17 Apr 18, 22:05
sar777: use Tinke,exe
17 Apr 18, 10:33
MechaSaviour: Thanks cm_ss01. Your rips will be welcome.
17 Apr 18, 10:33
MechaSaviour: I already tried ripping from Endless Frontier and I couldn't. So I'm not trying again.
17 Apr 18, 06:45
sar777: http://spritedatabase.net/file/18635/Playable_Characters_and_NPCs
17 Apr 18, 05:58
sar777: ?
17 Apr 18, 05:21
ktv133: also, why not use sheets for this one?
17 Apr 18, 05:21
ktv133: not just their attacks if you can
17 Apr 18, 04:49
sar777: https://imgur.com/nde8t50
17 Apr 18, 04:34
cm_ss01: Hi all, it's been a while. I'm working on the voices for a long time, and they are scattered all around making it difficult for me. Once I'm done I'll upload with pictures to indicate characters
16 Apr 18, 23:46
ktv133: can you do the rip of their battle sprites here? of course, after you are done with srw x, i mean since you already did both project x zone, why not do the same for the endless frontier series right?
16 Apr 18, 13:42
MechaSaviour: Yes I know of them.
16 Apr 18, 12:24
ktv133: right?
16 Apr 18, 12:23
ktv133: if you wont tell, then its okay...btw, MechaSaviour, you must have heard of endless frontier series
16 Apr 18, 01:26
ktv133: any idea who?
16 Apr 18, 01:26
ktv133: really? i didnt know that
16 Apr 18, 00:24
MechaSaviour: I'm not doing Azur Lane's Live 2d since another guy did it on the Facebook groups.
15 Apr 18, 23:30
ktv133: oh, okay...i was going to request that one, but nevermind, anyways(not that im being impatient, im just curious), hows that azur lane live2d? will it take long?
15 Apr 18, 17:07
MechaSaviour: Nope.
15 Apr 18, 05:41
ktv133: MechanicalSaviour, ever heard of the game cross ange tenshi to ryuu no rondo tr.?
13 Apr 18, 16:43
Devastator: Oh, thats a shame. Thanks for the answer!
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