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14 Sep 19, 16:03
Tony: P.S Sid what's arracking? tee hee!
14 Sep 19, 16:04
Sid: Attacking I mean
14 Sep 19, 20:27
Wakes: 8 conceded in 2 games what going on Of cause you all know my opinion
14 Sep 19, 20:28
Wakes: 4 scored in 2 matches soule
14 Sep 19, 20:29
Wakes: 4 scored in 2 matches should be at leased 4 points
14 Sep 19, 20:31
Wakes: My spelling gets worse the older I get
14 Sep 19, 22:00
Ray: Very odd reason for Bennett being omitted from squad today. Nuno said it’s “shapes and profiles”.Very odd. Too many sub-standard performances today. Beginning to wonder what’s going on.
14 Sep 19, 22:04
Ray: Meant to say too many sub-standard performances AGAIN today
14 Sep 19, 22:11
Ray: And agree Sid about Adama playing in front of the Doc. Bleeding obvious he’s no wing back but such a threat going forward.
15 Sep 19, 07:25
Sid: Spot on Ray. Mine and Tony's spellings crap as well Wakes. lol
15 Sep 19, 07:29
Sid: I also think Coady needs to pick his game up aswell. Abrahams left him standing for one of his goals. I know defensively we did well last season but things are amiss this time round. The squads not big enough and they are playing too many games, looks like we are suffering as Burnley did last year.
15 Sep 19, 08:28
Ray: Yes Sid, as Wakes has been trying to tell us, we need new centre half
15 Sep 19, 09:43
Wakes: We need another Frank Munro I wonder how old he is now?
15 Sep 19, 10:20
Ray: Unfortunately Wakes the great Frank Munro is no longer with us. RIP.
15 Sep 19, 10:23
Ray: After about 20 minutes yesterday I turned to Ironwolf to say I thought Vallejo was having a good game. Me and my big mouth!!
15 Sep 19, 14:29
Ironwolf2: I had no stomach to watch this when I got home.
15 Sep 19, 17:38
Ironwolf2: Usually when we score 4 goals in two games we get 6 points. Doherty being crocked, Boly off and Bennet gone missing yesterday we got Traore desperately trying and failing to manifest two super powers at once to our cost. And Fosun are selling off a 20% share of the club. WTF no worries we're here to stay!
16 Sep 19, 15:51
Ray: Monday whinge. Was told by a friend tot watch Chelsea’s third goal on MOTD. Shearer picked up that Abraham pulled Coady out of position with both hands to get into position for the header. FOUL! Where was VAR? When Cutrone scored our second we had to wait at least 90 seconds for VAR to allow it despite nothing being wrong with it. I seriously say this is there a conspiracy against Wolves?
16 Sep 19, 15:55
Ray: And why did the referee stop play at 4-2 when Wolves were on a promising attack because Abraham had gone down with what looked like cramp. Certainly no head injury.
19 Sep 19, 19:53
Tony: Cutrone looks on form tonight but really should have buried that shot just on half time.
19 Sep 19, 19:59
Tony: I think our biggest problem is we have always got our next match on our minds. There's too much going on for such a small squad!
19 Sep 19, 22:16
RogerA: Tony I think you have hit the nail on the head there mate.
20 Sep 19, 06:53
Ray: They do say if it ain't broke don't fix it cos when you try and put it back together the parts don't fit together any more
22 Sep 19, 12:13
Ray: I really don’t see how dropping Bennett from the squad again is going to help the player or team bearing in mind our small squad. Not the only error prone player from the last couple of matches
22 Sep 19, 13:57
Sid: Spot on Ray, this will do nothing for Bennett or the team. I think Cody has made the most mistakes of late.
22 Sep 19, 14:33
Ray: Unbelievable! Come back Ryan Bennett all is forgiven
22 Sep 19, 14:39
RogerA: Nuno is making the same mistakes he made at Rio Ave, not learnt from his mistakes there. His 3rd season fell apart and could not adjust.That's from a Portuguese supporter I know not my own opinion.
22 Sep 19, 14:40
RogerA: What I do think is Fosun will not hang about but who will advise them on football matters other than Jorges Mendez
22 Sep 19, 14:42
RogerA: I hope and Pray Nuno finds a solution to the issue fast
22 Sep 19, 15:00
Ray: Next Saturday so crucial but fantastic come back for the ten men
26 Sep 19, 10:09
The Gaffer: Sorry Iron have had to delete your last message. Copyright issues!
26 Sep 19, 16:25
Wakes: Put it back for 5 minutes Gaffer
27 Sep 19, 17:05
The Gaffer: Sorry Wakes it's gone! It's mainly for the person who put it up on their page because they could had up for copyright issues.
27 Sep 19, 17:20
The Gaffer: I've just found it Wakes. Let me know if you are online and I will repost it for 5 minutes!
28 Sep 19, 16:15
Sid: Much Needed 3 points today! But I can't understand why Nuno didn't sub Jimenez much earlier. He looked completely knackered when he eventually came off. Give Cutrone more playing time and rest Jimenez! makes sense to me.
29 Sep 19, 11:14
Ray: A well deserved win and a great relief to register 3 points at last but we don’t seem to have the fluency and movement we had last season.
29 Sep 19, 16:14
Tony: Totally agree Ray, but in my opinion I believe it's because we are playing too many games and Nuno is not managing the players playing time as well as he should be doing. Tend to agree with you Sid, I would have taken Jimenez off a good 10 minutes earlier at least. If he's not managed better he will be ****ed by Xmas if not before!
30 Sep 19, 07:14
Ray: Agree Tony. Jimenez needs to be managed better by Nuno.
3 Oct 19, 17:43
Ray: Don’t think this is the right kind of game for MGW
3 Oct 19, 17:44
Ray: He’s got a good work rate but too light weight for this.
3 Oct 19, 17:50
Ray: Hopefully Adama very shortly .Jimenez starved and this would suit Cutrone.
3 Oct 19, 18:04
Sid: Poor first half, it's crying out for Cutrone, and give Jimenez a rest!
3 Oct 19, 18:21
Sid: This is getting silly, take Jimenez off and bring Cutrone on. I'm beginning to lose faith with Nuno.
3 Oct 19, 18:31
Sid: 12 minutes for Cutrone is a disgrace it should have at least been 20 if not more!
3 Oct 19, 18:50
Ray: Great result with yet another added time goal but agree with you Sid.
4 Oct 19, 07:13
Tony: Also agree Sid, and with you too Ray, excellent win, lets hope we can keep City at bay on Sunday! It's a big big game that very few people wil think we can get anything from! But as Grievesy once said, 'it's a funny old game football'
4 Oct 19, 09:37
Ray: Ah Greavsie. Gotta say the best goal scorer I ever saw bar none!
4 Oct 19, 10:05
Ray: Watched Sky Sports last night and listened to Talk Sport this morning. It’s been all about Man Utd, Arsenal and even Celtic. Were there any other European games played last night??
4 Oct 19, 18:13
Sid: I thought exactly the same Ray. Also the commentators last night seemed to be on the side of Besiktas, or was it just me?
6 Oct 19, 12:38
Ray: Prove me wrong Nuno but Traore at wing back and Doch on the bench is asking for trouble against this lot. Vinagre too was badly found out at Everton but hopefully it’s all part of Nuno’s cunning plan.
6 Oct 19, 12:42
Tony: My thoughts exactly Ray. I would have played Doc and Otto.
6 Oct 19, 12:45
Ray: Yes Tony and has Neto fallen out of favour or got a knock?
6 Oct 19, 12:46
Tony: I think he may have had a knock!
6 Oct 19, 12:47
Ray: De ja vu Craig Pawso in the middle.
6 Oct 19, 12:48
Ray: sent Boly off last time
6 Oct 19, 12:49
Tony: Arsenal are believed to be looking at Boly, hopefully he stays!
6 Oct 19, 12:50
Ray: Yes, Premier teams finding out how good he is.
6 Oct 19, 12:51
Ray: Paul Ince said the other night that he could walk in to both the top two sides.
6 Oct 19, 13:05
Ray: See they’ve got that awful scouse woman covering the game on Sky!
6 Oct 19, 13:06
Ray: Think it’s Carraghers sister
6 Oct 19, 13:07
Tony: :biggrin:
6 Oct 19, 13:58
Tony: We could have had 4 this half, lets hope we don't regret it!
6 Oct 19, 14:28
Tony: Surely Jimenez should have gone off not Cutrone!
6 Oct 19, 14:32
Ray: That’s what they’re saying on radio
6 Oct 19, 14:40
Ray: Come on ***** give us the score!!
6 Oct 19, 14:40
Tony: Get in!
6 Oct 19, 14:41
Ray: Told youTraore ain’t no wing back!
6 Oct 19, 14:54
Ray: ****!!!!
6 Oct 19, 14:55
Tony: Wel I'll be buggared
6 Oct 19, 14:56
Ray: Well done the one season wonders lol!
6 Oct 19, 14:58
Tony: Too true Ray!
6 Oct 19, 15:00
Tony: 2 weeks well earned rest now for Jimenez as he won't be playing for Mexico in ther next match!
6 Oct 19, 15:05
Ray: Yeah ain’t it good to be a Wolves fan
6 Oct 19, 15:14
Tony: Sure is
6 Oct 19, 15:40
Wakes: I backed them to draw at 7-1 and then iback themto win at 12-1 Wow what a team
6 Oct 19, 16:21
Tony: As Sid said some time ago Traore is better playing in front of Doherty and I think today proved that. He is some talent that needs to be nurtured. If handled right he could be a world beater!
7 Oct 19, 09:31
Sid: Both Shearer and Keown on MOTD 2 were full of praise for Wolves performance, have to agree with them. Shearer said it was a masterclass in defending and togetherness and they were sensational - what a performance, what a result, thoroughly deserved!
7 Oct 19, 12:02
Ray: Full credit to Nuno. Starting Adama at wing back and then switching him forward late on was a master stroke and of course some of us thought he should have taken off Jimenez instead of Cutrone cos he looked knackered. That run and lay off to Adama will stay in my mind for a very long time. Thank you Nuno.
13 Oct 19, 17:35
Ray: What a totally boring footy weekend.
14 Oct 19, 11:12
Sid: Totally agree Ray! England didn't help either. I wonder if there's a case for Coady yet!
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