11 Oct 09, 21:22
enhui,: you're blogging again! haha i sure hope this won't be a san fen zhong re du again ;) nice pics! :)
15 Apr 09, 11:20
sam: wah piang. laine always scold me if i don't update my blog. i'm i didn't update for like 4 months, LIKE YOU, she would have murdered me. wahaaa. ENHUI, PLEASE ASK HIM TO UPDATE. how's ur bike design?
20 Mar 09, 16:45
titus: zzz dead blog
31 Jan 09, 16:06
enhui,: haha are you sure?? i don't think CPR can rescue your dead blog! :(
30 Jan 09, 13:27
jon: CPR CPR!!!! its coming alive soon! stay tune!
28 Jan 09, 20:56
joyce: your blog's dead ): heh.
15 Nov 08, 00:52
jon: yuppie! cant wait! two more weeks for u! :):)
14 Nov 08, 18:43
enhui,: one week down.... 3 more to go!! :D
6 Nov 08, 21:25
jon: yuppie! come back quick quick!
6 Nov 08, 10:04
JOanne: hhaa (: NOT YET! soon i hope! (: but i'll be coming back soon for hols! (:
6 Nov 08, 07:54
jon: hello :) yup, i didnt know how to spell so i used the malay one! lol of cos nice pics, if not why i will put it :)
5 Nov 08, 12:37
enhui,: hello, nice pics! haha. and how come you spell "restoran" in malay hahaha. u wanna take up malay so can converse w me rite? ;)
5 Nov 08, 10:56
jon: hello joanne, yup. long long ago, and now u are overseas as a part time missionary liao, how exciting! yup, wasted that u cant join us!
5 Nov 08, 09:36
JOanne: i remember those times you were my cgl long long LONG time ago =( i do wish i could be back to go for the trip =( but nopeee... seriously =(
1 Nov 08, 01:43
enhui,: yup 5 weeks and counting down! dec holidays will b here soon.... and we'll have fun! jiayou for this last lap k! :)
31 Oct 08, 14:12
jon: hello hannah loke... you come my blog! lol! :)
31 Oct 08, 11:03
hannahloke: hello jonathan. haha i haven't been here in ages so hello. (:
16 Oct 08, 12:09
enhui,: hello, update update! haha.
27 Sep 08, 19:37
arch-titus: wow updating ur blog again
26 Sep 08, 16:14
jon: i dunno why also, my hair always grow so fast.. can be v sian also, cos v thick.. i just cut it yest again! but no bald, just cut to make it neater :)
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