11 Jun 13, 21:17
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14 Jun 09, 20:08
Amanda: Wow, it has been a while since Ive been here!
31 Jan 09, 16:38
Amanda: ok, so I showed the story I am working on to my english techer, and she said that she loves it so far!!!!!!
25 Jan 09, 17:26
Amanda: I used this email: PrincessNeveReviews @gmail.com
25 Jan 09, 12:58
Neveen: Thanks sweetie. You used which mail?
25 Jan 09, 11:46
Amanda: I invited you to join Neveen!
25 Jan 09, 09:32
Amanda: Lol, sure, you can joing. and that would be so cool if you would interview us one day! And u sure can. I'll send you the link ok?
25 Jan 09, 03:01
Neveen: I also love this layout. Can not I have the 3 column version of it?
25 Jan 09, 02:59
Neveen: Or I have a better idea. I can be your reviewer and may be one day interview the both of you as aspiring authors?
25 Jan 09, 02:58
Neveen: Hello. Can I join this writing blog?
23 Jan 09, 16:34
Amanda: Hey Lexi!