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5 Oct 17, 09:34
Ray: In answer to your question above: https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20171004-international-duty-october-2017/
5 Oct 17, 09:56
Ray: removed my last post as shouldn't be encouraging betting !
6 Oct 17, 14:12
RogerA: Too early to be so confident
7 Oct 17, 10:17
Ironwolf: https://www.shropshirestar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2017/10/07/sky-sports-johnny-phillips-some-new-nuno-thinking-is-reaping-rewards-for-wolves/
7 Oct 17, 10:18
Ironwolf: and yes the writer is a life long Wolves fan Roger!
7 Oct 17, 15:56
Wakes: First Sat out of hospital for 3 week s anddd nod sodding football
7 Oct 17, 15:56
Wakes: Keyboard ?
7 Oct 17, 17:16
Ray: Hello Wakes have been thinking about you. Had n't heard from you for some time. Are you ok? I agree I hate this bloody international Saturdays. No interest whatsoever. Hope it was nothing too serious and really glad to have you back mate!
7 Oct 17, 17:18
Ray: from what I remember didn't you have a bet on Wolves at much higher odds. From what I remember you doubled up on Spurs silly boy!
7 Oct 17, 19:43
Ironwolf: Welcome back Wakes. Hope you are making a full recovery
7 Oct 17, 20:29
RogerA: Hey Wakes welcome back make hope all is well with you
8 Oct 17, 10:01
Sid: Looks like Afobe will be on the market in the January window, not sure whether I would resign him though as he couldn't wait to get out of town last time!
8 Oct 17, 13:37
Ray: Agree Sid but if he came back I suppose he would be forgiven. Not. much option really
8 Oct 17, 14:33
RogerA: No won't forgive his near sightedness.
8 Oct 17, 14:35
RogerA: But more importantly referring back to that Rumanian football article regarding last day attempts and I believe one or both are still in the frame as per Nuno's wishes (Fingers crossed)
8 Oct 17, 15:24
Sid: I can see either Locadia or Oliveira coming in January.
8 Oct 17, 15:49
Wakes: I am ok, I have a lousey illness called Crohns My daughter andgranddaughter have it and has laid dormant for 80 years not to worry I shall see us in the Prem Thanks for the good wishes
8 Oct 17, 19:10
Wakes: Iv'e seen some dross in my time but that sideways & back England team takes the biscuit
8 Oct 17, 20:15
Ray: I can't even watch it anymore Wakes. Fully understand what you are saying. From what I know Crohns is a very bad illness and I hope you can make a full recovery. Also my very best wishes to other members of your family who may suffer from it. Anyway lets hope we turn on the style next Saturday, get three points and go top.
8 Oct 17, 23:23
Ironwolf: It was painful to watch
9 Oct 17, 09:03
RogerA: I am sad to say I did not watch either of the matches not worth it.
9 Oct 17, 09:04
RogerA: Wakes I hope you are OK mate. My God daughter in Jersey suffers from it so appreciate what you are going through.
9 Oct 17, 09:05
RogerA: Hopefully Wolves exploits will cheer yo up a bit
9 Oct 17, 14:44
Wakes: I will be \ok, thanks again for your good wishes For peopleI have never metYou all deserve a Prem team ,and you will get onr
9 Oct 17, 15:09
Ironwolf: Well Wakes us Wolves supporters are a gutsy bunch with or without Crohns :)
10 Oct 17, 07:36
The Gaffer: Hi Wakes, I worked as a hospital social worker for many years, particularly on a GI ward, and came across many people with Crohn's. Hope all gets sorted for you soon!
12 Oct 17, 10:12
Ray: So the build up for Saturday is well under way. All the noise coming from the Villa camp. Think they call it "whistling in the dark" COYW !!!.
14 Oct 17, 15:30
Sid: Dicko off the mark for Hull!
14 Oct 17, 18:14
Ray: Come on the football team !!
14 Oct 17, 18:25
Sid: We really need to make our chances count! I would bring Bonatini on and take Cavaleiro off, not because he's playing badly, I just feel we need an out and out striker on.
14 Oct 17, 18:30
Ray: looks like your wish is being granted Sid though Cavaleiro has effectively been kicked out of the game
14 Oct 17, 18:33
Sid: Hope so Ray. Inside info?
14 Oct 17, 18:34
Ray: E&S but only half right Sid
14 Oct 17, 18:45
Ray: I've just broken a glass half full of beer thanks to that Jota !!!!!
14 Oct 17, 18:46
Sid: and I've just emptied one! lol
14 Oct 17, 18:47
Ray: Just brought out my reserve Sid
14 Oct 17, 18:48
Sid: :biggrin: get it down your neck!
14 Oct 17, 18:48
Ray: I will this time I hate waste
14 Oct 17, 19:21
Ironwolf: excellent performance!
14 Oct 17, 19:22
Sid: Have to agree Iron!
14 Oct 17, 19:23
14 Oct 17, 19:23
Ironwolf: Weheh!
14 Oct 17, 19:27
Sid: I think if we buy well next window, we'll win the league!
14 Oct 17, 19:28
Ray: On76 minutes when I lost count of how many passes and looked like we scored a third I think that's the best football I've seen for a very very long time.
15 Oct 17, 19:37
RogerA: Oh boys! I have a cold and very nearly didn't go !!
15 Oct 17, 19:37
RogerA: What a game of football
15 Oct 17, 19:38
RogerA: It's been a long long time since I have enjoyed a game like that
15 Oct 17, 19:39
RogerA: It's only October though 75% to go but oh to be there at Xmas so I can Twitter sky and tell them where to go
15 Oct 17, 19:40
RogerA: Them being Sky
15 Oct 17, 19:40
RogerA: Ray will you be going next Saturday ?
15 Oct 17, 20:27
Ray: Old iron and me have our train tickets booked Roger. lots of comments from disgruntled Villa fans. Can't they just accept the fact they were outplayed by a superior team!
15 Oct 17, 22:47
RogerA: No mate because they still of the mentality that they have the God given right to be as good as we are !
15 Oct 17, 22:49
RogerA: They completely forget the hard work and the rest of the crap you have to go through to get there. They still think you do it like For a manager computer game. They really do
15 Oct 17, 22:49
RogerA: By the way did you see those villa fans fighting ?
15 Oct 17, 22:50
RogerA: You 'never' see wolves fans do that ! cough cough cough
15 Oct 17, 22:51
RogerA: Can I buy you 2 old reprobate a beer on Saturday?
15 Oct 17, 22:52
RogerA: Oh if anyone else is available please join us I'll buy you a lemonade too 😊
16 Oct 17, 08:36
Ray: Yes please Roger really looking forward to Saturday. Suggest we meet on the corner where the club shop is and we can go to our new secret pub that we have discovered. Just give me a time
16 Oct 17, 13:26
ow: Been in dock again, Pnuemonia, ok now Great win on sat. Next one wonlt be easy but winable, have a good day chaps Only one each Roger
16 Oct 17, 15:16
Ray: Is this you Wakes ?
16 Oct 17, 20:02
wakey: It is I ray
16 Oct 17, 20:06
wakey: I have had to change my name slightly as I forgot my password so Wakey for wakes I have only ever used 4 passwords and none match
16 Oct 17, 21:50
The Gaffer: Wakes I can delete your name anf you should be able to rejoin if you would like me to.
16 Oct 17, 22:35
Ray: So sorry you've had this setback Wakes and hope you're feeling better. Great win on Saturday which I hope you managed to see. As we're going this Saturday we can get you a programme and send it to you next week. Wouldn't put your address on here but I'm sure Gaffer can sort this out as he must have your email address.
16 Oct 17, 23:24
RogerA: Ray a secret pub ? You mean you have found the Hatherton ???
16 Oct 17, 23:25
RogerA: Is it any goid for lunch ? If so can get there earlier
16 Oct 17, 23:26
RogerA: Wakes what are you up to ? Hope it's not just an excuse to get the nurses to give you a bed bath 😎
16 Oct 17, 23:27
RogerA: Seriously look after yourself mate and see if the whole match is on you tube you will enjoy
17 Oct 17, 14:19
wakey: Do that gaffer please
17 Oct 17, 14:21
wakey: That would be great Ray
17 Oct 17, 20:42
The Gaffer: I've just deleted you Wakes so try again.
18 Oct 17, 11:03
Wakes: Thanks Gaffer
18 Oct 17, 14:46
The Gaffer: You're welcome!
18 Oct 17, 18:11
Wakes: Ray I can't get a email to you it keeps getting regected it doesn't reconise your address
18 Oct 17, 20:31
Ray: Looking into it Wakes
18 Oct 17, 20:35
Ray: I have a couple of test emails sent in the past few minutes and it seems to be working ok.Gaffer if you see this message can you send me a test email please?
18 Oct 17, 21:53
RogerA: I sent you an email Ray did you get it ?
19 Oct 17, 08:50
Ray: Good morning Wakes. My email is working fine, Have received a test from The Gaffer. Can you give it another try please. Thanks
19 Oct 17, 08:51
Ray: sorry Roger have your email. That's a great idea
19 Oct 17, 11:19
Ray: Thanks Wakes email received
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