17 Oct 08, 13:58
ruRu: time for updates!! updates!!
6 Oct 08, 16:18
ruRu: hello darling :D u are in sch having lesson, im in the office nua-ing. HAHA oops.
3 Oct 08, 11:34
jon: i am the perfect husband. lol
29 Sep 08, 21:33
ruRu: boo, i updated so long ago and u still havent seen it :(
20 Sep 08, 23:14
meishi: anyway chrysan i do not see you online how send you. HA HA HA
20 Sep 08, 23:14
meishi: ello can you pls not post unglam photos of me HUH.
20 Sep 08, 15:05
ruRu: how do u do! hehe. hello darling. today is a very hot day!! hope tmr wont be that hot ya? cycling tmr, here we come (:
20 Sep 08, 00:14
james: Liwei: hi. sure. u can try adding me on facebook if u got facebook. search for james ji
20 Sep 08, 00:13
james: joel: arent u jealous?
20 Sep 08, 00:13
james: enhui: yup, so jonji right? haha..
20 Sep 08, 00:13
james: ruRu: hi darling. yup. great post yea? :) slp well darling
19 Sep 08, 21:33
Liwei: hey i am a christian too!Wow God is working in you.can be frens?im a blog hopper.God bless you
19 Sep 08, 09:27
joel: PIG
18 Sep 08, 22:03
ruRu: wonderful! u have updated. and a great post tooo. yes facial was fun haha but so painful !! now face so smooth aite? we found a cheap alteration place! weeets! dinner tmr :)
17 Sep 08, 22:14
james: sorry sorry! tml okok?
17 Sep 08, 00:16
enhui,: haha the picture with jon running behind there is really quite funny. LOL! :)
16 Sep 08, 13:33
ruRu: hurry up and update!! tsktsk :P
15 Sep 08, 13:03
james: captain ball finally over! :) in sch having lesson now. try to blog tonight
11 Sep 08, 22:06
ruRu: no stress Darling, u can always come up with great ideas isn't it? i have faith in you! add oil ok? love ya loads (: missing you!
11 Sep 08, 15:06
jon: dun be stress, we all know how hard it is! jiayou!
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