wolves about to be discussed on The Debate on Sky Sports
24 Nov 17, 08:38
RogerA: Tell them to my their own business and pick on their favourites Bruce or Warnock. We don t need their so called endorsement
24 Nov 17, 11:04
Ray: Quite agree Roger. Took these so called experts at Sky almost two months into the season to realise what was happening at Wolves. Their revised opinions are meaningless
24 Nov 17, 21:57
RogerA: I am adopting the Nuno philosophy from now on - just look forward not back. Conecentrate on the game in hand. I can go ballistic at game 45 when we have blown everyone away ! :-)
25 Nov 17, 08:06
RogerA: Good moaning !
25 Nov 17, 08:07
RogerA: Got up to let the dog out to a storm of that white stuff ! Pictorial evidence can be provided. The setting is deepest, darkest rural Staffs.
25 Nov 17, 08:08
RogerA: What did they say about our foreign imports and our winter ???
25 Nov 17, 17:27
Sid: http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/11143809/wolves-5-1-bolton
25 Nov 17, 22:00
Ray: Let''s keep this all in perspective and try not to get carried away.....but.. WE'RE ******* BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Nov 17, 08:30
Sid: :biggrin: yes we ****ing are!!
26 Nov 17, 14:13
RogerA: Did it in 2nd/3rd gear. My only concern will be complacancy at this moment in time
26 Nov 17, 14:14
RogerA: Not totally convinced about the defence thats 2 sloppy goals in last 2 games
26 Nov 17, 16:41
Ray: Think you're too critical Roger. Think our defence has been playing very well but will always concede goals here and there. Even the likes of Man City and Chelsea concede occasionally.
26 Nov 17, 16:47
Ray: and now Man City have conceded a sloppy goal !
26 Nov 17, 17:28
Ironwolf: Hmm.. watch this space he said then our dear leader chairman Jeff Shi comes back with 'We would like to establish ourselves in China. Perhaps in future even one or two Wolves players might be Chinese.' https://rochdaleherald.co.uk/2017/01/14/met-office-alert-sighting-geordie-woman-jacket-newcastle/
26 Nov 17, 17:30
Ironwolf: That Rochdale Herald link is a hoot but the actual link for Shi's take on Chinese players coming to us is here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/wolves-chief-jeff-shi-insists-11588223
26 Nov 17, 20:32
RogerA: Apologies Ray I am a perfectionist. But it concerns me if we are 0-0 and they try the sloppy stuff like yesterday. I know Nuno will jump on the sloppy play :-)
26 Nov 17, 23:33
Ray: No apologies required mate. I always respect your view. Think we would all like to strive for perfection or as near as. We're always gonna be prone to these sloppy errors but if Nuno can cut them down, as he is doing, then we should be on a winner
27 Nov 17, 11:31
RogerA: Totally agree Ray, he appears to see what we see and does something about it
28 Nov 17, 10:55
Ironwolf: O MELHOR de todos!!!!! https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5004789/wolves-nuno-santo-espirito-ruben-neves-championship/amp/
28 Nov 17, 22:08
Wakes: thanks Ray, been in hospital for a couple of days just an infection. on my chest which I am prone to Very kind of you
29 Nov 17, 12:17
Ray: Hello Wakes, I'm sorry to learn you've been poorly again and hope you are fighting off this infection. I hope you enjoy the programme and will get you another next time I go which will probably be the Ipswich game as train strikes due on the day of the Sunderland game. Take care and best wishes.
29 Nov 17, 12:24
RogerA: I will get a Sunderland one Ray and pass it to you at the Ipswich game
29 Nov 17, 15:01
Sid: Hope you're feeling beter Wakes!
29 Nov 17, 15:05
The Gaffer: Me too Wakes! Take care!
29 Nov 17, 16:50
Wakes: you guys are too kind Ido hope you get your wishes at the end of the season
29 Nov 17, 19:17
Ray: Just make sure you keep yourself warm and well and keep off those chest infections. We're all in for a few thrills and spills between now and May and lets all enjoy it mate !
2 Dec 17, 13:17
The Gaffer: Met with Helda Costa and Ivan Cavaleiro at walking football training on Wednesday at Aldersley. I asked them who they felt were their main challengers for the title and Cavaleiro said Cardiff, Villa and Sheff utd. Which is what I suppose we all feel.
2 Dec 17, 14:49
Ray: Congratulations to U18's who beat Man Utd 3-2 in the U18's Premier League cup. Onwards and upwards !
4 Dec 17, 15:47
Sid: Massive game tonight and one if we win that will put us in a very very strong position.
4 Dec 17, 19:26
Ray: Like cup draw home to Swansea. Will be there but only if its a Saturday 3pm. As for tonight as Sid says its massive for us
4 Dec 17, 21:50
Ray: As Dean Saunders once said "We're only 9 points off the play offs". Well now its 10 !
4 Dec 17, 21:52
Ray: How lucky was N"Diaye?
4 Dec 17, 21:54
Sid: As was Roberts for them!
4 Dec 17, 21:55
Ray: Yes Sid but could easily given at red card when Bham were coming right back into it
4 Dec 17, 21:58
Sid: I agree Ray. Thought Costa looked a little lost and lacking in confidence!
4 Dec 17, 21:59
Ray: Yes didn't look as good as his previous sub appearances. Think Nuno will sort it out and will have Neves back.
4 Dec 17, 22:00
Sid: Lets hope so!
4 Dec 17, 22:00
Ray: Main thing is 3 points tonight and second half we "won ugly" that's the way to go up
4 Dec 17, 22:01
Sid: Play badly and still win!
4 Dec 17, 22:11
RogerA: So a win ugly
4 Dec 17, 22:12
RogerA: Got me thinking not only a triker but at least on back up midfielder required
4 Dec 17, 22:45
Ray: Interesting stat from Sky.47 points from 20 games is the highest since 2008/09 when Mick's team had 50 points
5 Dec 17, 09:18
RogerA: Yes saw that but lets hope we don't have a similar 2nd half to the season and stutter all the way like we did in 2008/9
5 Dec 17, 09:31
Ray: Please accept my apologies for posting false information (fake news?) amid the excitement of another victory last night. After 20 games Micks side also had 47 points and not 50 but as you point out Roger they subsequently managed one win in eleven in the new year.
5 Dec 17, 10:31
Ironwolf: We can thank goal line technology for last night's victory and they can thank Cotterill it wasn't a landslide in first half.
6 Dec 17, 09:01
RogerA: we won end of :-)
6 Dec 17, 09:02
RogerA: ignore the fool he is covering up his inadequacies of himself and his team
8 Dec 17, 20:30
Wakes: we should try for Gary Madine a striker with Bolton
8 Dec 17, 20:32
RogerA: Really ? Why ?
8 Dec 17, 20:33
RogerA: Am asking as no idea who he is
8 Dec 17, 20:34
RogerA: Fingers crossed that game goes ahead tomorrow
9 Dec 17, 16:57
Ironwolf: 71% possession, 8 corners, 15 shots on goal! Fair enough they parked the bus but we were simply not sharp enough at the cutting end. Bonatini a bit absent.
9 Dec 17, 17:22
Wakes: Bolto n
9 Dec 17, 17:24
Wakes: Bolton striker Roger, too good for them so says a bolton friend
9 Dec 17, 17:33
Ironwolf: Happy Christmas Wakes hope you are feeling well!
9 Dec 17, 17:55
Ray: A day to stay warm and view from afar Iron
9 Dec 17, 17:58
Ironwolf: Yes, indeed :)
10 Dec 17, 09:07
Sid: We actually did better than I feared we would. Manager of the month jinx, playing bottom of the table, who had numerous injuries the omens were there for a loss. But we didn't lose and got a point so not a total loss!
10 Dec 17, 12:04
Wakes: I felt just like you Sid
10 Dec 17, 15:34
Ray: After earlier watching Chelsea pound West Ham without success I also wondered if we were in for a similar fate but at least we salvaged a point so no damage done really. Come on Reading! Come on Dangerous! Come on Jon Dadi!
10 Dec 17, 19:17
RogerA: Some report i read said thus could be anither blessing in disguise but like the Cardiff game. This situation will arise more and more and as the boss said it will and he acknowledges they have to find solutions. Refreshingly honest yet again !
10 Dec 17, 19:18
RogerA: Sorry bad spelling big fingers on mobile.
10 Dec 17, 19:22
RogerA: Oh yes as I side issue. My grandson d3cided he wants an away shirt for Xmas.. ..wrong ! Completely sold out ... for the season ! Ah a home shirt then please ? Nope also completely sold out for the season ..... honest
10 Dec 17, 23:59
Ray: Did u manage to get Wakes programme? If so I'll email address. Thanks Roger
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