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2014-12-29 10:54
2014-04-30 18:56
Never scared: So Structure admitted it. Come on stewards make the connection this is the number one reason why honest Stewards are degraded and tossed. I have a long list of thieves......
2014-03-24 13:30
Norman: Eth' we know where you're hiding. Dan stopped posting here a year ago.
2014-03-21 08:05
Ethics: BY EMAIL " " to : The Honorable Richard M. Berman United States District Judge Southern District of New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan Courthouse 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 Re: United States v. District Council, et al., 90 Civ. 5722 (RMB) Dear Judge Berman:, I commend your honor in devoting attention to producing a fully compliant District Council, in regards to the court issued consent decree and stipulation order. In review of the current failure of the NYCDCC to completely comply with the consent decree and stipulation order, yet claim 99% compliance without providing federal court appropiate documentation, I feel that a term limit be in place for complete compliance of the consent decree and stipulation order. Years have passed and millions of dollars in membership funds have been spent on an IT system brought on board at the district council by the R.O.This system that has yet to be proven effective. If the system fails to produce complete compliance by the end of said (term) court ordered date, I ask that the memberships funds be reimbursed completely by the government supported office of the R.O., and may the court allow the membership to implement a new IT system of their choosing, at their expense, and to be court ordered, that said system be ratified by the rank and file, before implementation. Respectfully, **** *********
2013-12-14 04:52
steward: when are we going to get results to hold the federal officials responsible for spending our money carelessly.
2013-05-30 01:54
pete: Dan why did you resign???????????????????????????
2013-04-26 09:59
Daniel J. Franco: No complete set of rules for contract ratification were presented at the delegate meeting tonight. The Executive Committee's recommendation to satisfy RO Recommendation 1 was to use RO Recommendation 2. F'n brilliant!
2013-04-24 22:54
Daniel J. Franco: Obituary - Ulric Alturo Todman, 1949-2013
2013-04-02 23:14
Daniel J. Franco: Including the lawyers.
2013-04-02 23:14
Daniel J. Franco: 'Full Mobility' = all/100% carpenters selected by contractor, with stewards dispatched by union for jobs only with three or more carpenters. 'Full Mobility' is a misnomer. It is not about mobility. It is about hiring ratio - 100% hiring ratio. 'Full Mobility' is anti-union. It is not primarily about efficiency, it is about primarily about control - contractor control over carpenters. Those who support 'Full Mobility' are traitors to our union.
2013-03-29 20:20
Daniel J. Franco: For the 2012 UBCJA LM-2 go to For other LM-2's go to
2013-03-26 21:48
Daniel J. Franco: Some of the NYCDCC CBAs can be found at
2013-03-26 11:56
steward with questions: Where are the CBA's?
2013-02-22 19:27
Daniel J. Franco: Ronald "Ronny" McDonald, I figure besides my occasional biased/opinion editorials, my blog is entitled "Daniel J. Franco's Blogspot"! It can't get anymore biased than that! ;-)
2013-02-22 00:12
Ronald "Ronny" McDonald: Daniel~ Norman Saul alluded to your blog as being biased. Can you please direct me to those sections. Thank you very much.
2013-02-21 18:38
the peanut gallery: Nice graphs, and color coding-- Franco; especially the one charting total votes, with you as number two. Does green stand for 'on the money'? Now get back to work on the JSA bylaws, ok? Less than a month before 157 Executive Board installations; you will won't be rank-and-file any more. Woe is you! ; )
2013-02-21 11:30
Daniel J. Franco: 2013-02-20 LU157 Special Election Results: Executive Board: President Mitch Sonntag; Vice President Kevin Corrigan; Recording Secretary Dan Franco; Financial Secretary Hercules Reid; Trustee Gerard H. Hanrahan; Trustee John Moloney; Delegates: Robert "Bobby" Corrigan; Gerard H. Hanrahan; Robert "Bobby" Toal; Charles McNally, Sr.; Gerard "Gerry" Matthews; James Noonan.
2013-02-13 09:09
Daniel J. Franco: this site sux, with regard to "too much small writing" and needing glasses, all up-to-date web browsers have the ability to zoom in and out. All up-to-date desktop web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera) allow you to use ctrl++ to zoom in, ctrl+- to zoom out, and ctrl+0 to reset to 100%.
2013-02-13 09:09
Daniel J. Franco: this site sux, if you would, please indicate specifically what is horrible about this site. If you and others are actually using this site I will update it more often.
2013-02-08 20:08
this site sux: Dan, I must say, this blog sux! Horrible and too much small writing that I need glasses just to see
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