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11 Jul 19, 00:12
RogerA: Still drumming my fingers on the table waiting for the first team squad reinforcements to arrive
12 Jul 19, 07:18
Sid: Watched Costa play for Leeds last night, looked a new player, scored a decent goal and set up the other. But of course he wasn't playing against premier league players.
13 Jul 19, 15:02
Ray: Goodbye Ivan and thanks for everything. You will be missed, as will Helder. Good luck to both of you in the future
13 Jul 19, 17:41
RogerA: Not sure what to make of all this, We have had 2 great seasons but the negativity of the past 30 years still there under the surface and just gives me a prod as if to say heyup here we go, house of cards
13 Jul 19, 17:42
RogerA: But I am hopeful that there will be some positive news coming from China. Alll I can do is wait and see]
13 Jul 19, 19:22
Ray: Let’s hope so Roger. We’re live on Sky Sports this Wednesday morning vs Newcastle
15 Jul 19, 10:21
paul cooks left foot: good luck to ivan cavaleiro. he did a good job for us. we need to get in a few players quickly as its never good introducing new playersto a squad who have missed pre season
15 Jul 19, 17:08
Roger A: Nuno has now thrown his hat into the 'we need additional quality players' ring.... What's the hold up??? 🤔
16 Jul 19, 07:13
Sid: Totally agree Paul CLF! But still feel unhappy with both Cavaleiro and Costa moving on as I feel they would have been ideal in the Europa, League, and FA cups!
16 Jul 19, 23:00
RogerA: Have to agree Sid. Moving them on is one thing but no better replacements is now another issue
17 Jul 19, 06:25
Sid: Very true Roger! Let's see how we get on today, 11.00 a.m. this morning on Sky.
17 Jul 19, 10:38
Sid: The lads are looking pretty good, 2 decent goals, I think Gibbs White's first for Wolves!
17 Jul 19, 10:43
Sid: Jota's on fire!
17 Jul 19, 11:56
Ray: Wonder what’s worse. Being totally outclassed and losing 4-0 or finding out Steve Bruce is your new manager? 😂
17 Jul 19, 12:19
Sid: :biggrin:
17 Jul 19, 20:01
Wakes: Glad its not Big Mick you guys would have had a ball :cool:
18 Jul 19, 20:03
Ray: Crusaders it is then
20 Jul 19, 11:52
Ray: Traore is never a wing-back
20 Jul 19, 12:17
Ray: MGW finding it difficult to keep possession but overall we’re doin ok
20 Jul 19, 13:39
20 Jul 19, 13:48
Ray: Patricio absolutely outstanding
20 Jul 19, 17:02
Sid: Best game I've seen him play Ray. Thought the youngsters put up a great show, really enjoyed their contribution. Also feel That Vinaigre will soon become a permanent fixture!
21 Jul 19, 09:32
Ray: Article in The Daily Record (Scotland) saying 3rd Q round of Europa League being made tomorrow and provided both teams get through 2nd Q round there’s a fair chance Wolves and Rangers could draw each other.
21 Jul 19, 11:17
Wakes: Did John Barnwell play for Arsenal anyone know, Istand to
21 Jul 19, 11:18
Wakes: win/lose a pint of tetley best
21 Jul 19, 11:20
Wakes: Did anyone kngnow that typing deteriats with age (and spellng)i
21 Jul 19, 18:28
Ray: Yes Wakes John Barnwell at Arsenal in early sixties
21 Jul 19, 18:30
Ray: Looked it up now Arsenal 57/64 Forest 64/70 Sheffield U 70
21 Jul 19, 20:28
Wakes: thanks Ray I will enjoy my pint
22 Jul 19, 11:52
RogerA: Wakes drink Sam Smiths much nicer pint mate
22 Jul 19, 11:59
RogerA: Better or you too, fingers will move a lot smoother and faster over the keys.... won't know what your saying but ... :biggrin:
22 Jul 19, 11:59
RogerA: Bitlike Eric Morecombers infamous comment to Andre Preview "They all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order"
22 Jul 19, 12:17
Ray: 3Q would be Pyunik from Armenia or Jablonec from Czech Rep with second leg at home if we get through of course
22 Jul 19, 12:22
Ray: Are you going Thursday Roger?
22 Jul 19, 15:59
Ironwolf2: Only 3 years and a day on since Fosun bought Wolves. Not bad going so far!
23 Jul 19, 08:10
Ray: Very good feedback for Wolves from China trip - unlike Manchester City.
24 Jul 19, 19:21
Sid: Great news that Vinaigre has signed a 5 year contract. As I said before he will shortly become a first team regular!
24 Jul 19, 20:48
RogerA: Yes Ray will be there
25 Jul 19, 10:54
Ray: I was intending to go but had to change plans so will watch on tv. Could our patience be finally rewarded over the next few days?
25 Jul 19, 21:45
Ray: Jesus Vallejo looks like signing a season long loan from Real Madrid. He’s a 22 year old defender.
26 Jul 19, 22:32
RogerA: Good job you decided against it Ray, it was announced late second half that all trains from Wton station had been cancelled !
27 Jul 19, 12:14
Ray: Vallejo season long loan completed
28 Jul 19, 15:33
Sid: Just been looking at the value of our team on Transfermarket, nearly £300 million. That's fantasy football, and one that we have got to maintain if we wish to remain in the premier league. Oh these heady days!!!
29 Jul 19, 15:22
Ray: This Cutrone transfer appears to be getting closer but according to recent reports he’s not exactly keen to join us but is being pushed. Do we really want players at Molineux who aren’t committed to us?
29 Jul 19, 20:51
Ray: Anyway Cutrone medical tomorrow and signing shud be Wednesday. Let’s hope it all works out
30 Jul 19, 18:06
Sid: Jesus Vallejo's first day of training https://www.streamfootball.tv/Wolves/229402
30 Jul 19, 18:17
Ray: Cutrone signed and saying the right things so good luck to him. Team looking so exciting and maybe another arrival
5 Aug 19, 11:52
Ray: Drawn Torino if we progress
5 Aug 19, 11:53
Ray: Or Shakhtyor. Getting more difficult from this stage
5 Aug 19, 12:04
Ray: Shakhtyor Soligorsk from Belarus
5 Aug 19, 12:07
Ray: Not to be confused with Shakhtar Donetsk
5 Aug 19, 12:09
Ray: Thought I’d clarify that would hate the thought of Wakes going to the wrong place!
5 Aug 19, 13:09
RogerA: Ray Donetsk was alright the time I visited 20 years ago champagne was $2 a bottle
5 Aug 19, 13:10
RogerA: Oh yes tickets for this Thursdays away game at Pyunik. There are 1000 for us all priced at £1 each .....
5 Aug 19, 13:16
Ray: Were you drinking the Pol Roger ??? lol
8 Aug 19, 11:41
Ironwolf2: 5pm kick off, £5 to watch on WolvesTV
8 Aug 19, 11:41
Ironwolf2: https://www.wolves.co.uk/shop/wolvestv/wolvestv-packages/
8 Aug 19, 16:51
Ironwolf2: Balmy night in Yerevan and nice to see the dynamic duo partnering so well!
11 Aug 19, 09:10
Sid: It's a big un today! I would be surprised if the trip to Armenia will have an effect on this game as it's very early in the season, if it were the latter part then I think it probably would. Don't know how to call this one! But hopefully a win!
11 Aug 19, 13:54
Ray: Maybe some tiredness and some sloppy play at times but 0-0 ht is ok.
11 Aug 19, 13:56
Ray: Maybe we’ll see Traore in the second half if he hasn’t forgotten his boots!
11 Aug 19, 13:58
Ray: Hesgoal is good reception apart from losing it for about 10 minutes
11 Aug 19, 14:08
Ray: Get in there!!!
11 Aug 19, 14:10
Ray: Oh ****
11 Aug 19, 15:03
Ray: Thought Willy Boly was outstanding
11 Aug 19, 15:21
Sid: Agree Ray on Boly. So VAR went against us today but I am sure there will be times in the season when it actually goes for us! Still think it's a good thing!
11 Aug 19, 16:10
Ray: Yes Sid very frustrating but surely we will get some in our favour/ Fingers crossed.
11 Aug 19, 21:34
Wakes: I asked for a price on Wolves for the top 6 best I could get was 4-1 kept my 50p in my pocket
12 Aug 19, 09:19
Ray: Just hoping Man U used up their luck yesterday and ours is about to start.
12 Aug 19, 19:24
Wakes: The ref gave a goal, so who decided to consult VAR
13 Aug 19, 08:58
Ray: Hi Wakes, in reply to your question its the VAR referee that over rules the pitch referee. The VAR ref on Sunday was John Moss and guess who's ref next Monday for the Man U game? Got it in one. John Moss! My understanding was that VAR will be used when there is "A CLEAR AND OBVIOUS ERROR MADE BY THE MATCH OFFICIALS" I don't think this was the case on Sunday so its very confusing. When a Man U player was given a red card in the cup match last season the VAR over ruled it and awarded a yellow instead. Certainly in that case why should VAR over rule a referees decision when there is no clear and obvious error? I'll stop my rant now before going on about Troy Deeney at Wembley.
15 Aug 19, 11:26
Ironwolf2: Tonight's match is on WolvesTV for a fiver but you have to 'be overseas' to access it. So fire up the VPNs!
15 Aug 19, 12:47
Ray: Premier Sport £9.99 monthly subscription via Virgin or £11.99 via Sky. 4 games for that.
15 Aug 19, 17:39
Ironwolf2: Wow! Nuno has rung some changes for tonight's line-up!
15 Aug 19, 20:38
Ironwolf2: Small squad motoring nicely thank you!
16 Aug 19, 07:57
Sid: Really enjoyed the game both Cutrone and Neto looked very useful. I stick by my prediction of Vinaigre, he'll be a first team regular way before the seasons out. I think Vallejos is still a little raw and needs some time to settle in, but overall really chuffed!
19 Aug 19, 19:39
Sid: Not looking too good at the minute let's hope it picks up in the second half. Strikers not in the game at all. Would look to bring Neto on if things don't change.
20 Aug 19, 08:20
Sid: Second half was much better but we need to start playing in the first half if we want to get into the top 6. We only had 35% of the play and we were playing at home. Not sure we can keep playing that way and progress, we need to have much more possession to have more chances! But nevertheless still happy with the point!
20 Aug 19, 12:43
Ray: Pogba penalty. Why was it given when it Is clearly a dive when seen in slow motion and where the **** was VAR?
21 Aug 19, 08:22
Ray: Talk of Saiss moving to Turkish club in this window. Noticed him on the pitch on Monday waving to the fans at end of game. Personally hope he stays we still need him.
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