26 Oct 11, 03:19
Thai Girl Online: Hohoho I read your blog. i wish you can visit mine too
25 Oct 11, 22:08
Sexy Korean Girl: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back. i wish you can visit mine too
30 Sep 11, 15:42
Ozawa Girl: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
22 Aug 11, 11:31
Brad Pitt: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock.i wish you can visit mine too
16 Jun 09, 05:49
CONTEST: nice blog... Vote and win RM50,000, RM10,000 and win AirAsia Evouchers for the much awaited holiday of yours
23 May 09, 13:58
Li Ann: hellooooo:D nice blog
8 Dec 08, 18:51
Beebs: that was wat i was thinking :) oo ooo wanna draw on my wall zoe? :)
8 Dec 08, 09:15
zoe>jason: you can help by ta pauing the food, getting the water, taking out the trash :) ooo yes yes !!
7 Dec 08, 00:34
Jason: let me help make over ur room!! =D
3 Dec 08, 10:10
Beebs: no it's not
3 Dec 08, 10:10
Beebs: Haha yes thx!! :) then once we've decluttered we can decorate my room :) I might want to spray paint some stuff on my feature wall
2 Dec 08, 20:00
byen: wats d point in decluttering if it always gets cluttered by d end of d week!!:P
2 Dec 08, 16:55
zoe: ok set i can help with your room.. i need to do some decluttering in order to move on with life.. since my room isnt so cluttered i'll declutter yours..
27 Nov 08, 12:47
Beebs: hahaha so ugly!!!
27 Nov 08, 09:59
byen: u look like female IGOR with LION HAIR! WAHAHAHAHAH XD
12 Nov 08, 22:10
beebee: haha I'll bring tmr!! :)
12 Nov 08, 21:10
kahyfoo: YOYO! BEEBEE ^.^...hehehe... remember to email us the FUNNY iPhotoBooth pictures~!! Muahaha
6 Nov 08, 23:05
beebee: hey hey thats not fair :p how could something bad come from a MAC!! :p
6 Nov 08, 16:15
gadiy: heyhey (: really pity your toilet condition. I guess when something good comes your way(MAC) something bad will too... (DUMP) :)
6 Nov 08, 13:18
Beebs: no i did not!!!!!!!
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