24 Sep 09, 18:45
Jessica Woods: Hi hun! Could you email me if possible? jessicawoods1@yahoo.com. Thank you!! :)
14 Jun 09, 15:42
Betsy: I have made 2 Friendship Awards,to all my friends,you can use the code bellow the gifts, if you like them.Hugs
14 Jun 09, 15:42
Betsy: Hi hun, so many lovely pics,you all looks so fab.thanks for sharing with us,.Hugs
13 May 09, 07:38
Mpz: How do u like it soooo far? Aww, Idid u use the toilet hee heee
12 May 09, 11:14
mpz: so r u there yet?
6 Apr 09, 19:50
Jessica Woods: You have an award hun!
31 Mar 09, 11:33
Jessica Woods: I did have the font! I just have never used it. LMAO.
29 Mar 09, 22:05
Jessica Woods: Thank you so much hun for letting me know. I love that font. Huggers!
14 Mar 09, 17:05
Jessica Woods: What font is that?? LOveess it.
14 Mar 09, 17:05
Jessica Woods: Hi hun, wow Japan!!! How cool is that! I'm happy for you! I hope it's a good thing for you too. You have an award from me on my blog~ :) Also, I frickin' love that font that you use for your layout~
9 Mar 09, 02:43
Betsy: http://home.online.no/~hitresko/artimages/mermaid-to-friends-8-3-09.gif
9 Mar 09, 02:43
Betsy: Hi hun,how are you doing in Japan,here's a general gift I have made to my friends, hope you like it,
1 Mar 09, 10:34
Fran: just droppin by 2 visit this beautiful blog of yours..so cute...keep it up! :glad:
11 Feb 09, 09:18
Betsy: I have also added a Guest book for Images in the buttom of my page,Hugs
11 Feb 09, 09:18
Betsy: Hey , I have made a gift to my friends, if you like it,please pick it up in my blogg,Hugs
28 Dec 08, 09:37
JuJu Bee: Hope you and your family had a very Merry Chrstmas. Miss Ya!
17 Dec 08, 12:28
JuJu Bee: I have blinkies now!!! :biggrin:
16 Dec 08, 19:53
JuJu Bee: How are you and your kiddos feeling? I'm getting worse uuugghh I just want this cold or whatever I have to go away already. Miss ya!! :heart:
16 Dec 08, 19:52
JuJu Bee: You are too sweet, thank you hun....can you teach me how to make them?
14 Dec 08, 20:38
JuJu Bee: LOL...I mean BIG hugs.
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