14 Apr 16, 21:06
Norman: Hello Jomil. Where are you based?
14 Apr 16, 16:46
Jomil: Hi! Good afternoon, i am curious as to how to be part of your link up because we are also doing planetarium.i would be very happy to hear from you about this matter.thank you
14 Apr 16, 14:49
Norman: Hello Payie, for a 3 year old you may want to start with simple solar system/telescope toys you can find in local toy stores.
14 Apr 16, 14:47
Norman: Hi Raj! I just noticed that my response was not posted. You can sell in the Philippine Astronomy Forum Group
7 Apr 16, 13:52
Payie: I dont know about telescope buy my 3 yr old daughter seems facinated with our solar system. can someone advice me what telescope to buy? A cheap but reliable one for a child. Thanks
10 Mar 16, 14:13
raj: Hi sir norman, I would like to ask if you know of any FB group where I can sell telescope accessories. I just bought an Orion ST80-A but I wish to sell the 2 Expanse EPs, diagonal, and finder. Thanks!
24 Feb 16, 03:47
Norman: Hello Glen. Unfortunately I have not encountered any local glass manufacturers that make one for telescopes.
21 Jan 16, 09:54
Glenn: Hi, enyone knowa where to buy a telescope primary mirror here in ph?
27 Aug 15, 13:50
Norman: Hello :)
26 Aug 15, 13:40
Katline: Hello!
12 Oct 14, 03:52
pegasus888: hi norman
12 Feb 14, 22:29
Norman: Wow, a 14" inch...Where are you located? Is your celestron the Astromaster 130?
5 Feb 14, 00:10
pegasus888: i also have a celestron 130eq for trips but 1 knob is missing
4 Feb 14, 23:58
pegasus888: hi norman lx200 meade 14"
28 Jan 14, 17:21
Norman: hello pegasus88! What telescope did you get?
24 Jan 14, 21:16
pegasus88: ill pay for the assistance
24 Jan 14, 21:16
pegasus88: i just bought wnat and i want some help to set it up
24 Jan 14, 21:15
pegasus88: anyone here knows sombody who kbows about high end telescopes
24 Jan 14, 21:15
pegasus88: hi to all
27 Aug 13, 06:22
Norman: Currently at Bandung, Indonesia for the ISYA 2013
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