17 May 13, 09:42
Product Samples: heyy, nice blog! want to trade links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
10 Feb 10, 13:04
carmen: WHERE ARE U??? U disappeared!
16 Jan 10, 14:18
lulu: hey.. if ur company wanna hire ppl, contact me okay =D
7 Dec 09, 00:00
selyna: dear wendy, if you ever read my blog please drop me a comment here... lolz...
29 Nov 09, 23:32
selyna: lol.... it will be fun depending on who you go with. wait til esther come back then we shall plan where we want to go.. heheh.. cant wait.
29 Nov 09, 04:31
ameleen: so fun~ i also want to go ipoh.... sobz...
14 Oct 09, 14:23
The Princess Closet: Hi, Pls visit us at www.p-closet.com for Jap n Korean style apparels at very affordable prices! You wont regret! :)
6 Oct 09, 21:34
selyna (slynn): its ok. lolz.. i was having fun working in zanmai but now no longer working there... im working in esther's dad company.. lolz..
6 Oct 09, 07:01
slynn: woops sorry for the late reply. I'm good thanks. how are you though, looks like you're having tons of fun!
29 Sep 09, 01:13
carmen: haha! high 5 for the underage to go in casino! =)
23 Sep 09, 04:25
selyna: hullo!!! hahahahhha... glad you found me.. how are ya ma sista from anotha motha??
21 Sep 09, 07:21
siewlynn: hullooo Sze lyn! Was just blog hopping and stumblled across your one :)
1 Sep 09, 01:15
est: freight forwarding ei em si shipping =D
21 Aug 09, 15:34
aws: sze lyn!! we can always go and hang out at someones house.. you dont have to have CASH to do that.. its free of charge!! =) let us know when is your off days...!!!
12 Aug 09, 00:58
bro: Hey sis... very long time no caht on msn,.. was wondering how's things lately.. read ur blog and i'm like*lol**...
9 Aug 09, 16:24
carmen: aiya no need apologize wan la. I know u got the heart enough d LOL
24 Jul 09, 06:17
selyna(CARMEN): my thursdays are lonely since when you're gone... no more pool session..... damn saddening wei!!
24 Jul 09, 06:16
selyna(CARMEN): omg!!!! I MISS YOU TOO!!! i wanna appologise for not sending you any msg when you left... im such a bad fren.. but im glad that you're enjoying there now!! please do keep in touch..
22 Jul 09, 09:50
Carmen: I MISS U! It's coooold here lol. in one week i went clubbing, mini vacation, casino and shopping! =) and pool here are pretty pricey. No ladies night =(
13 Jul 09, 22:15
Rosalyn: hey selyna..glad i met u while u were having ur break before i left for australia..read ur june 22 post..i really thank God that u r ok *hugs* take care ya
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