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31 Jan 18, 22:59
Ray: Adobe loan deal close "going to the wire"
31 Jan 18, 23:00
Ray: Sky sources at Bournemouth
31 Jan 18, 23:29
Ironwolf: Afobe back!
31 Jan 18, 23:31
Ray: AFOBE joins Wolves on loan!
31 Jan 18, 23:34
Ray: Gotta be a good move for us
31 Jan 18, 23:38
Ironwolf: Very pleased and happy to be wrong about Nenhum Homen
31 Jan 18, 23:39
Ray: I was wondering about that one. Will call you tomorrow old chap
31 Jan 18, 23:40
Ironwolf: :)
31 Jan 18, 23:50
Ray: Now enjoying a very large Caol Ila to celebrate ! I don't suppose there will be extra late news about Peter Crouch will there ?
31 Jan 18, 23:59
Ray: and finally welcome to Reimao Nogueira our new Portuguese midfielder and of course our new Danish goal keeper who's name temporarily escapes me. UTW and goodnight.
1 Feb 18, 00:10
RogerA: E&S last to report the loan deal ! :-)
1 Feb 18, 09:27
Sid: Just listened to Benik Afobe on his return to Molineux. I have to say he sounded very sincere and actually said he had been keeping tabs on the club, via Matt Dogherty and that he is glad to be 'Back Home'. Welcome back Benik let's hope you can carry us over the line! https://youtu.be/mSfwWjfn1Wc
1 Feb 18, 11:38
Ray: Maybe wishful thinking but under the coaching of Nuno and his team we may yet see an even better Benik Afobe
1 Feb 18, 21:30
RogerA: Agreed
2 Feb 18, 16:22
Sid: I think you are right Ray we will see a better Afobe, maybe not so much by the coaching but more of the service he should be getting from his team mates. I think me and you would be able to slot one or two home from the crosses that will be reigning in!
2 Feb 18, 20:40
Wakes: this is one game we musf win
3 Feb 18, 10:10
Ray: Yes Sid I can imagine being in the middle with crosses coming over and bouncing off my belly and into the back of the net! :biggrin: :)
3 Feb 18, 10:10
Ray: Just like Ray Hankin all over again !
3 Feb 18, 16:46
Ray: Cav, Jota, Costa all start. N'Diaye in for Saiss. Subs Norris, Batth, Hause, Gibbs-White, Enobakhare, Bonatini, Afobe.
3 Feb 18, 17:26
Sid: :biggrin:
3 Feb 18, 19:24
Ironwolf: Lovely to see so many former players! Thanks Leon!
3 Feb 18, 19:27
Ironwolf: I wonder if any of you terminally bewildered fellow sufferers like me are beginning to think we may have a just a smither of a chance of promotion this season?
3 Feb 18, 20:07
Sid: I think it's looking pretty good Iron!
3 Feb 18, 22:22
Ironwolf: and nice to see Ben Stevenson score
4 Feb 18, 10:51
RogerA: iron wash your mouth out !
4 Feb 18, 10:51
RogerA: You can't mention THAT word !
4 Feb 18, 10:51
RogerA: :-)
4 Feb 18, 10:52
RogerA: Do you know I have to wear the same clothes to each home game. Eacch time I have not we have lost ! How sad is that
4 Feb 18, 10:53
RogerA: Before you say anything yes they get washed after each game :-)
4 Feb 18, 10:54
RogerA: Trouble is come the warm weather I will be sweating like the proverbial pig as I have at least 3 layers under my coat
4 Feb 18, 13:03
Ray: I agree Roger. Iron wash your mouth out and never mention Stevenson again !
4 Feb 18, 17:30
Ironwolf: I'm leaving this kitchen to go support our lad at Colchester!
4 Feb 18, 22:06
RogerA: I was on about the mention of that P word . . . . have you been pair been drinking brown water by chance ?
4 Feb 18, 22:23
Ironwolf: would we even remember if we had..
4 Feb 18, 23:32
Ray: Roger. Knew perfectly well what you meant it just appealed to my sense of humour
5 Feb 18, 08:00
RogerA: I know Ray :-)
5 Feb 18, 08:00
RogerA: just testing
7 Feb 18, 09:35
Ray: I kid you not. This is the Championship team of the month for January.......http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/11233252/sky-bet-championship-stats-xi-of-january-ryan-sessegnon-james-maddison-and-more
7 Feb 18, 09:39
Ray: To quote a famous saying "There are lies, damned lies and statistics"
7 Feb 18, 10:15
Ironwolf: Or perhaps it less to do with picking the best team than giving all those other poor saps a bone to keep them interested
7 Feb 18, 12:01
RogerA: Yes Ray rathera strange group I agree. But like I tell others who react to the comments from Vill, Blues & Tesco numpties, ignore them its our time enjoy it and just give them a royal wave after all they are just peasants anyway :-)
7 Feb 18, 14:12
Ray: Yes just jealousy
8 Feb 18, 19:44
Wakes: HiRay & Roger \thank you for the offer \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\but \i have had a couple of TIAs and am unable to drive for a while or move to far from home so \i am unable to travel to Burton Its very thoughtful of you but I have to say no unless things change in the next few weeks but thank you anyway
8 Feb 18, 19:46
Wakes: l et me know you see the above message please
9 Feb 18, 09:36
Ironwolf: Visible here!
9 Feb 18, 12:13
Ray: Yes Wakes all clear thanks
9 Feb 18, 17:13
RogerA: Yes mate its visible. Look after yourself Wakes
10 Feb 18, 14:47
Sid: Bonatini not in the squad today is he injured or just being rested?
10 Feb 18, 15:56
Ray: Saying on E&S site that Bonatini Unfit
10 Feb 18, 16:04
Sid: I wonder!
10 Feb 18, 17:03
Ray: Sounds like Afobe didn't exactly impress!
10 Feb 18, 17:08
Sid: I'm not sure we will sign him Ray, think we have bigger fish to fry!
10 Feb 18, 17:09
Ray: I'm sure that's true Sid.
10 Feb 18, 17:12
Ray: Anyway confirmed today that Burton can't catch us. 22 to go !
10 Feb 18, 17:13
Sid: :biggrin: Nice one Ray!
10 Feb 18, 17:29
Sid: You may find this good reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wolverhampton_Wanderers_F.C._seasons
10 Feb 18, 18:11
Ironwolf: Heart-stopping! Slow start then beautiful football, fine goals, loads of great build ups but no pay offs. Then they came back and clobbered us. Could as easily have been 5:1 or 2:2.
11 Feb 18, 13:58
RogerA: Well put Iron just about sums it up. Afobe trying too hard had 3 really good chances
11 Feb 18, 13:59
RogerA: The Vile are now 2nd so the neandrthals we be ranting they will win the league :-)
11 Feb 18, 14:00
RogerA: hey ho
12 Feb 18, 15:30
Ray: Anyone seen the Robinson punch on Jota from Saturday ? Just 15 games to go to get out of this bloody awful thuggish league ! Lets hope we can do it without any physical damage.
12 Feb 18, 15:32
Ray: https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2018/02/12/fa-launch-investigation-into-diogo-jota-incident-during-wolves-win-over-qpr/
12 Feb 18, 21:07
RogerA: That has always been in the back of my mind Ray,we have some exceptional players who are marked men you can see it every game. We have some tough games ahead so fingers crossed
13 Feb 18, 10:15
Ironwolf: Jota is our very own man of steel. Yes he got smacked and no one saw it but he got up, gesticulated a bit, then got on with it.
13 Feb 18, 11:12
Ray: FA taking no action against Robinson.
13 Feb 18, 18:06
RogerA: Really ? He is a very lucky boy
16 Feb 18, 21:01
Ray: Well credit to the Albion they've certainly surpassed Brian Law's nicking of a bus a few years back !!! LOL !!!!
17 Feb 18, 15:08
The Gaffer: The last time I went to Deepdale was in 1967 when we beat them 2 - 1, let's hope it's the same today! Also we went on to get promoted that year too!
18 Feb 18, 09:57
RogerA: lol last time I went to Deepdale was '59 and we won 2-1. But I would have taken a draw before the game so am OK with it it
18 Feb 18, 09:58
RogerA: 2 things that start to concern me would be interested in your views guys in case my neurosis is starting to surface about failing to go up....
18 Feb 18, 10:00
RogerA: 1 I woud like to see this team 'come out of the traps' as soon as we kick off. It seems to me we take anything up to 10 minutes to impose ourselves.
18 Feb 18, 10:01
RogerA: 2 Only seen the Preston goal once but again Douglas is left to fend off headers at the back post no sign of any of our big guys. Not sure yet if Ruddy should have been in the mix too. Need to look again
18 Feb 18, 11:38
Ray: Hi Roger. For their goal our big guys were man marking on the goal line. Ball fell beyond the far post where Douglas was marking and a superb header followed. It happened end off. Preston have the worst disciplinary record in this league. How they can whinge for being down to ten men is beyond me but a point well earned. My last trip to Preston was to see the George Ndah wonder goal !
18 Feb 18, 11:40
Ray: Not a nice team, as we discovered in the home fixture,but lets hope they can get something at Villa on Tuesday,
18 Feb 18, 13:32
RogerA: He has turned them into a good battling Championship team with the emphasis on aggression, it survivor tactics. One defeat in 15 tells its own story. They are tough to beat but suspensions are going to bite
18 Feb 18, 13:32
RogerA: But hopefully not till after they play the Vile :-)
18 Feb 18, 13:40
Sid: Anything in this do you think? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5401365/Wolves-face-probe-links-super-agent-Jorge-Mendes.html
18 Feb 18, 15:28
Ray: Think this is a re-hash of old news Sid. Think Laurie Dalrymple addressed this a few months back. Can imagine PL investigating Wolves spending £15m on a Portuguese player.
18 Feb 18, 16:43
Sid: I hope that's the case Ray, only it's been in the papers again yesterday/today!
18 Feb 18, 20:01
RogerA: Sid let them look when we get promoted. I would like to know what rule we have broken
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