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23 May 18, 18:13
Sid: 6 goalkeepers now Ray, Bernd Leno! http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/05/23/leverkusen-announce-hradecky-signing-pushing-wolves-linked-leno/
23 May 18, 20:22
Ray: Amazing Sid. Thanks.
23 May 18, 20:44
RogerA: Evening guys I hear David Instone as written a book called Between the Golden Lines based on his experiences from 87 onwards. Have been told its a good read
23 May 18, 20:45
RogerA: By the way Sid just how many goalies do we need ? :-)
23 May 18, 20:47
RogerA: oh and I reckon we have signed about 20/30 players according to most of the loonies on the web
23 May 18, 21:17
Sid: Probably 7 should do it!
24 May 18, 08:50
Ray: Sensational news from the Bham Mail ! (not Wollaston) Apart from this German keeper Bernd Leno we are also linked to Porto keeper Jose Sa !
24 May 18, 08:53
Ray: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/wolverhampton-wanderers-transfers-mendes-leno-14686597
24 May 18, 11:35
Sid: I ****ing gve up!
24 May 18, 17:25
Sid: I think the new rules in the transfer window mean that we can only sign domestic players initially until the 9th June then from that date we can sign international players aswell. Anyone know if that's the case?
24 May 18, 17:28
Sid: Not sure if that applies with Boly and Jota if a deal had been prearranged.
24 May 18, 20:54
Ray: Thought I heard it was 1st June Sid but you may well be right. Anyway not far off now and Boly and Jota look done deals.
24 May 18, 22:48
RogerA: Jota played in a friendly for Atletico I hear
24 May 18, 22:50
RogerA: The Premier League's summer transfer window opened on 17 May 2018, for domestic transfers, and will be open from 00:01 BST, 9 June, for international transfers.
24 May 18, 22:52
RogerA: So assume we have a foreign influx first as they are more cost effective
24 May 18, 22:53
RogerA: After the closing of the summer transfer window each Premier League club had until 4pm BST on 1 September to submit a squad list containing no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the "Home Grown Player" (HGP) criteria. The rest of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be Home Grown.
24 May 18, 22:54
RogerA: so have we got 8 home grown in our squad ???
24 May 18, 22:58
RogerA: don't know definition of hme grown
25 May 18, 06:59
Sid: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homegrown_Player_Rule_(England)
25 May 18, 21:13
Sid: Jota scored twice tonight for Portugal u21 against Italy. http://www.skysports.com/football/portugal-u21-vs-italy-u21/388260
25 May 18, 21:18
Ray: That’s not good. Wanna keep him under the radar
25 May 18, 21:35
Sid: That's what I thought Ray.
26 May 18, 17:56
Ray: Goodbye Villa, goodbye Bruce. Think we all got what we deserved in the end!
26 May 18, 17:59
Ray: Think Prince William ought to find himself a successful team to support lol!
26 May 18, 18:00
Sid: I think Fulham deserved to win today, and it is how I feel it should be because they finished third in the league a full 5 points ahead of Villa.
26 May 18, 18:02
Ray: You are right Sid. Ironic that Fulham had a man sent off for a foul on Grealish who should have received a straight red minutes earlier.
26 May 18, 18:28
Sid: Too true!
26 May 18, 20:32
Ray: Just watching a keeper who may well be available but we should steer well clear lol,
26 May 18, 21:34
RogerA: Nightmare in Kiev !
26 May 18, 21:34
RogerA: I cannot even get my head around of Karius's thinking with either blunder
26 May 18, 21:35
RogerA: But finger points at Klopp he brought him in and if he thinks that is a good goallie god help the Scowsers
28 May 18, 17:07
Wakes: Ifeel s orry for Shrewsbury ma inl y because I backed them in August b ut also because they were wel l clear of 4th
28 May 18, 19:19
Ray: Yes a good point Wakes
30 May 18, 18:05
Ray: Good to learn Afobe close to a permanent deal
30 May 18, 19:24
RogerA: I like Afobe but was hoping we could do better IMHO
31 May 18, 16:04
Ray: a good squad member Roger. Hopefully we are aiming higher
31 May 18, 16:06
Ray: My mate Steve Wollaston saying Nuno in running for Real job. Even Villa fans accuse him of negativity. Apparently he's a bitter and twisted blue-nose.
1 Jun 18, 13:26
Sid: I'm not sure Afobe is the real deal but hope I'm wrong and he comes good.
1 Jun 18, 16:26
RogerA: Me too Sid but will he make up the 8 homegrown players we have to have in the squad
1 Jun 18, 16:28
RogerA: The Sporting Lisbon president sounds a bit of a character 😎
3 Jun 18, 08:46
RogerA: Straight from the pages of the Sun on Sunday:
3 Jun 18, 08:46
RogerA: Wolves are weighing up selling striker Benik Afobe to Stoke to take a quick profit on the player they only signed from Bournemouth last week.
3 Jun 18, 08:46
RogerA: Really ?
5 Jun 18, 12:09
Ironwolf: If Dangerous Dave says so it must be true :biggrin: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/wolves-cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-14744135.amp?service=responsive&__twitter_impression=true
6 Jun 18, 20:18
Sid: Just wondering whether Afobe may be part of an exchange deal for either Joe Allen or Butland!
6 Jun 18, 21:55
Ironwolf: Worrying news coming out of China: Fosun rescue package to buy Aston Villa with view to increasing holdings in overseas soccer. Business is business and this could go very sour ffs!
7 Jun 18, 18:33
RogerA: is this one of your jokes Iron ?
7 Jun 18, 18:33
RogerA: They will not be allowed to own 2 clubs in England
7 Jun 18, 18:35
Ray: Don’t really understand this.Fosun would have to relinquish ownership of Wolves in order to buy into Villa. Rules are very strict on ownership. Secondly when Xia bought Villa from Randy Lerner it was around the time that Wolves were bought by Fosun so they had a good opportunity to buy Villa then if that’s what they wanted. Anyway 38c here so just about to go back to the pool. Love to all from sunny Vegas
8 Jun 18, 13:27
Ironwolf: Apologies I was just trying to gee you all up. As Ray's post imples 'Under the rules of the FA Premier League and those of UEFA (the European Governing Body of football), it is prohibited for the owners or directors of a football club to have the power to influence the management of another club.'
9 Jun 18, 13:15
Michael: Ironwolf was joking about Villa. it's not to say that Fosun were always Wolves. Before they bought us they were interested in Newcastle. Before Sheikh Mansour's consortium bought Man City, they considered Wolves. They correctly identified both clubs as sleeping giants.
9 Jun 18, 16:37
The Gaffer: Hi Michael welcome to the Rumourmill.
11 Jun 18, 09:39
RogerA: Yes welcome to the Rumourmill Michael
12 Jun 18, 11:05
RogerA: Hey Ray are you still in Vegas ?
12 Jun 18, 11:06
RogerA: If so can you popo along to the Ralph Loren shop for me and pick up some shirts please ? :-)
12 Jun 18, 15:43
Ray: Yes still here mate. Up to 41c today so spending most time inside. Staying in Venetian which has plenty to offer. Think you’re about 18 inch neck so will get you those shirts. Shame about Benik Afobe but we need to move on and hope Jimenez is the real deal if he joins us. So much bloody speculation about who we’re supposed to be after though.
12 Jun 18, 16:12
Ray: Club have confirmed the Raul Jimenez deal. Season loan .
12 Jun 18, 22:12
Ray: Blyth Group new shirt sponsors?
13 Jun 18, 12:41
Ironwolf: Nope not Blyth but https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20180613-wolves-announce-w88-as-shirt-sponsor/
13 Jun 18, 12:43
Ironwolf: Not terribly impressed. Never heard of them and 'W88 offers an impressive array of products from sports betting to live dealer casino, poker and slots.
13 Jun 18, 13:50
RogerA: It will save Ray another trip to Vegas :-)
13 Jun 18, 13:52
RogerA: Ray have you stayed in Vegas or have you been exploring ?
13 Jun 18, 15:54
Sid: Has anyone tried to access the W88 website? Every time I try it says forbidden! We are not serving your location. Apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused!
13 Jun 18, 15:56
Sid: Has anyone tried to access the W88 betting site? Every time I have tried I get 'Forbidden - We are not serving your location. Apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused'. https://www.w88club.com/
13 Jun 18, 16:27
Ray: Oh well Bham Mail got it wrong yet again. On line betting company replaces pay day lender. Logo looks nice on the shirt though. Much better than Doritos.
13 Jun 18, 17:49
Ray: Same message from here Sid
14 Jun 18, 09:27
Sid: First match Everton at home.
14 Jun 18, 10:26
Ironwolf: Top by Christmas :biggrin:
14 Jun 18, 16:23
Wakes: I have backed England, as good a chance as any
16 Jun 18, 20:01
Sid: Rumour has it that Huddersfield are are about to put an offer in for Cavaleiro.
17 Jun 18, 08:16
Sid: I think Jiménez is playing for Mexico against Germany today so a good opportunity to see what he's made of!
17 Jun 18, 08:56
Ironwolf: Thanks for the heads up on Jiménez Sid
17 Jun 18, 09:05
Sid: You're welcome Iron!
17 Jun 18, 09:07
Sid: Newcastle supposedly also looking at Cavaleiro. I'm not convinced we should let him go!
18 Jun 18, 07:33
Ray: After Benik Afobe nothing surprises me but I think Cavaleiro has a major role to play for us. Difficult to assess Jimenez in his 20 minute sub appearance. Def need another striker although Nuno has high hopes for RFa Mir.
18 Jun 18, 07:39
Ray: Rafa Mir even
18 Jun 18, 09:48
Sid: I think I would prefer to keep Cavaleiro rather than Costa!
18 Jun 18, 10:53
Ray: Think I would like to keep them both. Thought Costa was getting back to his best towards end of season after long lay off
18 Jun 18, 17:39
Ironwolf: New goalie anyone?
18 Jun 18, 17:47
Ironwolf: https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/first-team/20180618-rui-patr%C3%ADcio-the-story-so-far/
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