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06/28/12 14:39
Xeni: Thanks! I am working on bikinis but I'd love to do more dresses. Pls add wishlist items and mail me
08/21/12 11:28
guess who :p: A-Pants wuz ere...
11/05/12 11:33
Xeni: Thanks. :)
03/05/13 09:23
heaven r edd: okk sooo guess wha
03/19/13 14:55
maske: hi
04/16/13 22:23
Xenina: [link]
04/16/13 22:24
Xenina: Check out CurlyQ's newest stuff. Link above!
05/28/13 13:05
Xenina: Brand new RK tutorial: [link] Check it. :D
06/07/13 21:48
J: Is there a site comparable to Lavabo to do a census with? Been told it no longer works :(
08/05/13 00:00
Xenina: [link] <-- Here it is! The new one! :D
11/14/13 16:53
D pal: when i click on tremulous spider icon it pulls up a black screen with code and it never loads. help
12/02/13 10:09
Xen: Should load even if odd screen size. Might check your graphics card. Trem requires high graphics #s.
12/02/13 10:17
Xen: Under 1. Install Trem follow the directions g-h. Click "refresh list" to get servers to load.
12/02/13 10:17
Xen: If you have read and followed all instructions and still only have the ~ menu you might want to find
12/02/13 10:18
Xen: a friend's server. Which server they are on. You can load it by typing in the server name . . .
11/02/15 20:09
Xenina: Yes. I still check my chatbox. Thanks for coming by! <3
08/26/17 10:30
D: Thx btw! I fixed it
08/26/17 10:52
Nicole: Great blog! I like it
09/14/17 12:46
Princess Peach: I'm interested in hearing more about the renaissance game. Do you have a tutorial?
04/22/18 04:07
Xenina: [link] - Here's the newest RK tutorial.