26 Sep 17, 18:19
Dodgers: It's all good BoSox, after transporting my team back to Brooklyn I can wear that name with pride!
26 Sep 17, 15:40
BoSox: Great match up congrats to the Dodgers. I'm dating myself by calling the Dodgers "The Bums"
26 Sep 17, 11:44
Dodgers: Thanks O's, I honestly thought we both had difficult weeks, just thankful I squeaked this one out.
26 Sep 17, 09:51
O's: Congrats Bill! Great matchup!
25 Sep 17, 07:40
Jazzz: Congrats Bill!! Great Matchup in the final, came down to the final games. Great Job by both Bill and Dewel to get to the final also, 2 wild-cards.
24 Sep 17, 10:29
O's: It's all part of the game though I suppose. Just another layer of our budding rivalry.
24 Sep 17, 10:21
O's: Maybe it's not expressly illegal, but pretty sure it gives a good idea of the type of fantasy owner he is and more.
24 Sep 17, 10:19
O's: He's but hurt since losing to me. So, he's been picking up players for the sole purpose of preventing others from adding them, and keeping them benched. Take a look at his last few days.
24 Sep 17, 09:52
Dodgers: BTW I think I am missing your reference to TB
24 Sep 17, 09:52
Dodgers: Yup... Good Luck Dewel!! Either way a good year.
24 Sep 17, 09:33
O's: Either way it comea out today Bill, it's been a good final, good luck.
24 Sep 17, 09:31
O's: Even if i lose because the TB Rays pathetic excuse for an ownwr has been churning for a week it will have been worth it just knowing that you had to resort to tbis because you're just not good enough.
21 Sep 17, 06:49
Dodgers: Thanks Pilots, I thought I was toast after the first few days.
18 Sep 17, 12:42
Sea: Nice work, Dodgers! I thought i had buried you when i was ip by a 100 points mid week. You really turned the tables on me. Good luck in the championship!
18 Sep 17, 11:33
Twins: Who else is already counting down to next season lol
4 Sep 17, 15:50
Jazzz: Congrats to Bill and Dewel... One Hell of a WildCard Race! Good luck to both of you in the playoffs.
28 Aug 17, 11:41
SEA: Gee,z the westt is tough division
21 Aug 17, 07:09
Jazzz: Well my season is puzzling... I won Week 1 then went on a 7 game losing streak, only to follow that by winning the next 10 out of 11.
5 Jul 17, 13:34
Angels: sorry didnt even realize that and still got my butt kicked!
3 Jul 17, 03:39
BoSox: It was brought to my attention that the Angels went over the pitching startnlimit on week 12..weekly score was adjusted. It did not result in a change in the weeks final outcome
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