28 May 12, 07:13 AM
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17 Apr 12, 02:52 AM
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9 Nov 11, 04:05 PM
Heather: The secret of happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it.
3 Nov 11, 11:15 PM
Kim: Wish you a very great day
31 Oct 11, 03:50 PM
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26 Oct 11, 10:33 PM
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21 Oct 11, 04:39 PM
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5 Jun 11, 07:04 PM
T: you're a ssweet guy yayouq, dont ever change : ) be a goodguy, instead of running around being important to the surroundings. Just be yourself. It's hard to find people like, You.
5 Jun 11, 06:59 PM
T: or later, as long as you believe. people come and people go, but you,should never change.
5 Jun 11, 06:58 PM
T: hey, was just readin your blog,i'm a blogwalker, obviously aha, i find tht you're just like me, aha but i'm a girl, so yeah, there's the difference. but dude, ppl like us, happiness will come sooner
14 Apr 11, 12:21 AM
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31 Mar 11, 01:17 AM
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