21 May 13, 02:01
FreeProductTesting: hii, nice blog! want to exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com contact us
1 Mar 12, 13:50
Amy: LOL this blog is officially dead for 22 months di!
3 Jan 12, 10:17
Audrey: err....hello?? hello??? is this thing still alive???
27 Apr 11, 09:34
jeff: wow, almost a year of no updating...
31 Aug 10, 11:53
kpy: Nothing much to talk about...huhu and I'm a bit lazy XD
23 Aug 10, 22:39
Ann Li: I see you havent been updating your stuff...
1 Jul 10, 23:38
kpy: Haha beats me...it doesn't come with the layout, I dunno why!! I should change the layout soon. An also, update. I have pics!!
1 Jul 10, 19:09
aisyah: why isn't there a comment box after your post ? how do you expect me to excessively spam your blog ?? i demand one ! hahahah :) hey pui yee. your lates post sounds sci-fi like . hehe :) miss ya !
3 Jun 10, 12:01
aisyah: oi. update. *nudge nudge*
3 Jun 10, 12:01
aisyah: kpy kpy kpy kpy kpy kpy
28 May 10, 09:37
kpy: Typical Amy =_="
25 May 10, 01:33
Amy: My attention span stopped when I started reading your chemistry jargons. XD
16 May 10, 22:32
kpy: Fine...I'm lazy...lol and I spend waaaay too much time Twittering XD and Facebooking lol
14 May 10, 00:36
sengaik: come on..update more frequently la..
4 May 10, 21:43
Jacyn: Friday..i want to take vampire diaries from u la...can ah? u got till waht eps?
4 May 10, 21:08
kpy: Hahaha...I'm going back on Thursday, after my management test. You?
4 May 10, 17:38
Jacyn: Is there anyway I can get vampire diaries from you?
4 May 10, 17:38
Jacyn: Lol! same here la.. Prob is the laziness extends to my studies as well... Nway, when are you going back to ipoh?
3 May 10, 17:17
kpy: Jacyn: Hehe yeah...a mixture of laziness and that I'm busy lol
3 May 10, 11:40
Jacyn: U FINALLY updated your blog!!!! haha, the exams were just as bad for me as well... sigh...
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