7 Sep 12, 21:16
Samisgh: chat is up and running
24 Sep 11, 12:50
brownsuga: Sorry for all the typos...posting on the go! ;)
24 Sep 11, 12:47
brownsuga: be bias. anywasy, just wanted to share...hoe everyone is enjoying the weekend and I am looking forward to the honeymoon!
24 Sep 11, 12:47
brownsuga: proposal and wedding they get that? I mean I get the history behindit, but I just thought it was tacky and that she looked horrible. but then again, Lulu has been bothering me a lot lately so I may
24 Sep 11, 12:46
brownsuga: liked that the writters stuck to that. On another note...I HATED Lulu,s dress and the whole tacky proposal acceptance. I feel bad for Lante fans, after such a beautiful funny and entertaining jasam
24 Sep 11, 12:44
brownsuga: and so was the chat with robin, although I find her a little condisending sometimes. I loved that Liz wasn,t there. It's more like Jasam to not have the whole town there. They are private and I l
24 Sep 11, 12:43
brownsuga: it! Iloves the red shoes, Krissy,s dress, Jason,s tatoos, the chinese lanterns and having the couple and the mister there to celelbrate with them. The scene with Edward and Monica was really nice,
24 Sep 11, 12:40
brownsuga: outdid themselves. I LOVE how in love Jasam are right now! Has anyone else notices how kissy Jason is lately with Sam. Everytime she,s talking he is just kissing and kissing ans kissing her...I love
24 Sep 11, 12:38
brownsuga: Hello fellow Jasam fans. What a week? I have to say, I loved every minute of the wedding. I thought it was perfect!! Perfectly Jason, Perfectly Sam...Perfectly Jasam. Once again...the new writters
24 Sep 11, 09:42
JasamRule: She's pretty clear on the fact she is single in her interviews. but these are pics of them together on 9/12 http://z13.invisionfree.com/GH_Spoilers_Dish/index.php?showtopic=12
24 Sep 11, 09:37
JasamRule: @JasamFriend no one is sure about KeMo and Heath. But we are sure that was an amazing wedding!
24 Sep 11, 02:22
Jasam Friend: I love the Jasam wedding, I was wrong, it turned out better than expected.
24 Sep 11, 02:19
Jasam Friend: What's going on with Kemo and Heath, she said in several interviews that she is single right now. I think the relationship is over.
23 Sep 11, 22:43
jasam07: vote on soap opera source
23 Sep 11, 22:17
givejasamababy: they could always cover it up like a lot of ppl do. like someone should've done w/ Laura's.
23 Sep 11, 22:17
givejasamababy: also underneath his wife's name is something in Japanese i believe. i caught a glimpse of it in Mexico.
23 Sep 11, 22:15
givejasamababy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnuV8Uz7yD4&feature=feedu
23 Sep 11, 19:14
jasam07: I'm just happy and proud to be a JaSam fan. Such wonderful scenes this week. Steve and Kelly rock!
23 Sep 11, 19:10
JasamRule: @jasam07 you are so sweet. You don't need to apologize for someone else rude behavior on that site but it is sweet of you
23 Sep 11, 19:09
jasam07: oh sorry to hear that i'm a member over there but i don't have that experience on there
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