10 Aug 09, 02:46
ian: dona blogs? whoa
29 Jul 09, 23:03
eki: hope this helps Hun~! loving your blog too :D
29 Jul 09, 23:03
eki: beause it look really natural and dewy you'll love it the colors are on the light side but great shade for asian skin tones :)
29 Jul 09, 23:02
eki: Hi Hun~ thank you for the sweet comment <3 :D I love DHC Q10 cream foundie alot it doesnt feel heavy and cakey at all goes on like tinted moistrizer and covers really well! why I love this foundie is
27 Jul 09, 22:20
Wendy: Donna! I missed you!<3<3<3
26 Jun 09, 15:32
donna: Wendy!!! you locked me out of your blog :(
13 Mar 09, 09:59
26 Jan 09, 14:46
Wendy: Donna! Please come back!:) I miss reading your posts!
4 Jan 09, 14:00
Wendy: Use the little tulip looking button and you'll get extra crisp shots:) Hope that helped!
4 Jan 09, 14:00
Wendy: (which doesn't come out very clearly sometimes).
4 Jan 09, 14:00
Wendy: Hey! how was your Holiday? I loved mine:) and it's still not over, which I am still enjoying<3 and to answer your question: Peter takes some with his iPhone or I sometimes use my Canon or Shine
22 Dec 08, 13:33
Phil: Omg hi!
21 Dec 08, 16:06
donna: WENDY!!!!! :D
16 Dec 08, 04:05
Wendy: DONNA! :)
17 Nov 08, 16:10
donna: looks like i'll have to try it. i'm gonna trust you on this!! haha
14 Nov 08, 17:39
Wendy: I enjoy your posts a lot:)
14 Nov 08, 17:39
Wendy: away dead skin cells with scrubs:) I LOVE IT! and Kimchi fried rice is all I have been making lately:( I'm going to try chicken fried rice today though:) We'll see how that turns out. Post more lady!
14 Nov 08, 17:39
Wendy: I love the Burt's Citrus Scrub! it takes all the roughness away. The Laneige Strawberry Peeling Gel feels like it's taking stuff off but, I think it's more like "buffing" the skin as to roughing
12 Nov 08, 01:11
donna: already and they seem approving of him. we'll see how it goes. :)
12 Nov 08, 01:10
donna: thanks "a" I understand that and i appreciate your concern! he's actually out of college, and has his masters. finishing up his intern to become a registered architect. he's sort of met my parents
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