27 Jan 10, 21:38
wh: hey geok cher:) link me:)
4 Jul 09, 08:42
little penguin: mar, which IPGM do u get?
4 Jul 09, 08:41
little penguin: ya, 13july hav to laporkan diri
4 Jul 09, 08:41
little penguin: the course is bahasa inggeris (sr) /bahasa inggeris kesusasteraan /math n science
2 Jul 09, 15:54
Mel: whey, r u going to perlis then??!it's so sad whey, gonna miss u liao
30 Jun 09, 11:44
mar: yup!institut perguruan..im goin on 13th..do you know what course izit for the code S010E9E1MP
29 Jun 09, 11:14
anonymous guest: S010E9E1MP is what course
29 Jun 09, 06:21
Kheng: It has been ages since we did something fun together. Haha.. I Q, He Q we Q~
29 Jun 09, 00:07
vian: IPG? Izzit Institut Perguruan or? all of you leaving ar... when?
28 Jun 09, 23:28
mar: hi lil pingu!!hehe..seems like i oso get the same course as u for ipg..but im not sure what is the course 4 the code that we both get offered..can you please reply asap because im so excited to know.
28 Jun 09, 15:58
little penguin: ok! he is NICE!
25 Jun 09, 15:21
SynJoe: I dont think he is handsome. But I think he is nice :)
25 Jun 09, 14:40
little penguin: yes!! handsome hor??? wakaka many ppl said so.
25 Jun 09, 14:40
little penguin: yalo, convent still is the best! ok! i learnt the lesson, will be more careful
24 Jun 09, 20:55
Mel: yea!!Raise hands!!This Firdaus is handsome!
22 Jun 09, 13:23
VIV: Hey...u lost ur wallet? whoa... yeah.. still convent is the best! leave it for 5 years pun tak pernah hilang... haha... Take care oh... n next time take all ur belongings with u when u leave the class
11 May 09, 06:00
Kheng: Anhway, Happy School Reopen!
11 May 09, 06:00
Kheng: hey!! go view my blog~
10 May 09, 11:45
little penguin: yup! white socks and black shoes
8 May 09, 09:26
min: hey hey... white socks black shoes rite? no wrong hor?
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