6 Feb 19, 20:32
MechaSaviour: Sorry but is not possible for me.
3 Feb 19, 21:08
Airin: Is it possible to rip Touya's voice on OG Moon Dweller? :)
28 Jan 19, 23:38
MechaSaviour: I used UnityStudio (now called AssetsStudio) But from a certain patch it couldn't be extracted anymore with those programs.
25 Jan 19, 06:32
sharknex: @MechaSaviour Hello MechaSavior, first of all thank you for your work, I wanted to ask you what method you used to extract the textures of the fate grand order game since I currently used ninjaripper
25 Jan 19, 06:31
sharknex: @MechaSaviour to extract them but with the last update of the emulator it is no longer possible to do so and I understand that you used another way to achieve it and if it is not too much trouble you
25 Jan 19, 06:31
sharknex: @MechaSaviour
25 Jan 19, 06:31
sharknex: @MechaSaviour
16 Jan 19, 16:55
somenamelesspunk: He... Did provide raw game files. I know you're not the one ripping the game.
16 Jan 19, 10:46
MechaSaviour: Z2 is difficult to rip, what is there is all we can get at the moment.
16 Jan 19, 01:08
TL62120: I meant SRW Z2.
15 Jan 19, 16:32
MechaSaviour: I don't own a copy of SRW X so I can't provide any files outside of what sar777 already provided,
15 Jan 19, 02:53
TL62120: I don't see much of the Z2 sprites.
13 Jan 19, 23:20
somenamelesspunk: ... I used the wrong word. Files. And it's posted in, well, the post with SRW X stuff.
12 Jan 19, 16:23
MechaSaviour: Alpha 2 updated with new mega link.
12 Jan 19, 16:18
MechaSaviour: @somenamlesspunk: I don't have game raw data.
12 Jan 19, 16:13
MechaSaviour: You're right. I'll have to fix the issue
11 Jan 19, 00:24
MechaDeka: Hey, the link for Alpha 2's portraits seems to actually go to the first part of the battle sheets
9 Jan 19, 03:16
somenamelesspunk: Alright. I only asked given the raw data thing.
7 Jan 19, 23:26
MechaSaviour: BG's weren't included in the rip made by Sar777. Perhaps he couldn't, or didn't want to. As for myself I don't know how to obtain them.
6 Jan 19, 23:36
somenamelesspunk: Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know where the intermission backgrounds in Super Robot Wars X are? Or should I ask for how to rip backgrounds from raw data?
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