6 Jun 13, 05:53
Download Albums: sup lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
31 Oct 12, 17:12
atike: Salam Perkenalan. :-)
13 Sep 12, 23:59
jiji: perggg artis awal ashaari tengah berlawan dengan bini dia scha la.. jom tengok :-)
18 Dec 10, 12:42
Setsunator: hi, lets exchange blog link^^
15 Dec 09, 01:22
Arnaud: Yeah i like your blog very much :D nice job!
14 Jun 09, 22:35
Maine: Hi Ed! Nice blog :)
29 May 09, 22:47
edwardgsk: hi all im back, sry for no updates for sooo long...clear exia should be still available in Bakuc :p
4 May 09, 13:44
limited Fan: hi, its there any chance that your place stil got this 1/60 Exia Expo verision? (not the tans-Am pink, i look for the Expo multi color clear), thanks if got news
20 Mar 09, 18:52
MyKy: Weee.. first time come here
2 Mar 09, 19:06
vercingetorix: I mean I wan it so bad. Sorry for my mistake on the previous mssg
2 Mar 09, 19:06
vercingetorix: Dude that exia clear ver still available? I still have try contact me thru pm at lowyat forum and best price also
14 Jan 09, 22:25
otaku: updating again....feel free to drop by....give some commen abt my bakuc project
12 Jan 09, 11:18
otaku: blog updating....ady...feel free to frop by xP
4 Jan 09, 19:24
nicZZZZZZZZZZZZZ: i bought 1/100 exia yahoo
15 Dec 08, 12:07
otaku: blog update ady lel.....do visit wen u r free hohohoho...merry chrismas......plz add ur url in my blog fodder.....xD nice day
9 Dec 08, 21:52
edwardgsk: lol get one urself ^^ it worth the price compared to spray tin a lot... yea SG is a nice place to live compared to malaysia... green and clean and nice...
9 Dec 08, 21:40
kiralys: how does he find SG, issit a clean and green place with great ppl like me? haha, well, I dun have air brush, so.......
9 Dec 08, 20:23
edwardgsk: surfacer? i use air brush lor... mix thinner, retarder mild and surfacer into bottle and mix well... the paint using AB lor...
9 Dec 08, 20:21
edwardgsk: lol it's not trip. my bro now working there.. he came back to visit family cuz holiday only =.=
9 Dec 08, 19:52
kiralys: oh ya, ask ur brother how Singapore was, haha, did he enjoy his trip here?
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