26 Jun 17, 15:23
Somenamelesspunk: Figures.
26 Jun 17, 14:09
MechaSaviour: I'm sorry they came like that, can't fix the colors on a monochrome image unless you color it yourself.
24 Jun 17, 17:26
Somenamelesspunk: Also, in both the Z3 and V rips, the cut-in of Ryoma for Stoner Sunshine is monochrome.
24 Jun 17, 17:25
Somenamelesspunk: Okay, regarding something else, what Shift did the Iron Cutter have in the W00 file have?
20 Jun 17, 22:34
Somenamelesspunk: And here I was planning on ripping the images myself using the Z3 Rips as a reference.
20 Jun 17, 21:46
Somenamelesspunk: Darn.
19 Jun 17, 00:16
MechaSaviour: sar777 did not rip intermission images, sadly.
18 Jun 17, 16:53
Somenamelesspunk: Does anyone have the intermission background CPK from Super Robot Wars V? Or is it just not available at the moment?
14 Jun 17, 15:04
MeisXros: Pls anyone can help me how to rip ps4 game music ?
11 Jun 17, 06:59
thomas: @StrikeFreedomGirl555 good luck btw
11 Jun 17, 06:55
thomas: @StrikeFreedomGirl555 im planing on making mazin emperor g in mugen
11 Jun 17, 06:54
thomas: @StrikeFreedomGirl555
10 Jun 17, 00:51
MechaSaviour: good luck
9 Jun 17, 17:54
StrikeFreedomGirl555: Wish me the best of luck guys.
9 Jun 17, 17:53
StrikeFreedomGirl555: I just haven't made a real YouTube account yet because I hsve lots of studying to do for the next couple of days. The last two parts of my French exam are on Tuesday.
9 Jun 17, 01:02
MechaSaviour: can't plug the audio in a computer and record?
8 Jun 17, 15:52
StrikeFreedomGirl555: Sorry, I don't have a Youtube account yet.
8 Jun 17, 14:51
MeisXros: Pls, anyone knows how to rip music from sd gundam ggeneraton genesis
7 Jun 17, 22:47
MechaSaviour: nice! post a video here if you finish.
7 Jun 17, 18:22
StrikeFreedomGirl555: Using the sprites from Alpha 2
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