6 Jul 20, 03:10
Vnk: I need Font Parma Calcio 2019-20 Kits. how to get it?
22 Jun 20, 07:50
Carlos: I sent to you again through we transfer all the kind of files i need. Hope you can see the files and give me a return asap
21 Jun 20, 20:00
carlos: please contact me asap and tell me how much will cost it all. pay attention in the stuffs i sended to you and give me a return asap
21 Jun 20, 19:59
carlos: please send my email message asap. i sended to you a lot of examples i need to buy to start . i sended a package with pics from your blog to you see what i want
19 Jun 20, 21:40
carlos: please send me a return asap
19 Jun 20, 21:20
carlos: hi. i return your response, im interested to buy your stuffs to learn(all about jerseys)
19 Jun 20, 05:52
carlos: i sended a email message to you. i didnt receive a return yet
17 Jun 20, 23:03
carlos: hi i sended a email to you. plz send me a return asap. im interested to buy all your templates, fonts, etc. id like to study and try to do it too. im a begginer
28 Apr 20, 01:06
Marco: Font shirt pescara 2010/11?
10 Apr 20, 12:21
azmie@switch_image: @Carlos mailed me
7 Apr 20, 10:17
Carlos: Did you sell some templates ? Id like to buy to start to draw. How much cost a templates package?
7 Apr 20, 10:16
Carlos: Do you have a book tip to begin to draw with AI?
7 Apr 20, 10:15
Carlos: Azmie you teach How to draw these jerseys
3 Mar 20, 11:55
azmie@switch_image: simone mailed me
28 Feb 20, 05:02
24 Jan 20, 22:48
ALBA: Fuente Boston Celtics City Edition 2019 POR FAVOR quien tiene esra fuente
24 Jan 20, 22:48
24 Jan 20, 22:48
18 Dec 19, 16:57
Mike: Check your email plz! :)
17 Dec 19, 08:49
Mike: Check your Email,please.
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