1 May 10, 19:20
Jenny: Hi Kate. I hope it's not too late to reply. One thing I can tell you is to ask them about their preferences regularly as most Japanese are reticent and would not offer their opinions voluntarily.
20 Mar 10, 08:53
Kate: My husband and I are hosting two 16 year old male Japanese Students for spring break this Sunday in Portland, OR Is there anything we can do to make their stay super comfortable? Thanks !
20 Mar 10, 08:52
Kate: Hi Jenny!
24 Dec 09, 20:00
jenny: and do send a link if you decide to blog about your trip!
24 Dec 09, 20:00
jenny: hiya Li, thanks! i'm glad that you liked my posts. however, i have nothing more to add to it cuz I've already left Japan... maybe some trip posts in the coming months!! have fun in japan!
17 Dec 09, 07:35
Li: Keep up the awesome posts! :D
17 Dec 09, 07:35
Li: Hi Jenny! your blog is very cute and funny. I live in the US, but I'm Taiwanese :D Looking at your posts made me decide that I want to go on a scholarship program to Japan next summer! :D
8 Dec 09, 20:23
jenny: hiya WorLDTraveL, good luck! You'd love it if you get a chance to stay there!
19 Nov 09, 11:25
WorLDTrAvEL: heya! :D <3 ur blogspot!! I've always wanted to go to Japan. I'm hoping I can go to college up there!
2 Sep 09, 17:28
jenny: lol, the others love it... i'm just flowing along with the tide :D
28 Aug 09, 11:28
Jerry: 你超愛大頭貼的喔~~
5 Aug 09, 22:30
jamezu: cool shots of Kagoshima :) The colors look very radiant
11 Jun 09, 21:37
helloworld: thanks :) no problem
7 Jun 09, 22:55
jenny: if you're talking about fonts as in typing japanese on your computer, right-click the 'EN' (typing settings) at the bottom right of your status bar and add japanese input methods from there
7 Jun 09, 11:36
helloworld: hi jenny! I wanna ask how to install japanese fonts on my Windows XP? Please help me. I really wanna learn japanese language
27 May 09, 12:39
jenny: you'll love it in kagoshima... it's really different from tokyo though *
24 May 09, 13:22
ferro: i've been working in tokyo, but i'll be in kagoshima for awhile while i study for some japanese language certifications. thinking of teaching english on the side in the meantime
22 May 09, 14:54
jenny: i found most of my students from either nativesensei or senseisagasu. are you coming to kagoshima to work?
21 May 09, 16:43
ferro: hey, i'm moving to kagoshima soon and I was wondering what private english services do you use to find students? i'm thinking of doing the same thing, thanks!
19 May 09, 00:49
jenny: by the way, what is 節哀順便?
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