9 Jan 13, 12:57
Debbie Reed: Hi Wendy! Love your blog.....
1 Mar 11, 10:15
Sunny: Just to keep in touch
26 Jan 11, 10:21
Gems: Just running through with some love sweetie, hope you are ok? missin ya loads xxx
22 Apr 10, 15:06
Gems: Hey Wendy sweetie, i am so bad i am just starting upa blog for my Twi fanfic and needed some buttons and stuff. Hope you pop in hun will add your blinkie.Hugs Gemsxx
3 Feb 10, 01:22
Wendy: You're welcome Vicki! Thanks for letting me create with your beautiful kit :heart:
30 Jan 10, 01:59
Vicki: Thank you for creating an adorable IM with my kit. Hugs
26 Jan 10, 13:12
Wendy: Hi TJ!!! Thanks so much!! Gems made it for me. It shows my addiction. lol! :heart:
16 Jan 10, 13:21
TammyJo: Just stopping by and saying HI HI.... What a beautiful blog ! Hugssss
7 Jan 10, 22:15
Wendy: lol! Karen! You are so funny :heart:
6 Jan 10, 12:12
Karen: Holy Crow woman, how am I missing these awesome stats? lol.. Hugz..
2 Dec 09, 04:31
Star: Thanks for stopping by my blog, hon. Im counting down for Eclipse, i soo cant wait now..lol. I started reading Eclipse again last night to keep me updated. Love ya, hugs :heart:
1 Dec 09, 12:06
Wendy: You're welcome and thank you Laura!!! Woot, be ready for an email from me. :heart:
1 Dec 09, 03:01
Laura xox: Thanks for your awesome shares hunni...ali's IM was amazing...feel free to use any of my xmas kits!! Love ya Laura xxxx
19 Nov 09, 00:40
wendy: Yay!!!!! Now it says 23 hours. I can't wait!!!! :heart:
18 Nov 09, 19:12
theycallmeprincess: wow anly 44 hours untill i see new moon wow :)
9 Nov 09, 22:09
Wendy: Hey sweetie pie :heart:
8 Nov 09, 23:44
Soxie: Hey ya Sweetie just leaving ya some loving
31 Oct 09, 01:39
Wendy: Thanks sweetie!!! :heart:
28 Oct 09, 05:31
Star: Thanks for the compliment about my layout, sweetie. Your layout is gorgeous! Ah, Edward...sigh! :)
10 Oct 09, 20:29
Wendy: Thanks for letting me know xelaxel. :heart:
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