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3 Nov 19, 16:11
Sid: :biggrin: I wish Ray!
3 Nov 19, 17:47
RogerA: hey Sid can I have your autograph before you bomb off to Real Madrid ? :-)
3 Nov 19, 18:19
Sid: It'll cost you Roger!
6 Nov 19, 11:57
Ray: According to E&S Wolves are top of VAR list and Leicester bottom. Overturned ref decisions have cost us 4 points. Surprise Surprise!
7 Nov 19, 21:50
Ray: A decent cross at last from Traore!
7 Nov 19, 22:11
Tony: Thought we looked very nervous first 20 mins with loads of mistakes and errant passes. Why didb't Jimenez take the penealty? Still a good win and if we stop and think about it we arre becoming a force once again in Europe.
7 Nov 19, 22:12
Tony: **** my spelling or typing hasn't ****ing improved has it!
9 Nov 19, 19:08
Sid: I don't know whether any of you remeber the 1957/58 Youth FA cup final between Wolves and Chelsea It was 7 - 6 to Wolves over the 2 legs, Chelsea won the first leg 5 - 1 and we beat them 6 -1 in the return leg. The Keeper at the time was a lad called Johny Cullen an Irish lad who I later got to know very well through his time with me at Banks's brewery playing for the football team in the works league. He was a real character, sadly no longer with us!
9 Nov 19, 19:15
Sid: https://www.wolvesheroes.com/2010/09/30/funeral-of-youth-cup-winner/
10 Nov 19, 12:55
Tony: It's a big un today lads, and one that we need to win to stop us having to play carchup. Would be surprised if Grealish isn'tplaying. Methinks they may be playing games!
14 Nov 19, 21:26
Sid: Four Wolves players now on for Portugal.
15 Nov 19, 15:41
Ray: Good to see Jota make his international debut
16 Nov 19, 08:35
Sid: Yes Ray and he didn't look out of place either! We have a lot of talented youngsters and the future I think is looking rosy!
16 Nov 19, 20:25
Ray: Future is looking golden
19 Nov 19, 19:45
Ray: Message for Tottenham Hotspur. HANDS OFF NUNO!!!!!!!!!!
20 Nov 19, 09:45
Ray: That’s a relief. Trouble now is that Nuno’s name will now be linked with any top job that comes around.
20 Nov 19, 10:13
Tony: In my opinion In order to keep Nuno the club need to press on with their plans to redevelop Molineux and sign several marque players. We are already a decent side but in order to keep him we need to become a regular top 4/6 side and quickly.
20 Nov 19, 10:57
Tony: Wolves join up with crypto lottery https://tinyurl.com/uu63xop I wonder whether to have a punt.
20 Nov 19, 11:58
Ray: I’ll have a look
20 Nov 19, 12:23
The Gaffer: I have had a look Tony and have put a link up for all to have a look at!
21 Nov 19, 10:35
Ray: https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2019/11/21/wolverhampton-wanderers-concerns-bitcoin-lottery-sponsor/
21 Nov 19, 10:35
Ray: Maybe not Gaffer
21 Nov 19, 11:53
The Gaffer: Thanks for that Ray, I will take the Link box below off site until it's been okayed by Wolves!
22 Nov 19, 11:52
Wakes: Southgate has tried all the english centre halves but one
22 Nov 19, 21:24
Ray: That’s why I support Portugal Wakes. Coady never gets consideration and he plays Declan Rice who is never international standard and don’t get me going about that donkey Maquire !
23 Nov 19, 14:18
Ray: Steve Cook playing for Bournemouth. Watch your ankles Diogo! Lerma on their bench so hopefully may avoid his elbows today. Not a nice side. COYW!
23 Nov 19, 15:40
Ray: Great! Dirty ********s two nil down and down to ten!
23 Nov 19, 16:05
Ray: Careful lads they’ve brought “elbows” on!
24 Nov 19, 10:50
Sid: Excellent result but a bit squeeky bum in the second half. Why were we last again on Match of the Day?
24 Nov 19, 11:39
Ray: Jota never offside yesterday.
24 Nov 19, 11:41
Ray: Cos they like keeping us up late Sid
24 Nov 19, 17:38
Sid: :biggrin:
24 Nov 19, 17:53
Tony: I'm hoping for Man Utd to get a draw at Sheff Utd so that we can go back up to 5th, not looking promising as yet!
24 Nov 19, 17:56
Sid: Not sure that's going to happen Tony. Sheff United looking good for 3 points.
24 Nov 19, 18:05
Sid: OK so what what the **** do I Know. 2 each, so now no more goals for your wishes Tony.
24 Nov 19, 18:07
Tony: **** me this is not on. Come on Sheff Utd! Lol
24 Nov 19, 18:19
Sid: Get in!!! 3 each, we are back up to fifth.
24 Nov 19, 18:23
Tony: Yes! that's made my day!.
24 Nov 19, 18:26
Ray: https://talksport.com/football/634144/referee-var-wolves-bournemouth/
24 Nov 19, 18:27
Ray: Yeah brilliant 5th despite all the VAR **** this season
25 Nov 19, 16:35
Wakes: Where the f*** is VAR when you need it
26 Nov 19, 16:56
Tony: Just read Nuno is 7/4 favourite to take over at Arsenal! Hope not!
28 Nov 19, 18:37
Sid: get in, 3 goals in the first half just shows our domination. really playing well
28 Nov 19, 18:43
Sid: Just hope tonights game doesn't take a lot out of them for Sunday. It's very heavy going and will sap their strength and energy. Nuno needs to use all his subs now we are winning and give some a rest, namely Jimenez Moutinho and a n other!
28 Nov 19, 18:44
RogerA: Super first half from Wolves
28 Nov 19, 18:45
RogerA: Pitch looks bloody awful close up, badly maintained, surprised not more mistakes
28 Nov 19, 18:59
Sid: I think after a shaky start we have adapted well to the pitch, I just hope the subs come sooner rather than later.
28 Nov 19, 19:24
Sid: Jimenez should have been subbed 5 minutes earlier not only to give him a rest but he also wouldn't have been booked and miss the next match!
28 Nov 19, 19:55
Ray: Think pitch and conditions took it out of us in the later stages. Hoping we’re fully recovered for Sunday. Sheffield Utd will be a very tough test
28 Nov 19, 20:00
Sid: Certainly will Ray, wonder who will fill in for Saiss?
28 Nov 19, 20:48
Ray: Kilman probably but maybe Nuno has other thoughts
29 Nov 19, 08:26
Tony: If Bennett's fit I'd play him. Not sure Kilman is ready for the premier just yet.
29 Nov 19, 10:26
Ray: Emery gone. A worrying time but believe Nuno will stay
29 Nov 19, 10:29
Ray: Not sure Bennett or Dendoncker are left sided.
29 Nov 19, 10:35
Ray: Good. They’re talking about Brendon Rogers!
29 Nov 19, 15:07
Sid: Really hope Nuno stays but if he goes he goes. The major issue will be if he does go which players will he look to take with him!
29 Nov 19, 17:20
RogerA: The Metro are actually reporting the Gooners are talking to Nuno. I don't believe that, wouldn't have thought Fosun would give approval
29 Nov 19, 20:22
Sid: It's a possibility Roger. Weren't we reportedly linked with another manager last year when Nuno was linked to another team or am I mistaken.
1 Dec 19, 00:23
Rogera: Yes Sid you more than likely correct. Not sure about the last bit though.
1 Dec 19, 00:24
Rogera: Has anyone read Johnny Phillips latest in the E&S, its a good reality check
1 Dec 19, 16:00
Sid: Is it just me but I cannot believe we didn't make any substitutions. The way the games are coming thick and fast the players are oing to be ****ed before Xmas. We've got another match on Wednesday and I can see us coming off second best!
1 Dec 19, 16:27
Sid: 2 dropped points today. Cutrone, Vinagre and Neto should have come on during the game. I know we had a better second half but this will take its toll on the fitness of the players.
1 Dec 19, 18:56
RogerA: Have to agree Sid, Jota looked leggy and then followed by Jiminez. Last half hour although we pressed constantly they always looked more likely to score. Outplayed us at times, if they had Jiminez he would have scored3/4 today
1 Dec 19, 18:58
RogerA: Nuno and subs don't gel it appears to be his achilles heel in all the time he has been with us.
2 Dec 19, 12:03
Ray: Surprise! Surprise! Refwatch on Sky Sports saying a definite second yellow for Baldocks (No 2) foul on Jota yesterday but of course we all know that unlike Leicester we are given nothing by refs/VAR!
2 Dec 19, 19:18
Ray: Sure this FACup draw is fixed!
6 Dec 19, 11:18
Wakes: easy draw again
8 Dec 19, 10:17
Ray: RIP Ron Saunders - the man who sold Bully& Thomo to Wolves.
8 Dec 19, 16:59
Ray: Diogo! and did he deserve that
8 Dec 19, 17:06
Tony: what the ****!
8 Dec 19, 17:07
Tony: Its a good game to win now!
8 Dec 19, 17:13
Tony: I still think we can win this!
8 Dec 19, 17:15
Tony: Come on me babbies! yes
8 Dec 19, 17:30
Tony: We need to get Traore more into the game!
8 Dec 19, 18:00
Tony: we need a change
8 Dec 19, 18:35
Tony: I know it's a point but I'm disappointed because I think they were there for the taking.
8 Dec 19, 18:37
Tony: I think Souness also hit the nail right on the head by saying Wolves looked a tired team.
8 Dec 19, 18:44
Ray: Strange performance really. Should be happy with a point but feel we should have won it.
8 Dec 19, 19:41
RogerA: Agree with the comments, they do look jaded, so Marbella for 3 days
9 Dec 19, 12:07
Ray: Think the major plus from yesterday is that Diogo has found his scoring boots again but we face a.very stern test next Sunday.
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