25 Sep 09, 18:45
carson: whoa i've actually thought about the thing ot ponder before
19 Aug 09, 16:10
hermione: mwahahahahaha
22 May 09, 11:41
Skiprilla94: hey pduster. a cakewreck was explained in an older blog, but its pretty much a cake that was professionally done, but it was done by a professional idiot who messed up the frosting, shape, etc.
21 May 09, 11:35
pduster: what's a Cake Wreck???
20 May 09, 20:33
Rachel: Hey Ashley! This is Rachel!! :D check out my blog at www.elphieandidina.blogspot.com! i love your blog! :D
4 May 09, 15:00
pduster: hi ashley you blog is funny!
6 Apr 09, 18:25
Heartofsorrow242: Foigured out who I am yet? Ah, nevermind. Still Ashley, itseems I am one of the few faithful readers left. Let no one in the world die of Snickerdoodle overdose...WTF, where'd that come from?
3 Feb 09, 19:23
Skiprilla95: Wow...
1 Feb 09, 12:23
1 Feb 09, 12:23
Heartofsorrow242: I LOVE C-BOXRS!
1 Feb 09, 12:23
Heartofsorrow242: HI ASHLEY!
23 Jan 09, 15:27
Skiprilla95: Gracias gracias gracias to all! Hey Lydia... check out the newest post. I hope you like it.
23 Jan 09, 15:19
Jessica: hi ashley! your blog is so much fun to read! :)
23 Jan 09, 05:31
LYDIA: Never mind I am now following this blog. B-D (smily face with sunglasses)
23 Jan 09, 05:30
Lydia: Come check my blog out. PLEASE! It's lydiagirl1998
23 Jan 09, 05:29
Lydia: Why can't I follow your blog?
23 Jan 09, 05:26
Lydia: You WASSUP everyone? I thin this blog is AWESOME!!!!!!
21 Jan 09, 17:52
Ella: hey ashley!! what's up?
21 Jan 09, 16:48
Skiprilla95: Boo! This is my new chatbox! You can say anything u want here without that huge hassle of clicking on the comments button and whatnot. Have fun!