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6 May 19, 15:27
RogerA: I liked Clampie always used to look evl at you when you approached but as soon as you nicely he smiled and did that very artisitic signature
6 May 19, 15:36
RogerA: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal, 03 December 1960
6 May 19, 20:51
Ray: 7th CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!
6 May 19, 20:58
Ray: Top team top team in the Midlands!
8 May 19, 09:52
RogerA: Barclays Premier League Manager of the Season nominees are Nuno along with Klop, Pep and Pochettino. Vote here https://www.premierleague.com
8 May 19, 18:09
Sid: Another direct link to vote https://www.premierleague.com/news/1210893
9 May 19, 18:15
Ray: Thanks Sid. IGot my vote in. Is there one or two ‘Ps’ in Klop?
11 May 19, 15:05
Sid: :biggrin:
12 May 19, 12:02
Ray: Great picture of Guo Guangchang and Jeff Shi drinking in the Cavern Club last nitght (Birmingham Mail).
12 May 19, 13:41
Wakes: I have read that we hve played Livepool last match of the season 6 times and lost them all, time for a change
12 May 19, 13:53
Ray: Yes Wakes should be our turn by now
12 May 19, 14:51
Ray: Unlucky Matt Doherty
12 May 19, 16:11
Ray: We’ve come a long way and an excellent season but we can all see there is still some way to go. A very interesting summer to come.
12 May 19, 22:24
Wakes: What do I know? seconed goal was offside though
13 May 19, 09:51
RogerA: It was offside for sure, VAR would have disallowed it. Be interesting to see how the too 6 fare with VAR next season, may play an interesting role
13 May 19, 20:23
Wakes: We may b one of the top 6 Roger
14 May 19, 11:29
RogerA: We may become one very soon but even MoTD commentators are very interested to see how many decisions for the top 6 are reversed as they believe there could be a significant number
14 May 19, 11:31
RogerA: These scousers p*** me off by taking it for granted they can have any player they point a finger at. Fingers crossed we only lose the ones we want replacing
14 May 19, 17:01
Wakes: I think there will be a top 3 next season with a battle between 5 more clubs including us f or 4th place
14 May 19, 21:51
Ray: Almost felt sorry for Albion tonight.
15 May 19, 14:03
RogerA: Yes Ray I agree, Brunt wants shooting the idiot.
15 May 19, 14:03
RogerA: Villa had no answer for Albions tactics and looked very ponedrous
15 May 19, 15:55
Ray: Yes Roger. Would really like to see Leeds come up, In fact anyone than Villa
15 May 19, 15:56
Ray: In fact it would have been good to have Albion back up for unfinished business.
15 May 19, 18:42
Wakes: My mum was born in Aston so sorry lads,come on the Villa
15 May 19, 20:59
Sid: I wouldn't be sorry if Watford beat Man City because I think there will be too many games next year with Europa league, Chinese tournament, both cups and the league particularly with our small squad!
16 May 19, 09:37
Sid: Nor me Ray, there's nothing like 3 o'clock kick off on Saturday. I know he could use the u23's in the cup games but in my opinion that does not give us the best chance to win a competition that I'm sure we're capable of so what's the point! Yes we need more players but we also need to keep the likes of Cavaleiro and Costa for that very reason of taking part in the cups.
16 May 19, 10:50
Ray: Accidentally deleted my previous message Sid!
16 May 19, 10:51
Ray: Totally agree with what you say
16 May 19, 14:20
Ray: Once again I think it’s insulting to Conor Coady that Southgate hasn’t once agin included him in provisional England squad
18 May 19, 09:07
Ray: There is an interview with Jeff Shi on CNBC news channel at 10:30 and will be repeated at 18:30. It’s Virgin channel 613 & Sky channel 505.
18 May 19, 17:18
Sid: Looks like we're in Europe next year, hope it's not a poisoned chalice. Nevertheless well done lads!!!
18 May 19, 17:46
Ray: WATFORD F C. What an embarrassment and waste of a cup final place!
18 May 19, 17:47
18 May 19, 17:48
Sid: I bet he wishes he'd have lost the semi final!
18 May 19, 17:49
Ray: Yes Sid. Think we’ll do well in Europe. We’re not Burnley
18 May 19, 17:50
Sid: Hope so Ray
18 May 19, 17:51
Ray: Bet Deeney regrets his dive now
18 May 19, 17:51
Sid: :biggrin:
19 May 19, 09:47
Wakes: A friend of mine said that as Wolves have beaten all 4 Euro finalists does that make them the best team in europe he answered himself , NO because Town beat Wolves twice . so they are. Yorkshre logic
20 May 19, 10:18
RogerA: Yorkshire logic and a few pints of Joshua Tetley no doubt :-)
20 May 19, 17:32
Wakes: Right there Roger
26 May 19, 13:42
RigerA: A friend sent me this article, worth a read https://url6.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1hUrTi-0006ph-3c&i=57e1b682&c=GOHGeNmKNxXMlRJedmyxZ491m_Ic55pWgmgVaoCP3e0ETm2mb5zGRGFmYxq6F7Su0T1Hv6fNX3QMjD03h6BgDveGwM-Gqzvu5i585YDFmmdcPdNwfcnuGCaI7QbCc-x6lL_tuXSh34eoiRngi4uo3HlF1RPHkEHH-rwJLC0k9e7J4Lhaz8rdFdcFR3TXHwG4SPPFsi5FUkgJMQw2_TRkjGdweIO3x1wHfODVQx-HOX15Vwc4tpCstqRSHXMD9QkKR3joR6vio1Tdp9bHEZQveECACwkiJ15ERG_N75a4NbgcmVL1ORCAjF9sxywNr-c-
26 May 19, 14:00
Sid: Good read!
26 May 19, 17:07
RogerA: Still think we also need backup for Coady, but the rest they have appeared to have covered
27 May 19, 08:58
Ray: Yes a very good read but he lets himself down by not taking into account that Jonny is a natural right sided wing back so we do have natural cover for Doherty. In fact to accommodate Vinagre this may be the way forward. As for Bennett I’m happy with him but may be in a minority.
27 May 19, 17:44
Wakes: You lads should be pleased its Villa , not so far to travel
27 May 19, 17:49
Ray: Can’t stand em Wakes
27 May 19, 22:18
RogerA: Wakes you couldn't be more wrong!
27 May 19, 22:20
RogerA: Plus my wife is Derby born and bred, I was miffed to see them win. Still that's 6 points for us next season
27 May 19, 22:21
RogerA: Can't be doing with them. Some say we whinge, they made it into an art form!
28 May 19, 21:18
Wakes: Ok you know more than me about Villa, as my mum passed away i n 1966 I can forgrt the connection and support you lads
29 May 19, 08:57
Ray: Sorry Wakes but my late father was born and lived close to West Ham. Does this mean I should have some allegiance to them?
29 May 19, 14:08
Ironwolf2: Just looking at a random page on the Interweb and see that in my lifetime there have been 27 Wolves managers! Wakes can you beat that?
29 May 19, 19:05
Wakes: o you have sons Ray and if so do you expect them to support Wolves As regards West Ham did he support them if so I would expect you to have a little bit of feeling for them
29 May 19, 19:15
Wakes: Since1946 whenI first became a fan there have been 26 managers Iron so you beey
29 May 19, 19:17
Wakes: Sorry You beat me by one Must be Majer Buckley
29 May 19, 19:46
Ray: Don’t forget Ted Vizard in between The Major and Stan.
29 May 19, 21:03
Wakes: Ted was my first Ray
30 May 19, 15:19
Ray: Nuno, Lambert, Zenga, Jackett, Saunders, Solbakken, Connor, McCarthy, Hoddle,Jones, Lee, McGee, Taylor, Turner, Little, Chapman, McGarry, Docherty, Hawkins, Greaves, Barnwell, Chung, McGarry, Allen, Beattie, Cullis, Vizard. That’s 27 from memory (yes really from memory)
30 May 19, 16:07
RogerA: Being as I am not an 'oldie' like you lot I have experienced only 26 :-)
30 May 19, 18:20
Ray: Same as me Roger. Did it for Wakes benefit. Iron has obviously got an extra manager since he’s a bit younger.
30 May 19, 18:38
Ray: See the club has released Michal Zyro. I was at MK Dons the evening his career was effectively ruined by a horror tackle by a lowerleague thug called Anthony Kay. I would like to wish Michal all the best for the future. He never deserved what happened to him that evening.
30 May 19, 20:14
Wakes: I was 9 when my support started, I thinksome of you lot were in your cradles
1 Jun 19, 15:20
Sid: 25 for me. Stan Cullis was my first!
4 Jun 19, 10:16
Ray: ManBetX replaces W88 as shirt sponsors. Another Far Eastern betting company but that’s the way the game has gone and that’s where the money is. Used to really like the Goodyear shirts.
4 Jun 19, 11:47
Sid: I've still got my Goodyear sweater.
9 Jun 19, 18:04
Ray: Disappointing that Neves only on bench for Portugal along with Moutinho and Jota.
9 Jun 19, 20:15
Sid: Agree Ray, maybe one or two may come, theres still time.
9 Jun 19, 20:40
Ray: You were right Sid. Finished with 3 on and a great comment about Ron Flowers as well
9 Jun 19, 20:59
Ray: Just seen a great moment with the four Wolves players having a picture taken together with the trophy.
10 Jun 19, 19:24
Ray: I can only assume that McCarthy still bears a grudge against Wolves for sacking him. There can be no other reason for once again leaving Matt Doherty out of the Irish side. Have you got a better explanation Wakes?
11 Jun 19, 20:18
Wakes: T havn't Ray and i don't think Mick is that sort of bloke there must be some other explanation
12 Jun 19, 12:19
Ray: Truth is Wakes, McCarthy has always been too stubborn. There more people such as Liam Brady tell him to pick Matt the less inclined he will be to do so. It’s a Karl Henry situation in reverse. The more he was urged to drop him the more he insisted he was the first name on his team sheet.
12 Jun 19, 14:20
Wakes: I've got an idea you don't like him Ray, I could be wrong
12 Jun 19, 20:30
RogerA: Mad Mick is a dinosaur and an oaf, needs to retire as does damage wherever he goes
12 Jun 19, 20:31
RogerA: Correct Wakes I do not like him
13 Jun 19, 08:22
Ironwolf2: Man U first home game!
13 Jun 19, 09:16
Ray: Yes Roger I’ll ditto that
14 Jun 19, 18:55
Wakes: What a lovely Christmas, Man C & Liverpool
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