20 Apr 17, 14:02
Tear: where is it? the wonderful music vid
13 Apr 17, 12:37
aero.: What's good, SoulFiesta! Click on my name for my latest EP! Feel free to stream, share and download at anytime! #BOOM @.
10 Apr 17, 10:41
Mdnghtluv: Long live to this blog! Solid!
17 Mar 17, 01:26
B-Roc: #DecadeStrong
15 Mar 17, 16:55
LAtotheZ: Strongest Philippine Hiphop Blog for nearly a decade. What's up B?
9 Mar 17, 16:51
B-Roc: Great to know you liked the Illustrado album Alpha Subanon!
8 Mar 17, 06:46
Alpha Subanon: yoooooooo!! that illustrado joint is something else!!!!! finally some grown man hip-hop! none of that trend-hopping mediocre typa shit. Timeless would be an understatement. Panis!!
27 Feb 17, 11:52
junmark regidor: hahahahha
22 Feb 17, 16:53
kiki: Surfin' with the Wave - Q York, Jay R, Roxee B lyrics please please
15 Feb 17, 01:38
Mister REY: +vibes and light to SoulFiesta from FRISCO, CALIFA yeee!
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