22 Jan 12, 12:53 AM
sharon: ate norie musta c sharon po ito long tym no hear po. bakit d me mkapag login?
31 Dec 11, 07:46 PM
lgleyo: looking forward for more JYP activities this year!
31 Dec 11, 07:45 PM
lgleyo: hi nay linda, a belated merry christmas! Thank you for always being there!
31 Dec 11, 07:45 PM
lgleyo: Happy, Happy New Year to my JYP sisters! Have a blessed and bountiful new year! Stay Healthy!
31 Dec 11, 07:44 PM
lgleyo: Happy, Happy Birthday Jerry Yan! Wish you all the best in 2012!
22 Dec 11, 10:05 PM
naylinda: merry christmas to all especialy 2 nori n family
26 Nov 11, 08:09 AM
lgleyo: another thing, JY will make a movie and will be shown next year. Pls watch out for it.
26 Nov 11, 08:08 AM
lgleyo: Lucky for those who have destiny cable coz they can still watch JY new series.
26 Nov 11, 08:08 AM
lgleyo: Jerry's Wonderful Life is being shown in China and will be shown in Taiwan early next year.
26 Nov 11, 08:07 AM
lgleyo: Hi to all, it's been a while. sorry was not able to update the forum, been busy with work.
21 Aug 11, 05:44 PM
lgleyo: Hi JYP sisters! pls see my announcement in JY thread My Wonderful Life. Thx
17 Aug 11, 09:17 PM
jyp friends: gd pm nmusta nq lahat hope 2c all again
17 Aug 11, 09:15 PM
nori: musta n qu mis n hope 2 cu again god blessu and ur family always
7 Aug 11, 01:02 AM
lgleyo: let's all support Jerry and F3 in their projects!
7 Aug 11, 01:01 AM
lgleyo: really nice to hear, Jerry and F3 are busy and we have lots of series to look forward to.
7 Aug 11, 01:01 AM
lgleyo: hello everyone! looks like Jerry and F3 are busy with their individual projects!
28 Jul 11, 09:44 PM
lgleyo: looks like fans are gettng ready for taiwan next year, for jy's album launch! yey!
28 Jul 11, 09:43 PM
lgleyo: lots of Jerry news in this forum. please read!
28 Jul 11, 09:43 PM
lgleyo: hello sisters! hope everyone is ok after the typhoon.
19 Jul 11, 10:05 PM
lgleyo: hi sharon! miss you too! how are you and my inaanak?
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