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26 Aug 18, 10:42
Ray: and Sky showing brief highlights this morning mentioned that Aguero could have won it late on. No mention of Jota's effort from Traore's cross.
26 Aug 18, 17:14
Ironwolf2: Boly might have been a tad offside but it certainly was not a deliberate handball and as for the City Divers....
27 Aug 18, 09:29
Ironwolf2: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45309671
27 Aug 18, 09:35
Wakes: So the woodworkcity
27 Aug 18, 09:37
Wakes: So city hit the woodwoork 3 times, so did we last week Swings & roundabouts
27 Aug 18, 12:24
Ray: Dermot Gallagher reckons on Sky that both Silva and Aguero dived in the second half. We must have ruffled a few feathers!
29 Aug 18, 08:59
Ray: So let’s hear it for Leo Bonatini! Seriously we all hope it does his confidence a power of good and he starts banging them in again.
1 Sep 18, 07:00
Sid: So Danny Batth has gone, not sure what to think about that. Feel sorry for the lad because he genuinely seems to be Wolves through and through. No longer one of our own! Even though I want us to be successful it would be nice if we could have a few more home grown, preferably English players, but sadly it looks like that will now be a thing of the past!
1 Sep 18, 11:13
Ray: Sir Jack is probably turning in his grave Sid but unfortunately the days of Bully now seem a distant memory mate.
1 Sep 18, 13:10
Sid: When me and Tony played Ray, the closest we ever got to foreign players in the divisions we played in were Welsh, Scottish and Irish!
1 Sep 18, 14:57
Sid: Would take Jota off and put Traore on. but I can see Nuno taking Costa off!
1 Sep 18, 15:50
Ray: GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Sep 18, 15:53
Ironwolf2: well deserved victory..... at last!
1 Sep 18, 16:31
Sid: Excellent result, let's hope we can keep it up!
3 Sep 18, 11:35
Ray: Monday whinge. Great win on Saturday but the media (Talk Sport & Sky especially) can only talk about is how poor West Ham were. For heavens sake give Wolves some credit. Some stupid woman on Talk Sport yesterday said she saw the highlights and it was all West Ham and Wolves only had two shots on goal. Really??
3 Sep 18, 11:38
Ray: Thanks Alan Shearer on MOTD. “Wolves were magnificent”
3 Sep 18, 20:19
RogerA: The highlights did me that impression too Ray. Thank goodness Shearer put the real picture and basically the editir must have been a happy hammer !
4 Sep 18, 08:24
Ray: It gets funnier. Paul Merson reckons there is one team that will rip Wolves apart - Liverpool!. Let’s hope so. That will mean we”ll finish at least second and probably champions! (Wonder if he’s still on the funny stuff?)
4 Sep 18, 08:29
Ray: Don’t you get the impression that there is resentment in the Premiership that Wolves are gate crashing their party.....and Project Fosun has only just got started!
4 Sep 18, 08:51
RogerA: Oh yes Ray it's as plain as day in some quarters s\ky seem to have started to resent us for some reason, a good illustration is moving that Tottenham game to a Saturday night 7:45 kick off !
4 Sep 18, 17:07
Wakes: the usual top 6 fans are czrappi
4 Sep 18, 17:12
Wakes: The usual top 6 fans ar e crapping their pants over which one of them will be missing this season and MERSON
4 Sep 18, 17:17
Wakes: I have made a right mess of that but I am sure you gents know what a am getting at
4 Sep 18, 21:06
Ray: Message for Sid. Watching Big Match Revisited from Nov 76 and features Notts Co. Their team is McManus,Richards,Needham,Mann,O’Brien,Carter, Probert,Busby,Scanlon,Vinter,Brad. Sub Mair. Did you play with any of them?
7 Sep 18, 06:16
Sid: Recall most of the names but were a tad before my time there. Eric Mcmanus wasa decent keeper but he had gone. Pedro Richards was there for many years until 90's I think. remember Needham Scanlon Vintner and Brad. That team was managed by Ron Fenton, Jimmy Sirrell took over the following year. There was a lot of changes and most of that team had moved on.
7 Sep 18, 11:17
Wakes: Reading a chapter in a wolves book by Sammy Smyth after 1949 cup final the team payed a photographer for photos cost 6d each they sold them to program sellers for 9d who sold them for a shilling Sammy said "We did well out of that" Can you beleive it
8 Sep 18, 08:53
RogerA: Yes I can, what is there not to believe. They were on a standard basic wage and no official frills.
8 Sep 18, 09:05
RogerA: I have always remembered the first time I met Billy Wright it was on Preston station before the in 58/59 I think. My Grandad said just walk up and say can I have your autograph please Mr Wright. Billy had heard it and as I walked over in total awe he just looked and waited. I said the words and smiled and simply said 'of course you can son'. The other thing I took away from that magical first meeting was seeing his overcoat, it was a Kashmir camel hair. It brushed my hand as he took the book and have always remembered how soft it was. My Grandad looked at me and said 'he didn't get that earning £20 a week !' That has stayed with me till this day. What helped of course was 10 years later I bought the same type of coat myself from the mens outfitters on Darlington Street, keep thinking it was called Goldmans but that could have been the jewellers next door. Getting od and memories slip. Anyway I know how much it cost me ! But was determined to have one because of meeting the great man
8 Sep 18, 09:07
RogerA: After that rambling into the past what I am trying to say was even if he was really tight with his money that would have cost even then a months wages, so obviously deal of all description were done if they had the brain for it. Sid will tell us I am sure :-)
8 Sep 18, 09:29
Ironwolf2: Thanks for those great memories Roger!
9 Sep 18, 09:54
Ray: Yes cherished memories from a bygone age and great stories about Billy and Sammy Smyth
10 Sep 18, 16:35
The Gaffer: Sorry lads I forgot to renew the CBox. This bloody dementia!!!
10 Sep 18, 16:49
The Gaffer: You can post now if you wish!
10 Sep 18, 17:17
Wakes: Lovely letter from that lovely man Sir Bobby Charlton to that Wolves legend; Sir Kenny Hibbert Well why not?
11 Sep 18, 09:36
Wakes: Reading a book Match of my life 12 Wolves players of the 1950s relive their greatest games and talk about their careers at Wolves Fasinating
13 Sep 18, 16:27
Michael: I read today in the financial press that Fosun have bought an 80% stake in a chain of gemmological laboratories called IGI. The report mentions "a few" of Fosun's other holdings, like Club Med, Thomas Cook etc., but Wolves didn't get a name check. Just goes to show how immense Fosun are.
14 Sep 18, 12:24
Michael: To any remaining Benik Afobe fans, a lot of unsavoury stuff has come out in the newspapers. Such as sex-texts to a girl just turned 16. Such as a 2am red wine-romp with a blonde in the team hotel the night before a Bournemouth v Man City match. Afobe played in that match, which his team lost 4-0. These allegations are not isolated. He will be facing the music at Stoke right now. Stoke must be gutted, they could have bought Dwight Gayle instead! Nuno got rid of Afobe for a reason. The sex-texts to the 16-year-old happened when he was playing for Wolves earlier this year. These are serious issues and have an obvious bearing on his football.
14 Sep 18, 14:26
Sid: Sadly Michael in today's game things like sex texts etc don't tend to mean much particularly when the player is on top form, as the club tends to be more focussed on winning games rather than the players behaviour. Consequently I believe that he was got rid of because Nuno did not see any place for him in our style of play. I may be wrong but if he was integral to our team I firmly believe he would still be with us!
14 Sep 18, 15:46
Michael: Sid: I agree that such things are rampant in today's game, but there are limits. This was a girl just turned 16, and still at school. She was invited to his hotel room. Wolves were forced into defending Afobe's story that his phone was hacked, but Nuno must have been seething. Just look at the Ched Evans case for an example of player's career ruined by such behaviour.
14 Sep 18, 17:59
RogerA: Now wait a moment Michael Evans conviction was overturned, he was finally found not guilty so not a good example mate.
15 Sep 18, 07:02
Sid: But sadly Chet Evans is still playing and I feel his crime was more serious than Afobe's. I just feel that if the player is good enough his teams hierarchy will forgive!
15 Sep 18, 07:03
Sid: I don't agree with it but feel that that is the case! But do take on board what you are saying Michael!
15 Sep 18, 11:49
Michael: I know that Evans was acquitted after serving time in prison. Therefore legally innocent of course, but club sponsors and advertisers still shunned him. For a better analogy of the Afobe situation, look at Leicester under Nigel Pearson. During a friendly I think in Thailand, Pearson's son got up to no good, sexual or whatever. That was too much for the Thai owners, King Power, they got rid of both Pearsons. King Power are similar to Fosun, they won't stand for this sort in nonsense. That's probably why Afobe was suddenly sold after we bought him.
16 Sep 18, 10:48
Wakes: Ther are 16 year olds with the looks and experiance of 25 year olds and there are 18 year olds with the looks and experiance of 10 year olds Whos to say?
16 Sep 18, 11:03
Sid: I think to maybe support my point a little, why are Stoke still playing Afobe, my answer would be because he is scoring goals for them!
16 Sep 18, 14:58
Sid: I think we need to buy an out and out goalscorer in the transfer window. We had 30 shots today, 7 on target and only scored one despite the opportunities we had!
16 Sep 18, 15:34
Ray: Managed to erase my previous post last night that basically supported Michaels view of Ched Evans. A very strong lobby in Sheffield who did not want him back after his conviction was overturned.
16 Sep 18, 15:41
Ray: Some great positives in today’s win (watched with another Wolves fan in sunny Madeira. 30 shots to their seven. In a way fortunate it was Burnley as many other teams would have punished us. Always a fan of Leo Bonatini,believing he would rediscover his scoring form. I now have serious doubts that will happen. Wasteful in first half as well and need that proven scorer in January.
16 Sep 18, 15:42
Ray: Sorry Sid just seen you’ve already made the point
16 Sep 18, 15:44
Sid: It's nice to know we are in agrgeement Ray!
16 Sep 18, 15:45
Sid: Mind you I think Afobe would have been on the score sheet today had he been playing! Lol.
16 Sep 18, 15:47
Ray: Definitely given the chances we create. Those last two misses by Bonatini were embarrassing
16 Sep 18, 15:50
Sid: I know Jimenez scored today but I still don't see him as a goalscorer, his miss last match against West Ham is testament to this.
16 Sep 18, 20:43
Ironwolf2: It was simply satisfying, exciting football. A joy to watch
17 Sep 18, 09:14
Ray: Sounds like a great experience to be there yesterday Ironwolf. Hope the trains were ok. Will contact you next weekend about the Southampton game.
17 Sep 18, 10:55
RogerA: I agrre with you guys an out and out goal nager is what will be urgently required by JAnuary. Lets face it it could/should have been 6 or 7 and Burnley coud not have complained
17 Sep 18, 10:55
RogerA: nager? hanger* lol
17 Sep 18, 15:14
Ray: Sorry Roger but you were right first time. We def need a good goal nager!lol
17 Sep 18, 15:16
Ray: Ted Farmer.He was the best nager I ever saw.
17 Sep 18, 21:26
RogerA: He was for sure.
17 Sep 18, 21:26
RogerA: Used to know him way back when he used to string my tennis rackets !
17 Sep 18, 21:26
RogerA: Thats was when I was fit and could run about ! :-)
17 Sep 18, 21:27
RogerA: Really nice, down to earth bloke
19 Sep 18, 09:27
Ironwolf2: At a recent Black Country Derby, Nuno Espírito Santo goes into the Wolverhampton Wanderers changing room to find all his players looking a bit glum. “What’s up?” he asks. “Well, we’re having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know it’s important but it’s only West Brom and we can’t be bothered, they’re ****e”. Nuno looks at them and says, “Well, I reckon I can beat these by myself, you lads go down the pub.” So Nuno goes out to play for the Wanderers by himself and the rest of the Wolves team go off for a few beers. After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the television on. A big cheer goes up as the screen reads “Wolves 1 - WBA 0 (Nuno 10 minutes).” He is beating the Albion all by himself! Anyway, a few more pints later and the game is forgotten until someone remembers “It must be full time now, let’s see how he got on.” They put the teletext on. “Result from Molineux: Wolves 1 (Nuno 10 minutes) - WBA 1 (Gayle 89 minutes).” They can’t believe it; he has single-handedly gotten a draw!! They rush back to Molineux to congratulate him. They find him in the dressing room, still in his gear, sat with his head in his hands. He refuses to look at them. He says, “I’ve let you down, I’ve let you down.” “Don’t be daft, you got a draw, all by yourself. And they only scored at the very very end!” the players say. To which Nuno replies: “No, no, I have, I’ve let you down... I got sent off after 12 minutes”.
19 Sep 18, 13:57
Ray: Good to see the old Bully joke updated. Lol
19 Sep 18, 18:22
Ironwolf2: I know. Just couldn't resist it!
20 Sep 18, 09:56
Wakes: I see Soutsthgate has got Coady in his sights
20 Sep 18, 10:55
RogerA: Can't do him any harm Wakes
20 Sep 18, 12:12
Ironwolf2: Just seen a table setting out the total squad cost for our league. We are joint 17th will Burnley on a spend of just pennies short of 112 million!
21 Sep 18, 10:26
Ray: Mark Lawrenson gone for a 2-0 United win after his 2-0 Burnley prediction last week.Keep it up Lawro!
21 Sep 18, 12:53
Ironwolf2: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/sep/21/ruben-neves-diogo-jota-wolves-porto-cricket-interview
21 Sep 18, 17:33
Wakes: 1-1 I think
22 Sep 18, 07:38
Sid: I fancy a 2 - 2 draw today, possibly even a win!
22 Sep 18, 15:55
Ray: Spot on Wakes
22 Sep 18, 15:57
Ray: Fantastic performance and result. Back where we belong
22 Sep 18, 15:58
Ironwolf2: If only Traore had not taken his 3rd pot shot but laid it of we would have taken them!
22 Sep 18, 16:46
Sid: Talking about Traore why bring him on that late and why take Costa off who I felt played really well. Superb point though, onwards and upwards.
22 Sep 18, 17:13
RogerA: Great point today and great call Wakes :-)
22 Sep 18, 17:40
Sid: I've been reading several of the Man Utd forums and they all seem to be saying how well Wolves played and that we are a decent side! Lets hope we can keep this up. Really impressed today!
22 Sep 18, 19:14
Wakes: Trouble was I backed them to win in a double with Spurs, better price greedy and stupid Still great result,
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