23 Jun 12, 11:25
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27 Nov 11, 09:14
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25 Jul 10, 10:40
peisan: christine~~~~~~~ =)
21 Dec 09, 08:30
eLoDiE: one dayy.. hahah. OMG U SHOULD COME! d= EHHHH! David look so cute in the album!! *faints*
13 Dec 09, 20:08
christine: one dayy...lol..when i go there...i'll definitely buy em! LOL...one dayyy...=S
13 Dec 09, 20:07
christine: OMGGGGGGG! serioussss? eeeeee..jealous-nyaaa..hahaa..i'm dying to buy tht kinda shirts! i mean..i can imagine how cutee they areee! omg! =P
10 Dec 09, 13:53
eLoDiE: hahaha. all are so CUTE!!!! but i never buy one with cartoons before. only bought some normal ones xD. hehehe
10 Dec 09, 13:52
eLoDiE: I KNOW! OMG it's so cute. U noe, there's a shop here called JayJays, they sell all the teenage clothes (price are reasonable), they have all the cartoons stuff like Spongebob, Elmo, Cookie Monster..
28 Nov 09, 18:35
christine: awww...it's ok cos it's ELMOOOOOO! don't u just love loveeee him? yippieeee yay! =P
28 Nov 09, 15:35
eLoDiE: ELMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sry for being random xD.
16 Nov 09, 18:56
christine: jess-hahaha! thanks! =)
15 Nov 09, 22:01
jess: really nice site! hehehe love your blog title, totally agree with it!
2 Nov 09, 22:50
Fion: i wanna hear <3
22 Oct 09, 21:48
christine: LOL...err...very long storyy..and kinda dumb actually..u sure u wanna hear? anyways, it's over...i mean..past tense d..so..lol..==
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