7 Nov 09, 21:22
Kristi: I miss my BFF...lol and last time I put your name in..tell you that you're on my mind??
7 Nov 09, 21:21
4 Oct 09, 19:32
Jessica Woods: Hi hun, you have a new tutorial up using your beautiful kit: Autumn Splendor. Hugs, Jessica
28 Sep 09, 23:18
Sue Ellen: Hi Kimmie-Everything you create is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful goodies!!!
25 Sep 09, 04:12
EhKho: Kimmie you have an award on my blog hon xxx
14 Sep 09, 01:09
Michelle: Loving the Twillight blog theme! I wanted to let you know that I've opened a new store devoted to Posers only, stop by sometime
9 Sep 09, 19:32
Eve: Hiya Kimmie - I have an award for you on my blog if ya want it hun - http://sweettartdesigns01.blogspot.com I will have a new tut up with your kit soon
6 Sep 09, 11:41
marlin: What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
3 Sep 09, 15:53
Kimmie: Wendy and Manda thank you ladies for the awards..
27 Aug 09, 10:59
magaid: Thanks for the overlays.They are beautiful!
27 Aug 09, 00:45
Wendy: Hi sweetie!! You have an award on my blog.
22 Aug 09, 12:00
RyLee: havent seen you around, worried about you
17 Aug 09, 15:44
Manda: Hey Love you have an award on over on my blog!!!
11 Aug 09, 10:05
Manda: Following you now Love!!!
10 Aug 09, 15:08
Manda: Love the blog sweetie!!! I don't see a follow button but will follow soon as I see one!!
5 Aug 09, 03:02
Kimmie: lol thank you Kelly
31 Jul 09, 10:19
Kelly: Ohh..LOVE your new layout too..hehehehe
31 Jul 09, 10:19
Kelly: Snagged your newest freebies Kimmie! Love them! Thanks so much!!! *HUGS*
26 Jul 09, 14:58
Kimmie: Hi Sam thats just fine with me.. I did send you an email this morning.. Let me know if you got it
26 Jul 09, 03:45
Sam: sorry typed the wrong link http://crafty-cupboard.com/f9/
26 Jul 09, 03:45
Sam: Hi just wondering if I could add your blog to my freebie finder? Its like digifree - view here http://crafty-cupboard.com/f9/plz email if you give permission :)
19 Jul 09, 04:57
Cathie: Back again snagging the new ones! Thank You. Hugs
15 Jul 09, 01:13
Kimmie: thank you Cathie and Kat thank you so much
13 Jul 09, 18:56
Cathie: Hi Kimmie! I snagged those overlays right up. Thanks so much. Hugs
13 Jul 09, 06:29
KatNKDA: this is a beautiful blog, you have an award on my blog, hugs Kat
8 Jul 09, 00:34
Kimmie: thank you so much Nicole :biggrin:
7 Jul 09, 22:19
Nicole: Awesome new blog layout hun!!!
7 Jul 09, 15:35
RyLee: oh my goodness....love the blog!! thank you so much for the award. I must be the only one who hasn't read or seen this movie or book...i got too!!! thanks again sunshine!!!
6 Jul 09, 20:51
Wendy: Thanks for the award Kimmie!! You're the greatest!! :heart:
4 Jul 09, 10:21
Joanne: Hi Kimmie - I have an award for you on my blog :) Huggies!
4 Jul 09, 04:33
EhKho: Hey Kimmie :D sorry just doing my cbox spamming rounds lol :D happy Indenpendence Day :D
21 Jun 09, 09:56
Kimmie: hugssssssssss everyone.. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's
19 Jun 09, 19:32
Soxie: Hey sweetie just leavin ya some love
31 May 09, 18:29
Judy: The kit is great . Thank you for the darling frames !
21 May 09, 05:51
RyLee: hi Sunshine....omgosh your new kit is gorgeous!!! i hope one day my kits are awesome like yours. have a great day!!! hugz
19 May 09, 22:34
Joanne: You're very welcome for the award sweetie - you deserve it!! Huggies
19 May 09, 07:04
RyLee: Hi Kimmie, popping in to say Hi, n hope you r doing good. love the fireworks paper!!! ttyl hugs
16 May 09, 01:16
Joanne: Hi Kim! Just dropping by to let you know I have an award for you on my blog :) Huggies!!
13 May 09, 09:56
Katie (from emails): It's been awhile. I hope all is well. I still check in from time to time. I'm still working on digi-scrap, well not as much, just for self/not sales. I love the candle on your new layout. Never would have thought to make that!! Is it vanilla? lol. We're going to Niagara Falls [May22], do you have any thought on what I could craft up? :)
6 May 09, 08:28
RyLee: Kimmie...ty so much for the awesome blog layout...i love it. ty so much for thinking of me. that put a smile on my face this morn. big hugssss
5 May 09, 06:06
RyLee: Hi Kimmie, thx for popping by to say Hi. Love the blog and the layout...great colors. hope everything with you is good!! hugs
3 May 09, 11:27
Isabelen: TY so much hun for more awesome kits. :heart:
3 May 09, 05:26
Beth: OMGGG would you look at this! how pretty did this turn out! thank you for using the kit Kimmie! and thanks for the kind words gf *hugs!*
30 Apr 09, 14:52
Babylove: Thanks a bunch1 You rock!!!!
30 Apr 09, 03:17
Kimmie: sue thank you so much for the compliments :)
28 Apr 09, 19:11
sue31didit: love your kits and love this backgroound
16 Apr 09, 11:51
Cuddz: Hiya hunni...just stopping by to leave you some lurve xxx... is my blog background showing ok,..it appears to big from my end...let me knoa ...luvs ya xxx
14 Apr 09, 07:27
judi: Great overlays thankyou !
24 Mar 09, 15:30
RyLee: Hi Kim, just stopping by to say Hi. blog looks awesome and so do your kits. Love the overlays. hugs
22 Mar 09, 07:38
Cindy: Thank you so much for the overlays. hugs
11 Mar 09, 10:26
Mat: lovely gift, thanx
11 Mar 09, 08:57
Monique: Thankyou for your part in the lucky blog train Smiles
10 Mar 09, 02:35
Artlor: HI hon...I grabbed your part of the Lucky Train...thanks so much...awesome work
10 Mar 09, 00:43
Tammy: Great kit! Thanks so much for sharing!
9 Mar 09, 20:09
bluebellesmom: Thanks for the kit! Happy St. Patty's Day
5 Mar 09, 16:47
Stayyseee: Ty sweetie, I have recieved them before but always grateful to recieve them again.
4 Mar 09, 14:43
Fran: Hi Friend...there is a gift on my blog of women's international day,you can grab and give to all of your friends too.Love.Fran
4 Mar 09, 13:06
RyLee: Hi Kimmie, first of all...Happy Birthday!!! hitting the big 40 isn't a big deal, at least is wasnt for me....lol Thank you so much for the awards. I know I have slacked in picking up awards, r/l is just getting to me. thank you again sweetie for the awards and for always making me smile...hugz
3 Mar 09, 20:24
Katie: Happy Birthday!!
3 Mar 09, 17:51
Ruth J: You have 3 awards waiting for you on my blog Sweetie. I love your blog!!
1 Mar 09, 00:13
Kimmie: Katie I have sent you an email :)
27 Feb 09, 14:45
Katie: Just wanted to express some things. The NEW instant desire to digi-scrap and the overwhelming feeling. How do you focus on one item at a time? And how do you avoid the tempation to use someone else's design instead of making your own? I'd like to make my own, but I'm glued to other artist's work. Any replies please email.
26 Feb 09, 21:07
Kimmie: thank you Guest...I'm sorry you feel the way you do real as i have had nothing but great comments from people i dont know about my blog..
26 Feb 09, 19:23
Guest: realdigiunties...you obviously have no taste... but then you say the same at every blog you visit.... get a life..if you havent any constructive criticism then stay away...sad sad person ...
26 Feb 09, 10:05
realdigiunties: Your blog looks UGLY, A designer only looks as good as her blog...rest my case.....UGLY, distored....uck...
24 Feb 09, 15:51
Cuddz: Awww thank you so much for the award hunni, and for all your help xxxlubs ya xxx
24 Feb 09, 04:50
Vix: Thank you for the award Kimmie x
23 Feb 09, 06:36
Stayyseee: TY doll for the awsome award. Luv the pretty layout..
22 Feb 09, 03:58
Lyn: you have an award on my blog
13 Feb 09, 11:49
RyLee: Hi Kimmie....sry it's taking me a while to stop by. my kids and I have been sick on and off. love your blog...and your kids...amazing. I really love the lipstick and denim...really cute. hugs
7 Feb 09, 14:47
Pus2009: Thank you so much for sharing!
4 Feb 09, 11:53
Dawnie: Fantastic Amethyst kit. Love the colors! Thank you!
4 Feb 09, 05:44
Patty: Thank you for your part in the amethyst blog train, it is much appreciated.
3 Feb 09, 00:52
Rachel: Awesome!! Thanks!!
1 Feb 09, 09:25
Cindy: Thank you so much for sharing
31 Jan 09, 18:14
Louise: Thank you so much for your shares.
31 Jan 09, 14:47
Kristi: Go check out my blog lol
30 Jan 09, 10:37
Cuddz: Ooops me got it wrong lol... hope things are settling down for you now and for your FIL... luvs ya xxx
29 Jan 09, 14:03
J.: The page layout for your blog is sooo pretty!!!
28 Jan 09, 12:57
Toni: Hey, woman! Hope you're doing well and feeling fine. Come to my blog for a fun challenge! :)
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