22 Dec 14, 15:47
TIGER.LIM™: Hi AdiBn I don't have a map for that bro. But if you really wanted to go with the long trip from Brunei to Kuching I recommended someone ever go there and bring you better or else you better use a GPS. you smart phone also can but it just some time at jungle or palm oil tree area dont have internet cannot search!!
22 Dec 14, 14:04
AdiBn: Hi Tiger, I am interested with your road trip to Kuching. Do you have a map for it? the pit shop and places to rest along the way? Where could I find such map? Many thanks from Adi
27 Nov 14, 22:19
techguyBN: Fixing computers for a reasonable price!
27 Nov 14, 22:19
techguyBN: check us out! https://www.facebook.com/itguybrunei
24 Nov 14, 07:57
Siouliam: Tiger, the rice your daughter is taking photos of looks really good. Where can I find it? Can you describe how to get there? Thanks.
17 Nov 14, 08:04
ahbeng: :)
27 Jul 14, 21:59
TIGER.LIM™: Siouliam they moved to Kiulap liao.. same block with AV!!!!
22 Jul 14, 09:34
Siouliam: Does anyone know where the nice chicken rice shop behind Maju Motor has moved to? It moved to Gadong Properties but now it is no longer there.
5 Jun 14, 09:09
miss_m: i think in pasar malam got the Laksam,you know where the lekor terranganu's stall,i think they are selling Laksam.
9 May 14, 14:34
yen: btw Tiger Lim, where did you do your facial ah? :p
9 May 14, 14:21
26 Mar 14, 20:29
TIGER.LIM™: I think both also good it just that different prices have a different feature.
26 Mar 14, 14:56
Amir Amir: Im trying to differentiate which one is more convenient to use in GPS based on your experience :) thanks tiger
26 Mar 14, 14:54
Amir Amir: Hi Tiger, Do you recommend papago or garmin, im looking GPS Friendly to go to KK? firstime use gps
16 Mar 14, 13:55
kamakis: korea. Your blog is interesting. I am much interested in Pajero. I am currently in restoring Pajero. (Http://kamakis.com/)./// Question.// Can I get the initial model the instrument panel?? (82-90Y). Instrument panel and triple meter ( initial model) Exterior was restored to the initial model. The inside is still in progress. I need a response. ^ ^. email-kool825@naver.com / blog-www.kamakis.com. Thank you.
16 Mar 14, 13:55
kamakis: :cool:
8 Mar 14, 05:51
TIGER.LIM™: Oh... thanks!!!
7 Mar 14, 23:48
Ezalian: The girl featured in the Google's International Woman Day doodle was Rahimah. One of the member of Brunei Google Developer group.
27 Feb 14, 23:40
wonder-man123: tiger, the sg liang kway teow shop's menu has brunei halal stamp (cop). Is it certified by MUIB (Brunei halal dept) or self declared one? To include brunei halal logo needs MUIB approval, not say say can include. Please check with the owner. Can get saman if self post the logo
20 Jan 14, 21:28
TIGER.LIM™: No comment TL Fans
20 Jan 14, 09:40
TL fan: any idea any NBT CNY dispaly this year??
15 Jan 14, 20:58
TIGER.LIM™: Re Mommybear: I bought it at the Tool Box B$22.00
8 Jan 14, 15:49
Mommybear: Tiger, which shop u buy your plastidip..?
5 Jan 14, 19:38
TIGER.LIM™: $22.00
4 Jan 14, 19:16
Kucing Hitam: Bang Tiger, berapa harga itu plastidip ah? Terima kasih...
18 Dec 13, 08:27
SHOOPS: I agree the new restaurant at park garden has potential, but really unfortunate i was there last week and i never received my order for over 1 hour and this is the paling sakit hati part the restaurant was only serving 4 tables including my table, we keep calling the waiter and still no food but customer who came in after is got theirs. Hope the management do something about there service cause like i said the restaurant has potential.
14 Dec 13, 14:54
Reggie C: Better off getting new rims. Old school split rims are dangerous and not recommended but the new alloy or steel ones are good. Also go tubeless. Tyre easier to repair if punctured :)
5 Dec 13, 10:40
im-chacha: Hey..im here again^^
29 Nov 13, 22:47
TIGER.LIM™: Oh boy.. thank bro!! you really help me lot! I follow your blog and out in my bookmark! thanks Reggie C
27 Nov 13, 18:05
Reggie C: good luck with your first fourby! lots of info on the net so take your time reading them. forums are your best friends for any mod or technical advice. i don't know what the 4wd scene is like in brunei but in aust it is huge. lots of clubs and training providers. you've got a good short wheel base truck (shorty) in that pajo. built right and it will be a force to be reckon with on the tracks. remember 4wding is not just playing in the mud or sand, it is also technical and driving to your limits and the vehicle's limits. once you gain more experience and knowledge from 4wding, you will not stop. i guarantee that. i'm already looking at the mods and my next fourby. i've learnt alot from my xtrail and i've done trips which have surprised many people how one little softroader can tackle some of the rough terrain. check out my blog for some of the trips i've done if you want more inspiration :p enjoy the journey. i love it!
26 Nov 13, 20:52
26 Nov 13, 20:52
26 Nov 13, 17:15
Reggie C: i got a nissan xtrail (softroader with 4x4 lock) and no low range but still get to places 2wd can't go like on the beach (soft beach even!). only places i cean't go ar where i need high clearance and low range you don't have to do the crazy stuff and it's up to the driver to pick the right line, use appropriate tyre pressures
26 Nov 13, 17:11
Reggie C: first suggestion: check the engine oil, transmission oil, diff oil and other oils and make sure they are clean especially if you don't know service history. check seals, belts, hoses and maybe take apart engine and diffs to clean the insides. may look good outside but if inside has dirty oil or seals broken, then you are screwed. if engine and diff all ok, then check under the car, drive shaft, sway bar (if fitted), cv joints, cv boot, suspension, shock, chassis for cracks etc for unusual stiffness or extra movement, broken rubber/seals,brake lines, hoses, etc. no point fixing body panel if the car can't move. once all that done, then the comestic can begiin. remove every speck of rust including on chassis and body. after all that, the fun bit begins: modding the car. lifting the car with suspension lift kit and/or with strut lift will help with height and you can use bigger tyres (all terrains will do unless you do lots of mud stuff then mud terrain tyres will be your friend
23 Nov 13, 19:23
tommy lim: Brunei school leaver looking for job. pls contact or WhatsApp #7102812
2 Nov 13, 23:47
adalah®: auntie anne, starbuck, and soon burger king :) heard our brunei international superstar is one of the owner
22 Oct 13, 17:24
TIGER.LIM™: hahaha... the whole Brunei people smoking smuggling cigarette now where got people still selling it!!!
22 Oct 13, 12:10
Xs: Yo bro know got place in brunei still jual rokok?
16 Oct 13, 11:24
Owen: Oh TIGER.LIM... never realised there is another Head-fi'er in Brunei! FYI i too am an avid headphone audiophile. I have several setups, but my favorite right now has got to be the Astell & Kern AK120 with Westone 4R earbuds. For my ipod or iphone setup am running ALO Cypherlabs DAC and Ray Samuels SR71B headphone amp to drive the Sennheiser HD650's
10 Oct 13, 12:27
TIGER.LIM™: thousand plus bruther!!!
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