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19 Jan 19, 13:53
Ray: What a pass from Neves!
19 Jan 19, 14:15
Sid: I can see us losing this!
19 Jan 19, 17:22
Sid: Shows how much I know!
19 Jan 19, 17:34
Wakes: On the whole not a bad week, now we need a good run
20 Jan 19, 08:45
Ray: Diogo’s hatrick first in the top flight since the great John Richards in 1977 also against Leicester and previous home game against them in Premiership also 4-3. Coincidences?
20 Jan 19, 10:42
Ironwolf2: From the Observer: 'Jota...completing a classy hat-trick after applying finishing touches to another magnificent defence-splitting pass by the regal Ruben Neves'! Spot on all round!
20 Jan 19, 11:16
Ray: From The Sunday Sport.......Jota & Neves do Lesta! Spot on all round!
21 Jan 19, 11:27
Wakes: Do we need a str i ker? I think it would not do any harm but a big solid defender is more important
21 Jan 19, 16:10
Sid: I think both a striker and defender would be preferable.
22 Jan 19, 12:14
RogerA: Dendonker looking the part and filling a gap in midfield. He got his head to every centre first half, great cover for our non aerial defence
22 Jan 19, 12:25
Sid: He also made the tackle that led to our first goal.
25 Jan 19, 11:31
Ray: Interesting report from Spain that Atletico may have a change of heart regarding Jonny. sportwitness.co.uk/jonny-otto-wolves-permanent-atletico/
26 Jan 19, 16:04
Ironwolf2: Not our greatest performance so far but nice to see Costa has changed out of his muddy kit!
26 Jan 19, 16:30
Ironwolf2: I wish Patricio was on!
26 Jan 19, 17:01
Ironwolf2: Since when do we get 6 minutes Fergie time? Not complaining!
27 Jan 19, 09:41
Ray: If we can get past Shrewsbury it looks like a maximum of 7 Premiership teams in the 5th round. A very good opportunity especially with luck on our side at present.
28 Jan 19, 21:01
Ironwolf2: Bristol?
29 Jan 19, 21:43
Ironwolf2: Brilliant performance!
29 Jan 19, 22:55
Ray: Sorry you weren't with me Old Iron. Currently celebrating with London Wolves
30 Jan 19, 08:51
Sid: Were we really that good or were West Ham ****e? Excellent result!
30 Jan 19, 13:56
Ray: I'd say we were really good Sid. Jimenez sensational. Really fed up with West Ham fans blaming poor form. We are a better team who played them off the park in the second half. We were ok in the 1st but went up a gear or two in the second.
30 Jan 19, 13:57
Ray: Interesting tactical move by Nuno who played Moutinho deeper in midfield and Dendoncker further forward. It really worked.
30 Jan 19, 18:38
Ray: Just seen last night's edited highlights. Question: Why is it that Manchester players only need minimal contact to earn a penalty yet our players are blatantly hacked down and get nothing. Costa, Doherty and Jota come to mind in just the last two games.
31 Jan 19, 10:05
Ray: Welcome to Wolves Jonny!
1 Feb 19, 10:05
paul cooks left foot: a good signing in johnny otto. i can understand us not getting in too many players as whats the point of spending extra money to just keep us in 7th place. i am sure we will spend big again next season when we shall also move a few players out who have not made the jump up to the premier league. good luck to danny batth,leo bonatini and dominic iorfa at there new clubs. if steve bruce can find the old iorfa who came into the team a few years ago he will have a hell of a player on his hands. wolves ay we
1 Feb 19, 13:43
Ray: I agree. Always felt we’d found a special player when Iorfa got in the side. I wish him and the others good luck as well.
2 Feb 19, 07:52
The Gaffer: Welcome to the Rumourmill Paul Cooks Left Foot!
2 Feb 19, 08:20
Sid: Excellent post Paul, good points which I totally agree with. I know you have to be cruel and calculated to do what's best for the club but I really feel for Danny Batth, cos he really was 'one of our own'. and I'm pretty sure he didn't want to leave!!!
2 Feb 19, 15:00
Ironwolf2: http://www.hesgoal.com/news/40609/Everton_vs_Wolverhampton_Wanderers.html
2 Feb 19, 16:26
Ironwolf2: stonker from dendonker!
2 Feb 19, 16:27
Sid: Yes a cracker Iron!
2 Feb 19, 16:27
Ray: Tiddles has stopped the game!
2 Feb 19, 16:28
Ironwolf2: hAHAHAH
2 Feb 19, 16:56
2 Feb 19, 17:03
Sid: It's a Cat- astrophe for Everton!!!
2 Feb 19, 17:33
Ray: I thought it was a purr-fect result
2 Feb 19, 18:01
Sid: I know we haven't finished this season off yet but just imagine what we will be like next year with additional signings!
3 Feb 19, 09:56
paul cooks left foot: great result. its so good to have a team who an control the match compared to the old dark days of mccarthy when we spent 90 mins chasing shadows most of the time. lets go all out for the fa cup and we have nothing to fear
3 Feb 19, 10:47
RogerA: A great result yesterday !
3 Feb 19, 10:48
RogerA: Have a listen to this Evertonian blogger on yesterdays match,very interesting view. Oh I just pass this on I can't take credit for finding it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ivmWrk4ZtU&feature=youtu.be
3 Feb 19, 13:44
Ray: Watched that blog thanks Roger.Good to see Wolves given credit rather than opposition having an off day like Spurs and West Ham fans. This team getting better all the time and why not a top six finish? COYW!!
3 Feb 19, 13:48
Ray: And as you say Mr Left Foot why not the FA Cup this season?
3 Feb 19, 14:54
RogerA: Ray I have fingers and toes crossed for a very good cup run.
4 Feb 19, 11:33
Wakes: W e have a problem finishing 6th cos bloody Man U keep winning
4 Feb 19, 13:34
Ray: So we’ll target Arsenal instead.I
4 Feb 19, 19:16
Sid: I agree Paul clf we should now go all out for the FA cup.
5 Feb 19, 11:32
RogerA: I quietly agree Sid
5 Feb 19, 11:33
RogerA: Have a read of this article very enlightening, an insight into Nuno tactics. Again didn't find it but passing it on
5 Feb 19, 11:33
RogerA: https://url6.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1gqpXV-0000Ug-6I&i=57e1b682&c=AGGqNNR8rwc2_Ec1tuee2GZbHfluQuWLQyXuyMWy_S3OTixDxjSSKWdFvuGQiy1TGMsb7cyaGwBPT664T2q_32RRLASpXpHuyioednMfS_ZWH9bIjDlZbcH-D7Sw-oU2MtpsfsNo9Isf3b96FjwDBwu28bUfSXKdcFqy_BYjPYPCzsO8qAS6hvjPrTRSRKe7vh3ouxBXpt91ugRZENuED9pOrSbZOhcOiY1e9llO_oV1R-mNtP7mKLvfzwgdkyzJ1NgPAugUq1ubufyd2XUPkgogUAKxJBoVHiYhr4zyUeQ
5 Feb 19, 23:55
RogerA: Well having to sit through tonights episode I hope Nuno is now totally clear in his own mind that some of his back up players are not up to the standard he requires. But right now we have to lump it as no replacements can be acquired until next season now
6 Feb 19, 10:08
paul cooks left foot: last night showed the back up players are not up to the required standard for the premier league at the minute. morgan gibbs white could have done with going on loan to a championship club in the transfer window to play week in week out to get some consistency in his game. helder costa needs a big moment to get his confidence back,jota was struggling early season until he got a couple of goals to get his confidence back. at the end of the day we are through to the 5th round and if we play our 1st eleven we should progress to the quarter finals and everything is possible from then on.
6 Feb 19, 10:47
Sid: I just wish we treated the FA cup the same as we did the league. I remember when I played that teams would put out a weakened league team side so as they would have the strongest possible team for the cup. We can still qualify for Europe via the FA cup. Oh the good old days!
10 Feb 19, 16:05
The Gaffer: Sorry for the downtime only the server at CBox, who provide the chat software was down. But all seems to be OK now!
10 Feb 19, 16:06
Sid: It's been down that long Gaffer that I've forgot what I was going to say! LOL
10 Feb 19, 16:07
The Gaffer: :biggrin:
11 Feb 19, 22:11
Sid: Cannot believe what Newcastle players are saying that they had done enough to win - just take a look at the stats!! No dounbt Benitez will be on his soap box yet again!
11 Feb 19, 22:26
Sid: : Fair play to Benitez he didn't say Boly's goal was a foul! Overall 2 points dropped!
11 Feb 19, 22:40
Ray: Watched the game in a hotel in Madeira. Agree with what you say Sid the stats prove what really happened. Also didn’t like that Sky reporter who was trying to put words in to people’s mouths about Bolys goal. Need to be more clinical but hey ho 39 points and the sun shone today!
12 Feb 19, 07:24
Sid: Agree Ray on all points!
12 Feb 19, 10:07
paul cooks left foot: we should have won last night. the match was like our performances from earlier in the season versus burnley /brighton where we had loads of shots and half chances but we just could not put the chances away. another point though so not all bad. lets play our best 11 against bristol city and really go for the cup this season
12 Feb 19, 14:21
Ironwolf2: It's not stats it's goals that count and we failed to score when we were dominant in the first half. Nevertheless even if Boly had not bundled the ball over the line in the last minute I was coming away from Molineux last night full of confidence for the future of Wolves in the Premiership. We're here to sat
12 Feb 19, 14:23
Ironwolf2: try again... we're here to stay and to challenge the top 6. If it had not been for our unlucky dip earlier on (see the stats on that!) we would already be up there!
12 Feb 19, 23:28
Ray: So what is it with these Geordies? I have never known any other fans to whinge and complain so much. Even their players. Isaac Hayden. “I struggle to understand how Wolves are 7th in the league.” We’ll Isaac I think the majority of Wolves fans do not struggle at all to understand Newcastle are in the bottom five! lol
16 Feb 19, 15:51
RogerA: Ray, chill, take Nuno's stance on the comment ! lmao
17 Feb 19, 12:09
Ray: Looks like Nuno expecting a physical game today. Thanks for the advice Roger. Same could apply.
17 Feb 19, 15:05
Sid: very close call, but now only 2 games away from the final, could this be our year?
18 Feb 19, 21:43
Sid: Well it's Man Utd then! Could be worse, but not much. I think we're in with a good shout. Come on me babies!
18 Feb 19, 21:59
Ray: Yes Sid just remember Liverpool in third round was equally
18 Feb 19, 22:00
Ray: was equally a tough call but we did it
18 Feb 19, 22:02
Ray: We were due to play Man Utd at home on semis weekend .
20 Feb 19, 16:40
Ray: Read a report that cup game will be Saturday 16th with evening kick off but haven’t seen official confirmation
20 Feb 19, 16:50
Ray: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/02/20/manchester-united-fans-face-another-late-night-fa-cup-quarter/
20 Feb 19, 17:05
Ray: Confirmed by BBC 7.55pm kick off
20 Feb 19, 17:55
Ironwolf2: It's gonna be a tough one! Arsenal at 3pm and then Man U at 8pm!
21 Feb 19, 09:41
Ray: Arsenal moved to Tuesday 23 April
22 Feb 19, 13:56
Wakes: Big Mac knows a player when he sees one
22 Feb 19, 16:22
Ray: Why? Whats Jamie O'Hara done now?
22 Feb 19, 16:26
Ray: Man Utd league game now Tuesday April 2nd and on Sky. The Arsenal game is apparently still to be confirmed. Got info from London Wolves newsletter so either they've got advanced info or fake news.
22 Feb 19, 23:35
Ray: Sorry Wakes just seen Mick’s comment on Doherty
23 Feb 19, 17:12
Sid: Hard won point today. Nuno was not overly pleased with Patricio's kicking, throwing his water bottle in disgust after one of his poor kicks!
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