13 Sep 19, 22:13
ZZA: Thank you! sar777
12 Sep 19, 06:21
sar777: use MUMU emulator
5 Sep 19, 11:03
ZZA: looks like NinjaRipper not work anymore on newer version of nox
3 Sep 19, 04:15
stephane: For those who want to listen Gundam versus Music. I sent you the link below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W-W6dAALSvSB5c3PbmXBmiPSbdC8jh1i/view?usp=sharing
2 Sep 19, 11:38
David: @stephane.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1taduP3tVL8XO3c98tRN4p27vlHd5iPb6
2 Sep 19, 00:15
stephane: can rip music from the game Gundam Versus (Premium G Sound Edition) (JPN) ps4. i really need it?
29 Aug 19, 01:28
sar777: DD? use ninja ripper
27 Aug 19, 10:59
MechaSaviour: Most ripping nowadays is done by sar777. He has the knowledge that I lack to rip from console games. Unfortunately I'm to busy to manage or participate of discord servers.
27 Aug 19, 10:57
MechaSaviour: I personally take this as a very casual hobby, just ripping from X-Omega from time to time, and whatever other android game that I'm playing that I manage to rip with AssetsStudio.
26 Aug 19, 21:35
Goudan: Will you rip any games this month? I follow and download the assets! i'm loving it, we can create a discord to discuss about, i have tbm files and would like to share ..
26 Aug 19, 10:39
MechaSaviour: I haven't tried yet, it will more difficult than usual because the files are hidden and require root activation.
25 Aug 19, 21:13
AGundam: Looks like SRW DD just came out recently. Are there any plans to rip those sprites?
19 Aug 19, 08:56
David: it's possible extract the cut's-in and backgrounds from Masoukishin F? would love to see it one day, btw, i'm very busy.
18 Aug 19, 12:28
Frost: Sar777, I went to this github .. but only has ".gitignore", "License", "Readme" ... is that correct?
18 Aug 19, 07:21
sar777: https://github.com/PyroSamurai/TIE
18 Aug 19, 02:53
Frost: Sar777
18 Aug 19, 02:52
Frost: help me please ^^
18 Aug 19, 02:49
Frost: I'm 2 days trying to rip, but I can not! can you get me the program that does this? I tried quickbms, twtools and etc ..
18 Aug 19, 02:49
Frost: Thanks for talesweaver sprites, how could i get more?
18 Aug 19, 02:47
Frost: Hello!
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