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14 Feb 11, 09:27
TheBlogginIdea: good morning everyone i love to read blogs in the morning
12 Feb 11, 03:22
ThebloggingIdea: He who laughs last didn't get it.
11 Feb 09, 09:37
Tina: Any stimulus plans of Ma's circus team will turn crisis into a catastrophe without investing science and new technologies. We'll pay dearly.
8 Feb 09, 05:24
Mamma Mia: Corporations have already put thousands of workers on forced leave and reduced pay. What are you going to deal with this crisis, Mr Ma?
7 Feb 09, 06:46
Melinda: Diane Lee's case. The KMT is doing nothing, but how long will the Taiwanese put up this.
6 Feb 09, 08:58
Jenny: The state-owned enterprises are being rewarded for failure, especially when those rewards are paid by taxpayers.
5 Feb 09, 08:53
Chihuahua: The prosecutor has a responsibility to be fair, to enforce the law and to not turn a blind eye because someone is a celebrity: an ex-KMT member.
5 Feb 09, 07:53
Chihuahua: 李慶安 broke the law and she must be charged in the same manner as anyone else.
5 Feb 09, 06:36
Lopez: Last year's shameful handout of 3 to 4 months bonuses to public servants is at the expense of taxpayers in the midst of this economic crisis.
3 Feb 09, 11:06
Kent: Ma's cited the global financial crisis as an excuse for his impotence. But guess what, many idiotic fans still believing that crap.
3 Feb 09, 07:45
Caroline: Let's wait and see who will introduce legislation to cap the year-end bonuses for employees of government, taking taxpayer money during the economic downturn?
2 Feb 09, 14:31
Teresa: Reporters, especially, not taking one extra step to get to the facts and report the facts, but instead continuing to spread things that are not true.
2 Feb 09, 06:52
Linda: One problem is that expectations for what the shopping voucher can achieve are unrealistic.
1 Feb 09, 11:05
Nicole: People are sending a message that they are fed up with Ma's t
1 Feb 09, 08:53
Kathryn: It's the same liars who said the economic situation would getting better, and now we're in a financial crisis. Now its the taxpayer who has to solve the whole mess.
1 Feb 09, 08:25
Michelle: Giving up sovereignty does not bring security and prosperity.
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